Mityvac 7400 7.3 Liter Fluid Evacuator

$84.99 - $64.85

(as of Oct 16,2018 13:53:17 UTC – Details)

Mityvac 7.3 liter fluid evacuator features stiffening ribs for added durability. The redesigned pump handle is stronger for heavy use and longer tool life. A larger base prevents the chance of tipping and spills in shop.Evacuates all kinds of fluids including engine oil, transmission fluids, gear oil, coolant, and brake fluid
Large 1.9 gallon reservoir (7.3 liters) hand operated pump for the big jobs
Includes 5 feet of flex hose and two dipstick hoses
Features polyethylene construction and will not rust or corrode for durability
Quick-drain pour spout

Red Line 30404 Power Steering Fluid – 1 Quart Bottle

$16.42 - $16.37

(as of Oct 16,2018 12:44:10 UTC – Details)

Red Line Oils 30404 Power Steering Fluid, Quart Provides much improved wear protection, resists thermal breakdown, evaporation and foaming at high temperatures. Also, provides continued high pump output. Suitable for most power steering units. Red Line Oils 30404 Power Steering Fluid, Quart Features: Improved wear protection, resists thermal breakdown, evaporation and foaming Provides continued high pump output, suitable for most power steering units Lightweight fluid avoids power losses 50% greater high-temp viscosity and 1/5 of the high-temp evaporation Greater heat resistance helps to prevent boil-over Helps to prevent high-temp steering fade and difficult effort steering at low temps Compatible with petroleums and synthetics 1/4 of the oxidation of petroleum power steering fluids Helps prevent leakage and squealing Not for vehicles where OEM recommends using ATF in the power steeringImproved wear protection, resists thermal breakdown, evaporation and foaming
Greater heat resistance and helps to prevent high-temperature boil over
Helps prevent high-temperature steering fade
50 Percent greater high-temperature viscosity and one-fifth the high temperature evaporation
Compatible with petroleums and synthetics

Mobil 1 112980 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid – 1 Quart (Pack of 6)

$69.69 - $61.14

(as of Oct 16,2018 10:36:37 UTC – Details)

Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF outperforms conventional automatic transmission fluids and helps to provide outstanding resistance to oil breakdown and deposits. The inherently high viscosity index and stability of Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF helps to protect against thermal breakdown at high operating temperatures, while still providing outstanding performance at ambient temperatures as low as -54 degrees Celsius. Further, it helps to improve overall transmission durability and cleanliness. Automatic transmissions should be checked for proper fluid levels at regular intervals, and the fluid should be changed at manufacturer recommended intervals. However, this may vary due to your vehicle’s operating conditions. Some manufacturers recommend more frequent changes of transmission fluid under severe driving conditions, such as heavy traffic, hot weather and trailer pulling.Material code – 98KY58
Helps improve and extend transmission efficiency, smooth shifting performance and fuel economy
Keeps transmissions clean to help provide outstanding performance even under severe driving conditions
Significant wear protection which can contribute to long transmission life
Helps to provide prompt and reliable lubrication at ambient temperatures down to -54 degrees Celsius

ATE Brake Fluid DOT 4 SL.6 (2 Liters)


(as of Oct 16,2018 09:32:23 UTC – Details)

ATE SL6 – for modern brake systems This brake fluid is ideal for ESP, ABS and ASR. Electronic brake systems can react extremely quickly thanks to the low-viscosity texture and that improves safety. Not forgetting the fact that with ATE SL6, you’re well prepared for the braking systems of tomorrow.This brake fluid is ideal for ESP, ABS and ASR
Meets and exceeds DOT4/DOT3
Boiling points and viscosity exceed the legal specifications
Outstanding corrosion protection
Longer shelf life thanks to high-quality metal cans

Prestone AS658-6PK Deluxe 3-in-1 Windshield Washer Fluid, 1 Gallon (Pack of 6)


(as of Oct 16,2018 08:30:53 UTC – Details)

Prestone Deluxe 3-in-1 Windshield Washer Fluid has been specially engineered to keep your windshield clear, no matter the weather, with three streak-free technologies: de-icer melts ice fast and protects against freezing down to -27 degrees Fahrenheit; Bug Wash penetrates the toughest residue to break down and easily remove bugs; and water repellent advanced beading technology leaves no streaks and is glare free. Prestone’s advanced, patented formula helps remove insect deposits and road grime in the summer and improves winter driving visibility by quickly melting ice and frost. The patent-pending, advanced water-beading technology also makes driving in inclement weather easier and safer.Specially engineered to keep your windshield clear, no matter the weather
De-icer melts ice fast and protects against freezing down to -27F
Bug Wash penetrates the toughest residue to break down and easily remove bugs
Water repellent advanced beading technology leaves no streaks and is glare free
Removes insect deposits and road grime in the summer and improves winter driving visibility

Pentosin 8403107-C CHF 202 Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid 1 L, 12 Pack

$84.21 - $82.50

(as of Oct 16,2018 07:25:29 UTC – Details)

Pentosin CHF 202 is a synthetic high performance hydraulic fluid for life-time application in modern vehicle aggregates. Pentosin CHF 202 is especially designed for hydraulics in the automotive industry with the highest technical requirements such as: power steering, clutch hydraulic, electro-hydraulic mechanisms of convertible tops, etc. It is suitable for all extreme ambient temperatures and guarantees full performance from -40 Degree Celsius to 130 Degree Celsius system temperature.

