Essential Oils for Beginners: 56 Best Essential Oil Recipes for Your Health and Beauty


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Essential Oils for Beginners

Are you looking for natural alternatives to over the counter medicines?

Do you want essential oil recipes for healthy skin and hair?

Then this book is for you.

Historically, essential oils have been used for medicinal and healing purposes. Today, essential oils are again gaining in popularity as consumers are discovering the many great benefits that they provide.

This book provides a comprehensive guide to not only understanding essential oils, but also in how to use them. By reading this book you’ll learn:
• The difference between fragrance oils and essential oils,
• How to purchase and store oils,
• The best techniques to enjoy the aromas and powers of these oils,
• The most commonly used essential oils.

The book will also give you 56 effective essential oil recipes for
• Pain Relief,
• Acne, skin and hair care,
• Healing the cold and flu,
• Reducing anxiety and fatigue,
• Allergy relief,
and much more!

With the right essential oils, natural health and beauty is within your grasp. There’s no reason to hesitate.

Order Essential Oils for Beginners now!

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Weekly Meal Planner: 52 Week Planner/Shopping Check List Plus Extra Pages For Dinner Parties & Recipes


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A weekly meal planner and shopping list will help you plan ahead, saving you money and motivating you to keep on track with dieting and overall healthy eating habits.

Jot down recipes and food ideas when you see them; all in the one book ideal for future reference.

Plan ahead for special dinner parties, birthday party buffets or special celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This Meal Planner Plus Book is a handy size 6″ x 9″ ideal to pop in your bag when going out shopping. It has 138 pages and contains the following:

  • Introduction page with space for your name/address
  • 52 weeks of undated double page spreads for daily meal plans and space to write ideas and your weekly grocery shopping check list
  • 8 pages for dinner party plans with space for ideas and shopping check list
  • 8 pages for buffet party plans with space for ideas and shopping check list
  • 4 pages for notes on special diet recipes – to cater for allergies/vegetarians etc
  • 12 Note book pages for you to write down recipes and inspirational catering notes
  • Calendar for 2020

Lovely gift for a busy mother, house wife or anyone who loves entertaining.



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Are you looking for an book about raw dog food recipes for your dog?
Dog hates garlic and every recipes you could find on internet almost got garlic in the recipes, and you need something different?
You want the raw food diet recipes for your dog because they got overweight recently?
Your dog got diabetes and you want some recipes that can help them?

In this book, you will find from the basic knowledge for beginner who have just started to feed their dog raw. It will also guide you from a to z how to feed your dog raw properly, how to switch from kibble to raw.

In this book, you’ll find easy step-by-step instructions on how to:
Save money when buying raw ingredients in any grocery store
– Equipping yourself before become going raw.
– How much nutrition in each kind of raw foods have? What kind of supplement your dog will need?
– Simple and time-saving production techniques for raw food.
– How to avoid diarrhea/vomiting for your dogs when they eat raw food
– How to switch your dog from kibble to raw food
– Some hacks to try if you dog hates certain raw food.
45 Raw food recipes from beginner to senior dog owner, including recipes with low fat and for dog has diabetes.
– And more..!
Pick Up Your Copy Now! Your dog will love these recipes!

dividers recipes: dividers recipes


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Dividers recipes Grab an apron and a pencil and starting jotting down your best recipes in this stylish blank cookbook. This blank recipe book is perfect for creating and sharing your personal recipes. 

You’ll find it easy to organize your favorite meals created in your kitchen or passed down from family memberPreserve and organize all your treasured family recipes — past, present, and future — in this attractive recipe journal.

•Record the recipe, the source, and why it holds special meaning for your family, as you create a treasure-trove of delicious and nostalgic memories!

•Journal includes recipe pages for Appetizers; Soups, Salads, & Sandwiches; Side Dishes; Main Courses; Desserts; Beverages; and More Recipes.

•You’ll also find measurement equivalents, substitution suggestions, kitchen tips, a glossary of cooking terms, and more.

•Inside back cover pocket for extra notes and other mementos.

•Sturdy hardcover binding.

