Daixers Child Safety Cabinet Locks 4pcs No Tools Required, With 3M Adhesive and Adjustable Straps and Latch System (Blue)

By | February 15, 2018

Daixers Child Safety Cabinet Locks 4pcs No Tools Required, With 3M Adhesive and Adjustable Straps and Latch System (Blue)

Product Description

The ‘Anti-Locking’ UNIQUE capability allows you to disarm the locks WITHOUT removing the installed unit.
The most ADVANCED product on the market. Sometimes it can make sense to not have the locks working, for example when the children are not around. Constantly needing to unlock the unit for entrance in this instance can be a real pain. We have the answer, simply unclick each end of the unit, then remove the center strip and place in a safe place until you are ready to clip it back together when the children are back. Our UNIQUE safety locks allow for permanent or temporary use.

From package to installation in 1 minute…no tools, no mess, no hassle!!

The only implement you may possibly need is a pair of scissors, and that is only if you want to adjust the lock length. Designed for multi-purpose usage around the home. Keep children out of drawers, cabinets, microwaves, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, toilets or waste bins even out of garage units and toolboxes. Super easy to install and there are clear instructions on the packaging in case you need further guidance.

When you order please accept our Complimentary Door Slammer Guard to prevent your child’s fingers and toes from becoming trapped. A quick gush of wind or an unseen child can easily get a digit or two hurt.

Our LIFETIME 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE will allow you to use the locks over and over to more than meet your expectations. Allow Us To Help Safe Guard Your Child.

Price: $11.99

  • UNIQUE ANTI-LOCKING CAPABILITY: Never deal with an inferior safety lock, which is permanently in place again. The secure center straps between our locks can be easily detached from each of the lock ends allowing a temporary removal of the locking system. No need to remove the entire unit and just snap back in place to reuse.
  • DIFFICULT ANGLES AND AROUND CORNERS, NO PROBLEM: The adjustable, flexible center strip allows for use on straight joins and around difficult corners with ease. This makes it childproof and hard for the any baby or kids to unlock. The center strip will not kink or break after prolonged usage. Totally compatible, allowing to attach in the KITCHEN, BATHROOM, NURSERY, BEDROOM, GARAGE, INDOOR or OUTDOOR.
  • KEEPS CONTENTS LOCKED AWAY AND CHILDREN OUT: A latches are difficult for a child to open due the squeezing action required. Crawling babies and toddlers are always exploring with no sense of hidden dangers. We get you a Child Door Slam Stopper to prevent your baby or toddler fingers and toes becoming trapped OUCH! Simply latch onto any door frame. A quick gush of wind or an unseen child can easily become hurt.
  • NO DRILLING OR MESS, EASY 1 MINUTE INSTALLATION: No tools are required, only scissors. These locks are designed for multiple uses around the home. The locks will fit ANY drawers, cabinets, dresser, microwave, fridge, refrigerator, cupboard, dishwashers, toilet seat, waste bins, door, wardrobe and oven.. even in the GARAGE OR MAN SHED. For permanent removal, simply warm the adhesive (with a hairdryer for example) and peel off. They WILL NOT damage surfaces on removal.

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