I Hate Being So Incredibly Attractive But I’m An IT Professional… So It Comes Naturally: Funny Sarcastic Lined Notebook / Journal Gift Idea for Work & the Office


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I Hate Being So Incredibly Attractive But I’m An IT Professional… So It Comes Naturally

Small notebook / diary / journal to write in, for creating lists, organizing, creative writing, scheduling events and recording your daily thoughts. 

Is an excellent gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, and other special ocassions! 

  • Standard notebook size (6″ x 9″)
  • 120 pages
  • Softcover bookbinding 
  • Flexible paperback

Fuck I Forgot My Password: Internet Password Record (Internet Password Key Login ID Logbook Journal Organizer Series)


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Damn..forgotten your internet password again? Now, write them down all in one place with this internet password record book. You can record 110 website addresses, user logins and passwords plus it comes with a blank index section at the end for easy referencing after you have finished recording. Unlike other internet password log, it has an additional row to record a new password, just in case you need to change it. Well planned and thought out for everyday practical use. It also comes with blank note pages at the back for keeping any kind of records you want. Product Details:Size: 6 x 9 inches (Perfect handy size) Total Pages: 80 pagesSpace to record 112 websites information / ID/ password / new password / Hint or Question / Notes Premium matte-finish cover designPrinted In USA on quality white pages The perfect gift for anyone who has problems remembering anything! A great gift for friends, colleagues and office employees.


$19.00 - $14.04

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This warm and funny tale of an earnest preppy editor finding himself trapped behind the counter of a Brooklyn convenience store is about family, culture, and identity in an age of discombobulation.

It starts with a gift, when Ben Ryder Howe’s wife, the daughter of Korean immigrants, decides to repay her parents’ self-sacrifice by buying them a store. Howe, an editor at the rarefied Paris Review, agrees to go along. Things soon become a lot more complicated. After the business struggles, Howe finds himself living in the basement of his in-laws’ Staten Island home, commuting to the Paris Review offices in George Plimpton’s Upper East Side townhouse by day, and heading to Brooklyn at night to slice cold cuts and peddle lottery tickets. My Korean Deli follows the store’s tumultuous life span, and along the way paints the portrait of an extremely unlikely partnership between characters with shoots across society, from the Brooklyn streets to Seoul to Puritan New England. Owning the deli becomes a transformative experience for everyone involved as they struggle to salvage the original gift―and the family―while sorting out issues of values, work, and identity.

Microsoft OneNote 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows (Shortcut Matters)

$7.99 - $5.96

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Take, format, protect, manage, and share your notes smartly using keyboard shortcuts.
Have you tried formatting, editing or protecting your notes using keyboard shortcuts? If you haven’t, you are really missing. Try it this time. Your fingers will work as if you joined Microsoft Corporation to develop OneNote. The faster and more efficient way of handling notes is the use of keyboard shortcuts.
In this book you will see these topics:

  • Learn the basics of mousing and keyboarding.
  • Know more about your keyboard.
  • Become familiar with the 15 special keyboard shortcuts you should know as a computer user.
  • Taking Your Notes using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Formatting Notes with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Organizing Your Notebook with the help of shortcuts.
  • Managing Your Notebook using shortcuts.
  • Sharing Notes with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Protecting Notes using shortcut keys.

Have you handled your note in a way that made a person nearby ask you “What is the magic” If no, read this book and apply the shortcuts and tips in it, and you will see what will happen soon. To buy this book, click “Add to Cart

Defender of Freedom


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This novel portrays the daily hardships of the family of a career Army officer, Colonel Emile Ranta, who served in three wars: World War One, World War Two, and The Korean War. Military families have to live with the potential loss of life of a loved one and the hardships of frequent family moves to different places in the country and overseas. These families suffer from more frequent and severe family problems than their civilian counterparts, yet they proudly and bravely shoulder those hardships because they love this great country, the United States of America, and all that it stands for throughout the world. They make us proud and never complain of the many tribulations that they are subject to.

