Breathing Mobile Washer Classic – Portable Clothes Washing Machine – Handheld – Manual – Mobile Hand Powered Laundry Solution – Superior Materials and Construction

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Breathing Mobile Washer – hand operated, portable, clothes washing machine. Our hand operated clothes washer uses a technique of pushing and pulling water through clothes opposed to top and front loading washing machines that only splashes water around or the harsh scrubbing of a washboard resulting in a superior clean with less wear and tear. Uses minimal water and less soap. Use in a bucket (5-gallon suggested), sink or tub. You can also rinse your clothes using fresh water. Small and Micro Living, Sustainable Living, Nomadic Lifestyle Whether your living in a small apartment, dorm, or hotel room that doesn’t provide a means for laundry service conveniently or a lifestyle choice such as tiny/micro living, homesteading, living off grid, or you just don’t stay in one place for too long. The Breathing Mobile Washer was designed to meet your needs and provide you with the most reliable and efficient clothes washing experience. Humanitarian Efforts Our low cost, efficient clothes washing machines provide a means for those less fortunate to improve their quality of life significantly. Helping preserve the life of clothing or to spend less time washing than with traditional methods, or as a means for someone to provide a laundry washing service to others. The Breathing Mobile Washer portable washer offers a tremendous amount support in areas of the world where laundering is a significant investment in both time and energy or where excess water is a luxury.Emergency Prep, Disasters, Power Outages, Equipment Failure How will you keep your clothes clean when life throws a curve ball. The Breathing Mobile Washer is designed to use as little water as possible. Helping you conserve precious drinking water during contamination or when the luxury of electricity isn’t present.
Supplement to normal washing. Ever wash a soiled cloth diaper or a grease/chemical covered shop rag in the washing machine. No thanks. Breathing Mobile Washer is perfect for those items you would rather not stick in with the normal wash. Perfect for pre wash and helping with tough stains, delicate items, as well as large or bulky items (comforters/blankets, sleeping bags, rugs) or even single items you don’t have time to run through an electric wash cycle.
Cost Savings. Less water, no electricity, less detergent. Let us help you save time and money spent at the laundromat. Not to mention, the highest quality product at the best value of all manual washing machines on the market to date.
Outdoor Enthusiasts. Camping, backpacking, boating/yachting, RVing, trekking. Or maybe you’re just making a trip cross country. Our clothes always manage to pick up a funky odor or stain. The Breathing Mobile Washer provides the means to stay clean without worrying about hauling around bulky equipment with its lightweight portable design, or worrying about what kind of mess you’re leaving behind afterwards.
Green Enthusiasts, Eco friendly, and environmentally conscious. Never have to worry about the impact you’re leaving behind. We’ve on your side. Little to no carbon footprint, conserve water, ability to use natural detergents that don’t make their way back to our water supply, non electric, and cruelty-free production.

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags 10 Pack (2X500g) (2X200g) (2X100g) (4X50g) With 4 Hooks Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air freshener bags Natural Eco Friendly for Home Pets Car Closet Shoes

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❤Are you searching for a nature fresh bamboo charcoal bag that make your lives easier?
✔Well, your quest for the perfect nature live is over, now you’ve found the best nature bamboo charcoal bags for your home!
✔This charcoal bag work round the clock to make sure your home is naturally clean and healthy all day, all night.
✔This charcoal bag keeps your food fresh and helps you to eat healthy.
✔This charcoal bag is also prefect for women and children.

You can hang or place this nature bamboo charcoal bag anywhere you want to use.
To rejuvenate this charcoal bag, place the charcoal bag outside in the sun once a month
for at least two hours.

VOLUME OF USEThis charcoal bag is perfect for small areas such as cars, closets, drawers,
refrigerators, bathrooms and laundry rooms and so much more.
When used in bigger spaces you need to use more charcoal bags.
To remove stale odors you would also need to use more charcoal bags than usual.

