Body Sport Neoprene Dumbbell, 15-Pound

By | April 12, 2018

Body Sport Neoprene Dumbbell, 15-Pound

Product Description
Body Sport Neoprene Dumbbells are safe, long lasting, and comfortable for your hands. The neoprene cover means they are safe to leave on your floor and will not rust like metal dumbbells or make loud clanking noises. Their hexagonal ends mean they won’t roll away either. Comes in black and are clearly labeled with the appropriate weight size on each end. Available in 1lb., 2lb., 3lb., 4 lb., 5 lb., 6 lb., 7 lb., 8 lb., 9 lb., 10 lb., 12 lb., and 15 lb. weights, Neoprene Dumbbells by Body Sport let you build up your body, rather than bulk up your equipment. These dumbbells have comfortable contoured grips for easy handling. Ideal for toning and sculpting arms, shoulders and back. Advanced design was used to prevent rolling and easy storage.

Price: $24.40

  • Neoprene-coated metal dumbbells with hexagonal ends and color-coding for identification.
  • Tone and strengthen muscles. Build stamina and speed up metabolic rate.
  • Durable, long lasting and resistant to rust. Solid metal construction.
  • Latex-free.
  • Sold by each.

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