PES 2 Lamps Fluorescent Electronic Ballast, 120V, # PES120ET8-12SMT

By | June 14, 2018

PES 2 Lamps Fluorescent Electronic Ballast, 120V, # PES120ET8-12SMT

Product Description
The PES120ET8-12SMT uses a proprietary electronics design technology with the state of the art semiconductors resulting in an ENERGY SAVING compact electronic ballast. When comported to conventional magnetic ballast, this ballast can accomplish up to 25% in energy savings. The PES120ET8-12SMT has an inherent self protection feature that allows the ballast to turn off when a de-actuated lamp condition occurs. The ballast turns off till the de-actuated lamp is replaced. The compact electronics system design provides a NOISE free and quiet ballast performance. Higher frequency operation enhances the light output for the same power level compared with standard magnetic ballasts 60Hz noisy and power inefficiency operation.

Price: $17.99

  • UL+, cull+ FCC Listed
  • Suitable for indoor light fixtures
  • Energy savings with the latest surface mount technology
  • Parallel lamp operation when one lamp is removed
  • Noise free operation; lightweight/compact

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