The Train To Laramie (Old West Wyoming Book 2)

By | November 1, 2017

The Train To Laramie (Old West Wyoming Book 2)

Product Description
Laramie, Wyoming Territory, Spring 1888

The spring of 1888 will bring unexpected changes in the three Richardson siblings’ life.
Lloyd Richardson doesn’t want much in life, just the family ranch and his girlfriend Emily. It looks like he’s not going to get either. His father leaves the ranch to his older brother Neil. And, while Lloyd is in Denver for a longer time taking care of business, Emily marries another man.
Neil has dreamed all his life of traveling the world. His father’s will and a tragic accident make this dream impossible.
Esmé meets a charming and mysterious stranger on the train to Laramie. A perfectly well-mannered gentleman that makes her smile.
Then she sees his face on a Wanted poster. A robber and cold-blooded killer with a high reward on his head, dead or alive.
Could he be the same man?

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