Micro Macramé Basics & Beyond: Knotted Jewelry with Beads

By | March 14, 2018

Micro Macramé Basics & Beyond: Knotted Jewelry with Beads

Product Description

Micro macramé is the technique of making tiny knots with cords that are much thinner than those used in the traditional macramé art of the ‘60s and ‘70s. With 15 projects, this book turns any novice jewelry maker into a master of this emerging technique. Many of the projects are bracelets, which are popular and quick to work up, but this illustrated guide also includes a variety of necklaces and other beautiful projects. With a focus on techniques, this book also teaches jewelry makers how to incorporate beads and crystals into their macramé jewelry to make each piece their own, taking macramé from a craft to an art.

Price: $11.81

  • Kalmbach Publishing Books-Micro Macrame Basics And Beyond
  • In Micro Macrame Basics & Beyond, jewelry artist Raquel Cruz transforms vibrant cords, tiny knots and beads into affordable and attractive jewelry
  • Softcover, 96 pages
  • Published Year: 2014

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