FOTILE JQG7502.G 30″ Range Hood |Unique Side-Draft Design for Under Cabinet or Wall Mount |Modern Kitchen Vent Hood | Powerful Motor |LED Lights| Mechanical Buttons| Silver Grey Tempered Glass Surface

$1,099.00 - $799.00

(as of Aug 05,2020 21:03:07 UTC – Details)

FOTILE JQG7522 & JQG7502.G are the simplified versions of JQG7501. It is a Unique Side-Draft Design, top vent and wall-mounted. It is closer to the fume and grease source, which will leads cooking fumes to travel into fume inlet. All four sides, (top, back, left and right) are a flat surface, which matches perfectly to most any kind of cabinet design. This design makes the installation easy. A Dual Centrifugal Impeller system offers more power to guarantee no cooking fumes will be left behind in your kitchen. It uses mechanical buttons with 3 Speed Settings, it is suitable for all kinds of cooking style. With Memory Function, it will keep your preference for air volume. 90° Always Baffle Plate, will extend the coverage area to 6 ft². With a brightness of up to 500 Lux LED Lights, allowing you to clearly see the food and its original color. Detachable Folding Oil Filter and Large Grease Tray allows easy cleaning.ADVANCED SIDE DRAFT FILTRATION – With 90° ALWAYS open baffle plate that helps reduce the spread of cooking fumes or odors and quickly filters up to 6 ft² of space for improved airflow.
POWERFUL DUAL MOTORS: With one touch, it will reach 380 Pa velocity with 58dB noise level, as the vent hood efficiently removes cooking fumes, smell from your kitchen.
MECHANICAL BUTTONS: With 3 Speed Settings, it is suitable for all kinds of cooking style. It also has a Memory Function, which will keep your preference for air volume.
EASY TO MAINTAIN: Special impeller design in this range hood achieves 92% separation of grease and fumes. All the grease will drip into our large grease tray. Grease tray and filter are easy to remove for cleaning.
HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION: We offer professional installation services (additional charge) in over 50 major cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Reach out today and see if we are in your area. BEST-IN-THE-INDUSTRY WARRANTY SERVICES: With over 3,500 independent service providers network covering 50 states.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner APEX DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright QU922Q MultiFLEX Under Appliance Wand Pet Multi-Tool and HEPA Filter Anti-Allergen Seal Technology QU922QBK (Renewed) (Smokey Rose)


(as of Aug 05,2020 17:58:38 UTC – Details)

Duster Crevice cleaning tool is 2-in-1 cleaning attachment. Designed for cleaning small and narrow spaces, while the dusting brush helps clean various surfaces by combining brush bristles to agitate dirt particles and strong air flow for vacuuming the dirt into the vacuum cleaner.

Pet Multi-Tool is also designed as 2-in-1 cleaning tool, it uses stiff bristle brush for removing stubborn stuck-on dirt from various surfaces. Also, when bristles are detached, an upholstery tool is revealed which is used for cleaning pet and human hair, lint, fibers and other dirt from upholstery, stairs and even smaller carpets.

Anti-Allergen Dust Brush is used for fine dusting of hard to reach and delicate objects and in between narrow spaces. Anti-Allergen Dust Brush features very slim profile and fine dusting brush and in combination with strong air flow can clean even the smallest particles of pollen, dust and other similar dirt and potential allergens.

MultiFLEX Under-Appliance Wand features very slim profile, long wand and flexible elbow joint in order to clean under and behind appliances and furniture. MultiFLEX Under-Appliance Wand can be very useful for cleaning hard to reach areas not only in the kitchen, but around the home as well.Powered-Lift Away Technology: Can be used as classic upright vacuums, in above-floor mode and in Powered Lift-Away mode.
DuoClean Technology: Shark QU922Q comes with the main cleaner head featuring two different brushrolls. A soft bristle is designed for cleaning larger particles and bare floors, while stiff bristles brushroll is designed for smaller particles and carpeted areas.
Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology: Shark QU922Q is designed to not allow any air to be released into the cleaned area before being filtered first.
Active-Glide Technology: QU922Q is compact and easy to maneuver over different floor types and around common floor objects and obstacles, allowing the user to quickly clean rather large area, saving both time and effort.
Noise Reduction Technology: This is a quiet vacuums, which is designed to soften the motor’s sound pitch and to reduce the noise in general.

