Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths (Volume 1)


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“Life asked Death, ‘Why do people love me, but hate you?’ Death responded, ‘Because you are a beautiful lie, and I am a painful truth.’ ” ~Anonymous

  • Supernatural, horror, speculative fiction, thriller
  • Anthology of short stories
  • Nearly 400 pages of thought-provoking fiction & fantasy
  • A mixed-genre collection of tales both fascinating & fantastic

There’s an ironic beauty between humanity’s love of Life and fear of Death. Life seemingly brings joy, happiness, hope, and love. Death can end sadness, illness, suffering, and pain. We asked writers to “Let the title and quote take your imagination, your story, wherever it wants to go.” Join them now as an international blend of authors, both fresh and seasoned, bring you an exceptional menu of speculative fiction, mystery, realism, horror, and the supernatural. If your palate varies from the macabre to the dramatic, Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths provides an assortment of tasty treasures that will chill, delight, and give you food for thought.

Family Ties by Cara Fox A metaphysical tale of life, death, and familial bonds.

Red Carnation by Brandon L. Summers A thought-provoking supernatural drama of duty and death.

With Infinite Complacency by Steve Cameron A sci-fi saga about the end of the world, cosmic lies, and bananas.

Death and the Horse by Terri Bruce A whimsical fantasy portraying Death, equines, and characters of myth.

The Fall by Paul K. Metheney On the cliff’s edge of suicide, a mortal questions God’s power.

A Picture of You by Timothy Vincent A sci-fi drama of infidelity, self-deception, murder, and love.

The Half-Dead Man by Michael J. Hultquist A macabre narrative of family, fear, and the final truth.

The Bet by Paul K. Metheney Immortal entities wager on a man’s choice of life or death.

In Dark Places by Robert James In the wake of her husband’s death, a woman seeks the truth, or madness.

Again and Again by A.G. Lopes A supernatural and international story of love, coincidence, and fate.

Conscius Sibi by T. Gillmore A sci-fi story uncovering deceptive origins and the fantastic truth.

Ghost Trap by Douglas Clark An urban fantasy of spectral demons. Who ya’ gonna call?

The Firekeeper by J.M. Williams A mystical legend of Native American folklore.

Heaven’s Eyes by S.R. Betler A supernatural and epic tale of a woman’s deadly encounters.

The Devil’s Embrace by S.D. Hintz Other-worldly and unholy vows: Till death (or the neighbors) do us part.

Slosh by J. Ryan Blesse A graphic narrative of betrayal, pain, and death as real as today’s headlines.

Guardians of the Dead by J.M. Williams A Native American legend of the Afterlife.

The Planet of Purple Forests by Carrie Gessner A science fiction tale of war, lies, honor, and betrayal.

The Look by Robert Petyo The drama of a divorcee suspecting her ex of the worst kind of lie.

Selfie Warfare by Shaun Avery Social media takes a fatal and supernatural turn in this fantastic thriller.

The Forgiveness Booths by EB Pollock A science fiction mystery separating truth, lies, and justice.

Pinot by Devin Bradley A dramatic thriller about lies and love and the final glass of wine.

Pondering Eternity Over Waffles at Last Call by JCC Downing Vacations and celestial philosophy can boil down to romance and truth.

One Night in Memphis by LJ Hippler Flash fictional tale takes a page from reality exposing a shocking truth.