Canadian Writer: Write, Sell & Market Books in Canada

By | January 14, 2018

Canadian Writer: Write, Sell & Market Books in Canada

Product Description
This book about words as in reading, writing & speaking English for fun, school and work is made up of 20 volumes as follows:

Volume 1. Learning to Read & Reading Better
Volume 2. Language Arts Guide
Volume 3. Writing Guide
Volume 4. Speaking Guide/ Talking Guide
Volume 5. Academic Writing Guide
Volume 6. Intellectual Property: Legal Protection
Volume 7. Text & Face-to-Face Business Communication
Volume 8. Show Them You’re a Class Act
Volume 9. The World of Books
Volume 10. World Literature Guide
Volume 11. Audio Book Guide/ Listen to Books, Mostly Online for Free
Volume 12. Children-Teen-Young Adult Book Guide
Volume 13. Animation, Cartoons & Comics Guide
Volume 14. Romance Prose-Poetry Guide
Volume 15. Writing Product & Selling It
Volume 16. The Writing Business
Volume 17. Canada Writer Guide
Volume 18. How to Self-Publish a Book
Volume 19. GLBT Literature Guide
Volume 20. Freelancing/ Working From Home

Even though I tried to cover everything I could about words, I created other books that contain more information about words:

Media Superbook: TV-Radio-Print Websites & Jobs

Library Superbook: World’s Best Library Guide for Patrons & Librarians + Library Jobs

Computer Art Superbook: Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Multimedia

There are foreign languages. I created a book for that:

Internet Language Superbook: Learn any Language Free

This is as complete a writer superbook as is possible in this field. I tell you what’s going on and give you the resources out there from lists of agents to writing contests.

If you want to see your competition in writing books, you can go on smashwords dot com, on the general page and watch the new books pop up as the writers publish them, some for free, many selling for under three bucks.

To me, fiction is a wash unless you have a huge marketing machine backing you up like Harper-Collins and you’re willing to travel all around on a book tour giving talks, shaking hands, signing autographed copies of your book. The reason is that the supply greatly exceeds the demand. You can go to archive org then to totse com then to sex to read all those old sex stories people published for free that now barely exist in the public domain anymore. Every minute or so, a new book pops up on smashwords, most of them fiction.

People like to read though. I’m a member of goodreads, ebooksnet, bookboon and several others. There are tons of free older books at Gutenberg, Munsey, etc.

Fiction writers and current events writers try to develop a following. They call it a platform. In the publishing biz, the first thing an agent wants to know is how many followers you have on facebook, twitter, instagram, goodreads, youtube, etc.

I have none. I write practical books for jobs, love, life, sex, education, art, etc. I try to write as good as a book in any field as is possible, put it up on amazon and don’t bother promoting it because I’m a pure writer.

I don’t like the bullcrap of promotion. I see Nick Redfern coming out with a new UFO-style book every three months or so then I hear him on all the talk shows trying to sell it. Is that cool, pure art or desperation?

You can be a writer for hire, going on guru dot com and other websites, offering to write reports and stuff like that for a fee on a contract basis.

People write short articles like at huffingtonpost, salon and at all those magazines at allyoucanread com. I don’t know how hard it is to get a job there or how much money they make per article but I provide most of those websites in my media-journalism superbook, not this one.

When you write nonfiction information and try to sell it, the important point is to try to be as comprehensive as possible and offer something that the average person can’t find online with a bit of effort, something that saves them time from doing the research themselves or something unique like some con-artist I saw offering …

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