Cartridge Dust Collector Filter for Donaldson Torit DF II (13.84″ x 26″) – 80/20 CPFR Media


(as of Aug 05,2020 15:05:19 UTC – Details)

All items are marked Replacement or Equivalent and are not affiliated with the original equipment manufacture, part numbers are for cross reference only. Bluefin FR 80/20 filters are made from a premium blend of flame retardant cellulose and polyester media. This material is especially designed for back pulse operations, and offers enhanced stability and structural integrity. All cellulose blend filters are dimpled pleated. This pleat lock helps maintain pleat spacing during operation. This is an aftermarket replacement filter for dust collector models including Donaldson Torit Model Downflow II or DFT 2, AerTable (Round Access Cover), CX, Downdraft Bench 2000 and 3000, Uniwash / Polaris Intercept Dust Collectors, and many manufacturers if equipment that use the same size filter. Confirm your current dust collector dimensions before ordering. Height = 26″, Outside Diameter = 13.87″, Inside Diameter = 9.479″, Style = Open on both ends, Gasket = .5″ x .5″ Molded Natural Rubber on One End, Pleat Count = 355, Pleat Depth = 2″, Pleat Spacing = Pleat lock, Filtration Area = 226 Sq. Ft., Media = Fire Retardant 80/20 Cellulose Polyester Blend, Inner Cage = Galvanized expanded metal 72% open, Outer Cage = Galvanized expanded metal 72% open, End Caps = Galvanized Metal, pleat / end cap bonding = Urethane, Nominal Airflow per filter = 500 CFM, Nominal resistance – 1″ w.g., Efficiency = 99% @ .5 microns, Max operating temp = 180 deg. F.Media = 80/20 Fire Retardant Cellulose Polyester Blend
Size = 13.84″ OD x 26″ Long, ID = 9.479″, Open Both Ends with Gasket on one End
For Downflow II Dust Collectors and other models, See Part # P190817-016-436, P190818-016-436, P033926-016-436
Construction = Galvanized Expanded Metal Inner and Outer Core and Galvanized End Caps
Filter Area = 256 SQ FT per cartridge, QTY. 355 2″ tall pleats

Ecardy Anti Vibrasion and Antivibrant Pads for Washing Machine & Dryer Machine, Rubber Anti-Walk Antivibration Pads for Washer Pads & Dryer

$18.98 - $12.98

(as of Aug 05,2020 11:58:07 UTC – Details)

Is your washing machine’s shaking, skidding, walking and squeaking driving you crazy?

It’s that day of the week once again when you need to do the laundry. You load up the washing machine with your clothes and press start.
And now you have to deal with too much noise, vibration and movement. But your ordeal doesn’t end there. Once you transfer to the dryer, it skids and grunts as well.

If you have reached your boiling point and wish to experience noise-free and skid-free washing and drying ASAP, read on.

Ecardy Washing Machine Rubber Foot Pads stop all unnecessary noise, vibrations and sliding in an instant.

Each pack has 4 rubber anti vibrasion pads for washing machine that fit snugly under your washing machine or dryer. No matter what their size may be, whether they’re front or top loading.
Made of high-quality durable rubber, these dampers will firmly hold your washing machine and dryer in place, effectively preventing excessive shakes and vibrations while washing.

To provide added grip to the surface of the floor, stand or pedestal, Ecardy anti vibration pads are designed with a special patterned texture on the bottom.
Measuring only 3 inches wide and 1.25 inches high, it won’t make your washing machine consume more space.

If you are having a hard time making up your mind, here are a few more Ecardy advantages that can help you make a decision:
✅ Heavy duty and high performing
✅ Protects your floors from scratches
✅ No-adhesive installation
✅ Easy to uninstall

✅ HOLDS WASHER & DRYER IN PLACE – Our rubber anti vibrasion pads feature a grip pattern on the bottom, which stick firmly to your floor and prevent the washing machine and dryer from shaking too much or moving around.
✅ LESS VIBRATION & NOISE – Tired of dealing with noisy washing and drying? These anti vibration pads work by making your machine stable. When its movement is minimized, its squeaks and grunts will be less as well.
✅ FITS ALL WASHING MACHINE & DRYER SIZES – Each anti vibrant pad for washing machine has universal measurement of 3 inches width, 1.25 inches height. It fits under your front or top loading machine without adding too much height.
✅ EASY TO INSTALL – Every washing machine stands on 4 tubes that serve as its legs. Simply attach one washer antivibration pad to each tube and return the machine to its pedestal or stand. No need for adhesives!
✅ BUILT TO LAST – We are committed to provide the best value for your money. Made of durable rubber, our anti vibrasion pads for washing machine are designed to withstand and endure many years of washing and drying.