Here is the science how these charcoal bag work.
The bamboo charcoal inside have large surfaces and pores, that are capable to trap and
filter toxins, allergens and pollutants.
※2 Pack 500g charcoal bags
※2 Pack 200g charcoal bags
※2 Pack 100g charcoal bags
※4 Pack 50g charcoal bagss
※4 Hooks

This is definitely a great value package, you deserve it!GREAT VALUE PACK—Lazy Boy Charcoal air purifying bags value pack provides 64 OZ/14 PACKS of Activated charcoal.We offer three sizes 500G 200G 100G 50G and 4 HOOKS Perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, cars, wardrobes, shoe racks, etc.Activation of our bamboo charcoal air freshener bags is a breeze.You just simply take the bamboo charcoal odor eliminator out of their specialized poly bags, and they’re good to go.
ECO-FRIENDLY FOR YOUR WHOLE FAMILY—These charcoal air freshener bags are made from environmentally friendly micro-porous activated bamboo charcoal.Perfect for whole family,kids,pets.We are so confident in the quality of our activated charcoal bag that we are always ready to address your concerns. In case you’re unhappy with your purchase of our odor absorber, just reach back out and we’ll improve your overall experience
ALL NATURAL—This charcoal air purifying bag is All-natural because the ingredient of this charcoal bag is bamboo charcoal.In case you throw it away, the activated charcoal bag will never harm the earth.
RECYCLABLE WITHOUT WASTE—These charcoal bags are reusable for 2 years! When this charcoal bag is saturated, you need to place the charcoal bag outside in the sun once a month for at least two hours. You can reuse these charcoal bags without waste.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE—We are So Confident You Will Love Our Charcoal bags. That We Offer Lifetime Money Back Guarantee With Lifetime Warranty!

LASCO 16-2043 Aluminum Washing Machine Drain Hose Hook, 1-Inch


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LASCO 16-2043 Washing Machine Drain Hose Hook, 1-Inch, Aluminum. Washing machine drain hose hook. Fits 1-Inch rubber drain hose. Connects to rubber drain hose. Hooks onto drain pipe for secure installation. Made of aluminum. Hooks onto drain pipe for secure installation.Washing machine drain hose hook
Fits 1-Inch rubber drain hose
Connects to rubber drain hose
Hooks onto drain pipe for secure installation
Made of aluminum

Kole Imports HT567 Washing Machine Lint Traps, One Size, Multicolor


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Prevent lint from clogging pipes with this 2-piece washing machine lint traps set featuring metal mesh traps to collect lint and debris. Traps are easy to use and come with two plastic fasteners. Instructions for installation are included on the back of package. Comes packaged in a blister pack.Prevent lint from clogging pipes with this 2-piece Washing Machine Lint Traps Set featuring metal mesh traps to collect lint and debris
Traps are easy to use and come with two plastic fasteners
Easy to use
This item is a great value
This product is manufactured in China

KASYDoFF Clothes Dryer Portable 1500W-1.7 Meters Electric Clothes Drying Rack Energy Saving (Anion) Clothing Dryers Foldable 3-Tier Rack Digital Automatic Timer Airer for Apartment House


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◇Cloudy/Wet day, a series of clothes are hard to dry?
◇The bad air made the clothes dirty?
◇Living in an Apartment, Dorm, Camper or even a small area room?
◇The height/space of the clothing dryer rack is not enough?
◇You feel the clothes dryer machine occupy space?
The Kasydoff new generation of clothes dryers to help you solve all the dry clothes problems.
◆Foldable and Easy to Store and save space, 1.7meters rack can hang taller and larger clothes.
◆The top tier can be assembled as the middle tier
◆Dacron Waterproof Cover
◆Two Modes : Quick dry and Efficient Mode
◆The compact size of this clothes dryer is great for dorms, apartments, condos, motor homes, RV’s, camping and more.
◎Warm prompt :
●Drying time may depends on how many clothes you put inside the dryer. Additional time is needed when the clothes not totally dry.
●We additionally provide 1 long steel pipe,1 castor,1 fixed mount as a spare part for you.
○Voltage: 120V,60Hz
○Protection grade: IPX1
○General Dimensions:67 x 28 x 20 In,Voltage: 120 Volts, Capability: 15 KG, Energy: 1500 W, Timer : 0-360 min