“WARNING: This product contains substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other developmental harm.”

Please see Product Description regarding the Prop 65 Warning
Long life synthetic hydraulic fluid that is suitable for all extreme weather conditions
Guarantees full performance from -40 Fahrenheit to +266 degrees Fahrenheit
Specially designed for power steering and clutch hydraulics
Excellent for use in electro-hydraulic mechanisms of convertible tops

Bel-Ray Silicone DOT 5 Brake Fluid – 12oz. 99450-B355W (1)

$15.50 - $16.50

(as of Oct 16,2018 06:21:41 UTC – Details)

Exceeds FMVSS Sec. 571.116 DOT 5 silicone base motor vehicle brake fluid specifications; can mix with all fluids meeting such specificationsShould not be mixed with DOT 3 and DOT 4; DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake systems may be converted to DOT 5 if a complete system flush is doneFor use in all drum or disc hydraulic brake systems, except systems using mineral-based fluids (LHM)Boiling Point: dry 500 Degrees F, wet 365 Degrees FExceeds DOTs highest brake fluid specifications
Does not absorb water High boiling point to fight fading
Will not harm plastic or painted surfaces
Exceeds SAE Spec J1703, FMVSS116
For brake systems and hydraulic clutches, except systems using mineral base fluids

PTE Tester calibrated for DOT 4 Brake fluids

$8.49 - $8.55

(as of Oct 16,2018 05:20:18 UTC – Details)

Staying safe and knowing that your car is in top condition is most important. Ideally, brake fluid should be checked regularly and changed every one to two years. As moisture seeps into the brake system through the brake hoses and seals the brake fluid will become contaminated and the danger of brake failure will increase. This pen-shaped brake fluid tester can easily help determine whether it’s time for you to change your brake fluid. What to do: 1. Turn on the brake fluid tester by pressing the button. A green light should light up. If the light does not come on, it may be time to change a battery. 2. Unscrew the lid for the brake fluid reservoir, and take off the cap for the brake fluid tester. 3. Dip the test probes into the brake fluid and the LED lights will indicate the percentage of water in the brake fluid. 4. After testing, remember to screw the lid of the brake fluid reservoir back on tightly. 5. The tester will automatically power off after 12 seconds of inactivity. The LED lights will indicate the percentage of water in the brake fluid: Green: None Green/Yellow: Less than 1% Green /Yellow/Yellow: Approx. 2% Green/Yellow/Yellow/Red: Approx. 3% (Time to change brake fluid.) Green/Yellow/Yellow/Red/Red: Approx. 4% (Change brake fluid immediately!). Please note:- This brake fluid tester is calibrated for DOT 4 brake fluid only, which is used in most cars produced since 2006. – Replace the battery if the green LED light no longer lights up after you press the button. – Wash the test probe with tap water after every use. – In case of skin contact with brake fluid, thoroughly wash the affected skin or clothing with water. – Do not expose brake fluid to the atmosphere for a long time as it is highly hygroscopic.Quick and easy way to test for moisture content in the brake fluid; results appear in seconds!
LED light indicators show percentage of water in the brake fluid
Calibrated for cars using DOT 4 brake fluid only (found in most cars produced since 2006)
Takes 1 x AAA/1.5V battery (included)
Only takes seconds to know the results

Fluid Film Undercoating Kit 2 Gallon with STANDARD Spray Gun and everything you need.


(as of Oct 16,2018 04:17:13 UTC – Details)

A Rust and Corrosion Preventive for quick and effective corrosion control and vehicle undercoating. For use on marine hardware, battery terminals, electrical connections, tools, brass clips, all metal parts or surfaces exposed to atmosphere or salty spray. No solvents – environmentally friendly. Made in the USA. It takes 1/2 to 3/4 gallon to undercoat a mid size suv. Eureka Fluid Film® is non-hazardous. Fresh inventory shipped direct from Kellsport Products Note: This kit comes with the “STANDARD” Fluid Film spray gun. This gun works great but is not designed to accept extension wands. If you need a gun with extension wands to get inside the frame rails, doors, etc., please see our kit on Amazon with the Fluid Film PRO gun.2 Gallon of Fluid Film NAS undercoating with easy pour spout.
1 STANDARD Fluid Film Spray Gun
2 Quart Bottle & screw on caps
1 Touch up Brush that screws on quart Bottle
1 large Fluid Film Spray can for tight spots with 24″ Extension wand