Della 12000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner Ductless Inverter System 17 SEER 208-230V with 1 Ton Heat Pump, Pre-Charged Condenser and Full Installation Accessories Kit AHRI


(as of Aug 05,2020 09:04:06 UTC – Details)


Smart Defrost – With fuzzy logic control box judging frosting or not, the AC unit will proceed to defrost according to indoor pipe temperature.
Auto Restart -If the AC unit switch off accidentally due to power outage, it will auto restart with the previous set mode when the power resumes.
ECO Optimized – The frequency of the inverter is limited as well as power output and making the AC unit energy saving.
Dehumidification Mode – When this mode turn on, the AC unit will choose current temperature then minus 1.8°F as setting temperature and hold steady till the process is done. Meanwhile, the AC unit will dehumidify and drain out the water.

Package Includes:

Ductless Indoor AC unit
Heat Pump Compressor Outdoor Unit
Remote Control
Installation Kit
ENERGY EFFICIENT (INVERTER) – 12000 BTU/h, 17 SEER, 208-230V/60Hz, 9 HSPF, Pre-Charged up to 25 Feet High Efficent Ductless Mini Split Inverter Plus System with Heat Pump and Dehumidification, AHRI Certified
AUTOMATIC SYSTEM – Auto Defrost, Self-Diagnosis/Cleaning, I Feel Mode, 24 hour timer, Sleep Mode, Eco Energy Saving Mode, Multiple Fan Speed, and Intelligent Compressor Pre-Heating. Simply Set it and Forget it
SMART COMFORT – The unit will sense room temperature at the remote controller, instead of at the indoor unit during cooling mode. It then adjusts airflow and temperature accordingly for the ultimate in personal comfort control and energy savings.
QUIET OPERATION – Ultra Silent at only 30-41 (dBa) and beautifully built. Unit provides equal airflow in every part of your room and can set the room temperature varying from 60°to 90°Fahrenheit to suit your comforts in just a few minutes.
COVERAGE AREA – Cooling and Heating up to 750 Sq. Ft. and Able to work in low temperature environment as low as -4°F. Comes with full installation kit. Perfect for Home, Storage, Office, Business or Light Commercial Use.

Bona Pro Series Ax0003437 18-Inch Microfiber Dusting Pad


(as of Aug 05,2020 06:09:47 UTC – Details)

Bona Pro Series Microfiber Dusting Pad-A professional grade microfiber dusting pad; it has an electrostatic charge that helps attract and trap dust, pollen, pet hair and other allergens. It is washable and reusalbe over 300 times.Electrostatic charge attracts and traps dust, pollen, pet hair and other allergens
Professional grade microfiber
Washable and reusable over 300 times

The Laundry Alternative – Ninja Portable Mini 3200 RPM Centrifugal Spin Clothes Dryer with High-Tech Suspension System – 22 Pounds Capacity


(as of Aug 05,2020 03:36:23 UTC – Details)

Ninja 3200 RPM Portable Centrifugal Spin Dryer with High-Tech Suspension System

Introducing The Laundry Alternative’s Ninja spin dryer – the answer to all your drying woes! This electric dryer machine, despite its compact size, boasts almost all the qualities typical of larger spin dryers. It has a real suspension system, reinforced drum, 3200 RPM centrifugal spin, 22-pound load capacity and much more! The suspension system enables stable operation, so it will be rare for you to have to stop and re-balance loads. It also helps make our Ninja model dyer the quietest product of its kind. The dryer comes outfitted with a stainless steel drum that is triple-welded to ensure that unlike most high-RPM spin dryers, this dryer won’t eventually fail.

The best part about this dryer is its compact size, which makes placement a breeze! It is great for apartments, homes and even dorm rooms, since it can easily fit into closets and other small spaces. But don’t let its size fool you; it is the largest capacity spin dryer on the market!

