Briess Liquid Malt Extract 32 lb Growler


(as of Jan 11,2019 20:23:06 UTC – Details)

Bavarian Wheat lme can be used to brew all extract Wheat beer styles and to adjust the color, flavor and gravity of all grain Wheat beers. Recreate a traditional bavarian hefeweizen or experiment making a hazy new England style Ipa with this great tasting extract. Use it to brew pale makes, red makes, Amber makes, munich-style beers, bock & oktoberfest beers, scottish makes, and darker brews including stout and porters. 100 percent Pure malted barley extract made from 100 percent malt and water. The new wide mouth growler container makes pouring easy. The 54 mm opening features an Airtight screw on lid and a foil induction seal to ensure your lme is properly stored. The HDPE food grade container is completely recyclable and makes a great storage container for extra grain or other brewing necessities.Bavarian Wheat lme
32 lb. Growler
Lovibond: 3 flavor: neutral, malty