Thank you for choosing this Intelligent anion dryer for clothes.
Your satisfaction is very important to us. We provide each customer with a full range of after-sales service to give them the highest satisfaction.
If you are not satisfied with our product, please let us know and we will, within 24 hours, help you to solve it.Automatic Clothes Drying Function – Intelligent detection the humidity of clothing, according to the humidity automatically drying.Don’t worry about wasting your time and money
Large Capacity and 3-Tier Foldable – The new 3-tier design and stainless steel allows for up to 15kg of clothing to be in the portable dryer at one time.When the dryer is not in use, it can be folded without disassembly.
Easy Drying and Satisfactory Results – The clothes will not wrinkle because of the clothes can be hung on cloth cover dryer rack and simply hanging. 12 towel bars can be used to hang towels and socks. The quiet dry clothes process keeps you away from the noise.
Intelligent Temperature Control – The temperature is controlled between 50 and 70 degrees, with abnormal shutdown function.Totally get rid of overheating coincidence and Fire Retardant Materials.
Anion Sterilize Electric Dryer – Anion sanitizing clothes Dryers which is helping the dryer blank the clothes save you inflicting mildew spores, pollen, odors, micro organism, viruses, Mud and different risky airborne debris.

Resolve Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder, 18 oz (Pack of 3)


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Resolve Pet Expert Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder cleans deep to lift and remove tough ground-in dirt. Patented Odor Stop Technology eliminates pet odors, so you can live with your pet & not their unwanted odors. It also discourages pet resoiling. Resolve Pet Expert Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder removes ground in soil on carpets. Safely cleans most carpets, except special carpets like antique or oriental rugs.3X more dirt removal than vacuuming alone!
Eliminates pet odors & freshens with a light, clean scent.
Patented Odor Stop Technology discourages pet resoiling.
Safely cleans most carpets, except special carpets like antique or oriental rugs.
Great for: Ground-in dirt. Resolve Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder removes ground in soil on carpets.

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag by Purely Basic (Set of 3) | Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber | Natural Air Purifier & Freshener for Home, Car, Garage, Pet Areas & More | Organic Room Deodorizer


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100% safe & nontoxic, these Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags clean & deodorize your air naturally & effectively. Set of 3 bags; 200 grams each.

Why bother with toxic chemical sprays & bulky, expensive gadgets? Here’s your 100% natural alternative: organic air purifier bags from Purely Basic Products.

Each attractive bag in this affordable 3-pack provides a full 200 grams of activated bamboo charcoal… famous for its amazing ability to trap toxins and neutralize odors.

Each Air Purifying Bag Offers:

Odor-neutralizing protection for up to 100 square feet of living space
4 times the porousness – and odor absorption – of regular activated charcoal
Proven power to help reduce airborne bacteria, allergens, pollutants, mold & mildew

All This Plus an Elegant Design That Blends in With Any Decor

Unlike ugly gizmos & shapeless sacks, your Purely Basic Purifier Bags are subtle & discreet. Each pyramid-shaped bag boasts a perfectly flat bottom, so you can set it on a countertop or refrigerator shelf. Plus, it has a sturdy attached top loop, so you can hang it in a car or closet.

Safer for the Planet, Too

Feel free to use these sustainably produced bags over & over again. Once a month or so, set them out in direct sunlight, so the sun’s UV rays can clear out their pores & “recharge” them for further use. Then, after about 2 years, recycle them in your garden soil, where they can help your growing plants absorb precious moisture & nutrients.

Order Your Purely Basic 3-Pack Now to enjoy fresher, cleaner air… without harmful chemicals or fragrances.

