Vallis Ante Artis

By | March 14, 2018

Vallis Ante Artis

Product Description
Vallis Ante Artis, site 36CU190, demonstrates an incredible terrestrial uniqueness, a very ancient tool assemblage, and what appears to be magnificent Upper Palaeolithic art. The site is an open-air site that has terrestrial qualities that most probably served as a catalyst for a sacred place for ceremonial use and the creation of beautiful stone art. The site is positioned at a confluence of springs, at the foot of one of North America’s great bird migration routes, in the middle of an echo chamber, and produces a clay ‘ochre-like’ orange and red coloring substance, as well as other qualities. All of these attributes have prehistoric and ancient spiritual meanings for a ceremonial and sacred vision quest type of site.

The stone tools that have been discovered do not match typical local Native American tools in style or lithic material. They are crude, large and consist of hammerstones, whetstones, scrappers, and engravers. None of the lithic materials are from the site itself, but most probably from local sources. .

The art is a vast array of fauna and megafauna, with many of the species now being extinct. It is etched, carved, and pecked into various lithic materials not from the site itself. The ancient art is heavily embedded with strange shamanistic and transformative meanings, and was most probably related to a sacred vision quest experience. There are still many mysteries about the art images and their creators, as well as the exact dates.

This is the first discovery of such a site in North or South America. It has profound implications in understanding the first cultures to migrate to North America from Siberia and Asia. It connects us with the great Upper Palaeolithic artists throughout Eurasia. It confirms what scientists and authors have suggested for decades; that a pre-Clovis migration occurred into North America. It is a cultural treasure for the world.

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