Neworkg Soft Egg Slime Colorful Fluffy Slime Scented Stress Relief Toy Sludge Toys (12 Pack)

By | June 14, 2018

Neworkg Soft Egg Slime Colorful Fluffy Slime Scented Stress Relief Toy Sludge Toys (12 Pack)

Product Description

Features:No sticky, won’t make a mess when you play with our slime softer and lighter , unlike rubber slime, our slime is super soft and stretchable for your great fun.

Ingredients:Water, polymeric materials, gelling agents, colorants, fillers, and preservatives

Develops visual artistic ability.Encourages creative play.Promotes tactile exploration.A great sensory learning tool.
Stress relief toy, anxiety reducer, sensory play fun, art creation, school project, party favor, keyboard cleaner and more.

Target Audience:Adults and Kids aged 6+

How to play with this slime:Pinch it, smash it, twist it, pull it over and over, or make models – just use your imagination freely with Jeicy fluffy slime

You can also google(youtube) more funny ways to play with it!
Note:Store it in the jar container when you don’t use it Cannot be eaten

Do not stick to the clothes, with toothpaste can be removed

Price: $13.99

  • Super fun slime that is incredibly satisfying to play with – Pinch it, twist it, smash it, pull it over and over slowly or create arts with it. Just use your imagination freely with egg fluffy slime.
  • Egg Slime Come With Fruit Slices and Colorful Pearl Clear crystal slime and good colors. It’s soft, smooth, stretch long, it will not stick to the hands, walls or carpet but don’t stick to hair. After playing, put the dough back into egg box, can maintain choi mud softness.
  • Made with environmentally friendly raw materials, 100% safe and non-toxic. Be assured to play, but don’t eat. Do not recommend too small children to play slime, suitable for children over the age of 6.
  • Playing slime can exercise the kids’ coordination ability with hands, eyes and brain and develop the kids’ creativity and imagination.
  • Our service will not end with purchasing, if you have any problem with our slime, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to fix the situation as soon as possible.

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