🍃 ELIMINATE FOUL & HARMFUL ODORS – 4X Better Than Regular Charcoal: Each air purifier bag contains activated charcoal derived from sustainable Moso bamboo – known for its ability to reduce airborne bacteria, allergens, mold & more.
🍃 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC – No Harmful Chemicals or Toxins. Why take risks? These 100% organic, natural air purifying bags absorb & eliminate odors safely & effectively. No artificial fragrances.
🍃 A SUSTAINABLE OPTION – 100% Eco-Friendly. Concerned about the environment? Rest easy. These odor-absorbing bags are reusable over & over. After 2 years, recycle them in your garden to help your plants absorb nutrients.
🍃 WELL-ROUNDED USE – Designed to Enhance Your Home. Forget those ugly air-purifier gizmos. Your Purely Basic odor-neutralizer bags boast an elegant pyramid shape & classy neutral color, so they’ll blend in with any decor.
🍃 COST-EFFICIENT & ECONOMICAL – Countless Uses. Each 200-gram smell-eliminator bag cleans & freshens the air in up to 100 square feet of living space. Ideal for kitchen, bathroom, nursery, fridge, auto interior, trash area, etc.

Transser Flannel Non-Slip Bath Rug Flora Pattern Bathroom Shower Mat Use for Entrance Door, Living Room, Laundry, Bathroom Mat, Kitchen Rug, Balcony, Porch (15.7″x23.6″)


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�- Specifications:

Main Material:Flannel, Sponge, Non-Woven Fabric



Number of Pcs:1PC

Package Included:

1 x  Rug


1. Please allow 1-3 cm difference due to manual measurement and 3-5 g for the difference between different colors.

2. Due to the screen difference, the color may be a little different from what you expect, please allow it.

✅ It is woven and dyed by advanced technology, good fastness, largely soft, nice water absorption, not easy to pilling. Three-layer thickening design, flannel surface, sponge middle, and non-slip plastic spots non-woven fabric bottom.
✅ Beautiful design, bring any room in your home to life with these great designs and patterns.
✅ Anti-skid Non-woven Fabric with dots backing which keeps the bath rug in place, even when wet.
✅ Great For Home Decor, Welcome Mat, Kitchen Rug, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Front Door, Back Door, Laundry, Porch, Stairs, Balcony, Garage, Office, and so on.
✅ Guaranteed quality .We stand by our products 100%. If you’re unhappy for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll make it right or give you a refund.

Whirlpool 33001003 Dryer Lint Filter

$23.64 - $14.96

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This is a genuine replacement part. The model number and name for the following item is: Whirlpool 33001003 Dryer Lint Filter.Manufacturer model # 33001003
Genuine Replacement Part
Whirlpool item

Glumes Fabric Markers Pens Permanent Laundry Marker Fabric Paint Markers Non-Toxic Stained Fine Writers Office Stationary School Supplies Creative Gift Pen for Kids, Toddlers, Child, Adults


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Versatility: Ideal for Adult Coloring Books, Rock Art Painting, Glass, DIY Photo Album, Black Cardstock, Sketchpad, Scrapbooking, Pottery, Wedding Craft, Dark Paper, Greeting
Cards, Calligraphy and more ideal for drawing, Can be used in classroom or Can be used for adult book drawers.
Higher quality, water ink, acid free and non-toxic ,quick-dry,Super smooth application,Ergonomically designed,Light-weight, Easy to hold and Incredibly durable. Pen Size:14.3*1.5cm Weight: about 20g
Package Includes:
1 x Marker Paint Pen
Must to store the metallic marker pens horizontaly, sit up or down is forbidden. After use, please put on the cover because it is easy to dry. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.pls make sure you do not mind before you bid.
All product pictures are physical, lighting, computer monitor differences lead to color differences and actual products do not match. The final color will be based on the actual product.
Versatility: Ideal for Adult Coloring Books, Rock Art Painting, Glass, DIY Photo Album, Black Cardstock, Sketchpad, Scrapbooking, Pottery, Wedding Craft, Dark Paper, Greeting Cards, Calligraphy and more ideal for drawing, Can be used in classroom or Can be used for adult book drawers.
Higher quality, water ink, acid free and non-toxic ,quick-dry,Super smooth application,Ergonomically designed,Light-weight, Easy to hold and Incredibly durable.
Pen Size:14.3*1.5cm
Weight: about 20g
Package Includes:1 x Marker Paint Pen