Mileage Log Book Pocket Size: Vehicle Gas Mileage Tracker Notebook Journal (Small Size)


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This handy mileage log is designed for individuals or businesses to record and track their vehicle gas usages. It’s perfect for maintenance, budgeting, bookkeeping or tax reporting purposes.

Use this pocket-sized 5″x8″ 120 pages mileage log book to track the car used, trip purpose, starting and end odometer readings for each trip. This makes a handy journal for commuters, truckers, couriers or uber driver. Add to cart and get one now!

Monthly Budget Planner: Expense Finance Budget By A Year Monthly Weekly & Daily Bill Budgeting Planner And Organizer Tracker Workbook Journal | Blue … Business Money Notebook Planning Worksheets)


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Daily Weekly & Monthly Budget Planner

The Monthly Bill Planner and Organizer provide a fantastic way to organize your bills and plan for your expenses. The journal comprises of neatly organized spaces for the week and month that you wish to plan your expenses and account for your bills.


  • Account tracker
  • Monthly savings tracker
  • Debt payment log
  • Check ledger
  • Monthly Budget Worksheet
  • Weekly and Daily Expense Tracker
  • Cover Design: Matte Craft Cover
  • Printed on quality paper
  • Light weight. Easy to carry around
  • Made in the USA
  • Management your money, it perfect for business ,personal finance, bookkeeping and budgeting. Give it for yourself friends family and co-worker and Have a great year together.

    Think and Grow Rich (Condensed Classics): The Original 1937 Classic

    $9.95 - $4.49

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    The World’s Greatest Book on Successful
    Living―Now in a Special Compact Edition!

    Here is the complete experience of Think and Grow Rich in an exquisitely brief and faithful condensation. In less than an hour of reading you will learn all thirteen of Napoleon Hill’s famous steps to wealth and achievement.
    This masterly summation of Hill’s original landmark explains:
    • Why you must write down your goals.
    • The immeasurable importance of a definite major aim.
    • How to benefit from hunches and sudden inspirations.
    • The magic of persistence in the face of setbacks.
    • How to program your mind for success.
    • The extraordinary power of a “Master Mind” group.

    Abridged and introduced by PEN Award-winning historian Mitch Horowitz, this concise rendition of Hill’s masterwork is both the perfect introduction to Think and Grow Rich and a great refresher for those who already know the book and its powers.

    Our North Carolina Guest Book: 100 pages, 8.25 x 6 in., matte cover. For North Carolina homes, cabins, condos, guest rooms, B&Bs, businesses, coffee … parties, family reunions, and more!


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    Guest books are in style! and The Everything Guest Book Co. is leading the way with novelty guest books designed especially for homes, businesses, lifestyles, and special events.

    Display your guest book in entry halls, on coffee tables, on bedside tables, in guest rooms, in living rooms, in waiting areas; or use for special occasions such as destination weddings, family reunions, housewarming parties, or any gathering worth remembering!

    Cream-colored paper holds ink from gel pens and fountain pens with no bleed-through. Offers space for up to 300 guests to sign, date, and leave a special note for the house or the host.

    #NorthCarolinaLovers, #NorthCarolinaGifts, #NorthCarolinaPride

    The Everything Guest Book Co. uses the power of print-on-demand publishing to provide the world with keepsake guest books suitable for every occasion. As soon as you buy your guest book, the printing machines power on, the paper is inked, the pages are bound, and your guest book is born – made especially and exclusively for you!

    Looking for a different cover? Search all our guest book designs for: your state flag, your country flag, your city, famous landmarks, space and nature photography, coffee & wine lovers, animal lovers, party designs (baby shower, bridal shower, bachelor(ette) party, graduation, anniversary, birthdays, for kids), and more!

    We hope you enjoy your Everything Guest Book as much as we enjoyed making it!