•Measures 8.5 inches x 11.5 inches

Forces for Change: Notebook, notepad, journal, diary, memos, notes, ideas, lists 5 x 8 inch/12.7 x 20.32 cm Sussex Vogue Meghan 100 pages lined/ruled


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Whether for yourself or for friends, family or colleagues, these notebooks are the perfect gift!

Be a force for change! This notebook is perfect for daily writing, sketching and planning, or for taking notes on the go.

These 100 pages are ideal for organizing daily activities, creating shopping lists, strategic planning, taking notes, sketching or for your imagination.


– 100 pages, lined

– High quality soft cover

– Easy to carry

– Hig quality white paper

– Size 5 x 8 inches/12.7 x 20.32 cm

– Ideal size for use as a travel diary, diary, journal or daily notepad, or for writing notes, shopping lists, drawing and sketches

– Easy to carry with you on your trip or carry in your bag or backpack or in your pocket, convenient for travel and daily use

– Writing Diary, Travel Diary, Daily Diary, Lined Notebook, Children’s diary

– School or college diary, Writing notebook, Adventure book, Ideas notebook

– Cute notebook with lots of room for your creativity, success journal, mindfulness diary

– Original gift for a friend, Christmas gift – the perfect gift for travelers, businessmen, creative women, royal fans and watchers, fashionistas, writers, poets, artists, designers, journalists, students, birthdays or for anyone starting on a new adventure!

The Diverticulitis Cookbook: Feel Better, by Eating Better: 30 Day Meal Plan and Recipes


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Learn to Feel Better by Eating Better. The Diverticuliculitis Diet Cookbook will teach you how to prevent diverticulitis flareups from occurring. The book includes a 30 day meal plan and more than 110 easy to make, delicious recipes designed to heal your body.I would like to share with you my experience with Diverticular disease. Several years ago, my mother was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. We had never heard of this medical condition before, and at that time there was very little information about it. When we asked the doctor how to prevent a Diverticulitis attack from occurring again, his advice was don’t eat nuts and seeds! Over the next few years, she followed her general practitioner’s well-meaning advice, but still suffered several Diverticulitis attacks and had no relief from the pain. Sick and tired of the pain and being afraid of her next attack, both of us embarked on a journey to take her health into our own hands. Working with the esteemed Andrea Johnson, a well-known, registered clinical dietician and researcher, we developed a cookbook and meal plan that actually worked! The recipes were compiled based on their health value, high fiber content and because they taste really good. We wouldn’t have been able to get my picky-eater mom to eat our recipes if they weren’t absolutely yummy!! Not only that, they are easy to make. You don’t have to be a master chef or have loads of time to prepare these meals.Used Book in Good Condition

C*H*I*C* Recipes – Cooking at Home for Interstitial Cystitis: Acid-Free and Nearly Acid-Free


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This cookbook includes color photos of each of the 75 recipes. There are many cookbooks for all sorts of dietary restrictions, but few, if any, for acid restrictions. This cookbook is for those who have difficulties with acid in their diets. I have developed these recipes with little to no acid, but lots of flavor. There is no reason to miss out on delicious food because of our ailments! I hope and pray that this will be of help to those who suffer as I do. Happy Cooking!

Rebel Canners Cookbook: Preserving Time-Honored Methods

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Rebel Canners Cookbook is the private recipe collection of Tammy McNeil, the Author who an avid Blogger that has 60,000+ members in her “Rebel Canners” Facebook group alone. She has many successful Facebook groups on topics like baking and one for Vegans, too. Rebel Canners is the name of the Facebook group that she started a few years ago that has grown by leaps and bounds. I have been amazed at the interest in the concept of being Rebel Canners which embraces the idea that not everything good to can has to be approved by the USDA to be safe which is why we say “Welcome To The Darkside. Her practice is to preserve time-honored methods that are tried and true. Canning together is just something my family did together around the kitchen table. Our ancestors can teach us about so many things, and she wants to pass along everything she has learned to the younger generation.

Around the world, people know Tammy as a canning expert and educator dedicated to guiding others in preserving time-honored canning methods. Explore the possibilities that await you when you practice these techniques. Do you ever wish you had a grandma or grandpa or that canning expert great aunt to get tips from? Open this cookbook for the answers that you seek from someone who has benefited from canning around the table with her family for a lifetime.