Why wait any longer to streamline your laundry experience? Try The Laundry Alternative’s Ninja spin dryer today!

Product features:

  • The only spin dryer available with a real suspension system
  • Stable functioning; not as much of a need to stop and re-balance loads
  • Compact size (13.5 inches by 13.5 inches by 26 inches); ideal for apartment, studio, RV, dorm room, home, vacation rental and more!
  • Large 9 inch by 14 inch tub enables an 22-pound load capacity
  • Stainless steel drum made of high-quality steel and triple weld (simpler welds can fail over time with high RPM spin dryers)
  • Rapid 3200 RPM speed
  • Quietest floor model spin dryer on the market
  • Manufactured by The Laundry Alternative; we’ve been serving customers since 1996
  • 3-year warrantyCOMPACT AND PORTABLE: Machine’s small size (13 x 13 x 24 inches) and 19.7 lbs. light weight. Ergonomic design makes it feel even lighter!
    STABLE OPERATION: Unique High-Tech Suspension system reduces need to re-balance loads, also greatly reduces wear and tear allowing unit to last much longer.
    LARGE LOAD CAPACITY: Jumbo-sized stainless steel inner tub (9 x 14 inches) allows for 22 pounds of laundry!
    PLEASE NOTE: This is a spin dryer, not a tumble dryer. It gets the clothes very close to but not 100% dry.
    VERY QUIET: 16 times as quiet as other spin dryers. About as loud as a conversation, not a vacuum cleaner!

  • Whirlpool 4396006RW Dryer Elbow Vent Connector, 1-(Pack)


    (as of Aug 05,2020 00:40:27 UTC – Details)

    This Dryer Elbow Vent Connector measures 4-in D and effectively turns 90-deg within 4-1/2-in. It features snap-lock fittings with rotating collars and is designed to be used in small spaces. This product is an accessory item compatible with several brands; check to see if your model number is compatible. . Installing this accessory will require basic hand tools and novice repair experience.Dryer vent close (elbow)
    Turns 90 degree within 4-1/2 inches
    Includes snap-lock fittings and rotating collars
    Best choice for 90-degree turns
    Ideal for installation in limited space

    Lemoning Wall Sticker 3D Simulation Tile Stickers Home Decoration Waterproof Bathroom Wall Stickers Home Decor


    (as of Aug 04,2020 21:01:48 UTC – Details)

    💗💗Welcome to Lemoning, good shopping experience! If you have problems with our products, do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we will do our best to help you, thank you in advance!
    3D Simulation Tile Stickers Home Decoration Waterproof Bathroom Wall Stickers Specifications:
    Made of PVC transparent film, environmentally friendly and waterproof, rich and creative patterns.
    Wall Tile Sticker Colorful, Stylish And Bright Colors Peel And Stick Self Contact Removable 3D Wall Tiles Decor Your Home And Kitchen To A New Look , Fashion And Popular.
    Material Product Is Lightweight, Convenient Transportation, Easy To Install By Hand, Easy To Cut And Easy Combination On The Wall, No Professionals Required. Widely
    Application: Living Room Featured Corner Background, Bathroom Back Splash, Bedroom Walls, Kitchen Backdrop, Kitchen, Kitchen Island Walls, Laundry Rooms Etc. It
    can be applied to any smooth , clean and dry surface of walls, tiles, glass, furniture, etc., not suitable for dirty or rough surface.
    Style:Wall sticker
    Size: 20x20CM
    How to use:
    Ensure the surface is smooth, do not stick on the rough or uneven surface.
    Choose the place you want to apply, clean up the ash and grease, keep it dry and clean.
    Stick in accordance with the picture, or DIY in your own idea.
    Peel off the paper and then stick on the wall, pave from the middle to left and right.
    Package Include:
    6PC x 3D Simulation Tile Wall Stickers
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    Whirlpool Washer Machine Timer 3351744

    $111.17 - $136.83

    (as of Aug 04,2020 18:29:50 UTC – Details)

    Timer Whirlpool WP3351744 / 3351744 / 3347714 / 3357023 / 661574
    Works with the following models: General Electric AJC11DCY1, Whirlpool AL6245VG0
    Whirlpool AL6245VG1, Whirlpool AL6245VL0, Whirlpool AL6245VL1, Whirlpool AL6245VW0