21st Century Complete Guide to Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons, and Tropical Storms: Meteorological Research, Weather and Damage Reports, Preparedness, Historic Storms Andrew, Hugo, Gordon, Gilbert, C

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This comprehensive set of two CD-ROMs provides the complete story of hurricanes and tropical storms (which are also known as cyclones and typhoons) as thoroughly documented by every federal agency with a role:

* NOAA National Weather Service * National Hurricane Center * NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Lab (AOML) * National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) * Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) * U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) * Centers for Disease Control (CDC) * National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

An enormous collection of facts and figures is contained in the fifty-four files on these CD-ROMs, with every aspect of hurricanes and tropical storms fully covered:

* U.S. Hurricane and Tropical Storm History, with extensive tracking maps, storm updates, damage reports, satellite and radar imagery, including storms in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean.

* Detailed histories of historic storms, including Andrew, Hugo, Gordon, Gilbert, Camille, Agnes, Carol, and many others, with photos and reports of the tremendous damage caused by winds, floods, and storm surge.

* Year-end season reports and climatological records.

* Saffir-Simpson scale explanations and tracking charts.

* U.S. Geological Survey documentation of coastal damage and the impact of storms on coastlines, wildlife, and ecosystems.

* Detailed scientific studies of the storms – including meteorology, eyewall profiles, forecasting challenges, and hunter aircraft operations. The pathfinding work of the AOML is highlighted.

* Practical emergency plans and protective measures for homeowners and businesses, including building standards and lessons learned from earlier storms, including hurricane-spawned tornadoes.

* A comprehensive review of the public health and medical aspects of storms by the CDC.

* NASA observations of hurricanes from satellite instruments.

Together, the two discs contain nearly one and a half gigabytes of material!

In all, the set has over 57,000 pages reproduced using Adobe Acrobat PDF software – allowing direct viewing on Windows and Apple Macintosh systems. Reader software is included on the CD. There is no other reference that is as fast, convenient, comprehensive, and portable.

Our CD-ROMs are privately-compiled collections of official public domain U.S. government files and documents – they are not produced by the federal government. They are designed to provide a convenient user-friendly reference work, utilizing the benefits of the Acrobat format to uniformly present thousands of pages that can be rapidly reviewed or printed without untold hours of tedious searching and downloading. Vast archives of important public domain government information that might otherwise remain inaccessible are available for instant review no matter where you are. This book-on-a-disc set makes a great reference work and educational tool for anyone interested in weather, meteorology, and storms.