40 Royal Wedding Recipes: Celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Big Day by Appointment Only!


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Who doesn’t enjoy a good wedding? And although not all of us can afford such a spectacular event as a Royal wedding, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the fabulous fare.

With American born, Meghan Markle tying the knot with HRH Prince Harry we have brought together a culinary collection of Royal wedding recipes both past and present.

What’s more, you can create some of the many dishes on the menu at Royal weddings. These include dishes dating back to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s nuptials.

• Fabulous canap?s and appetizers including William and Kate’s Haddock Fishcakes with Pea Guacamole. Plus, Windsor Consomme, a clear beef soup enjoyed by King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes- Lyon at their wedding in 1923
• Enjoy delicious Cretan Wedding Risotto to celebrate HRH Prince Philip’s Greek roots, and Welsh Rarebit Bites in honor of Charles, Prince of Wales
• Princess Diana’s favorite Bread and Butter Pudding, and Queen Elizabeth II’s sweet obsession; Bombe Glacee
• Celebrate the young couple with juicy Roast Chicken with Radishes; the meal Meghan cooked for Harry on the evening he proposed.

From canapes, appetizers, mains, and desserts discover 40 Royal Wedding recipes to suit all occasions.

Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen

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Here for the first time, the famous food of Louisiana is presented in a cookbook written by a great creative chef who is himself world-famous. The extraordinary Cajun and Creole cooking of South Louisiana has roots going back over two hundred years, and today it is the one really vital, growing regional cuisine in America. No one is more responsible than Paul Prudhomme for preserving and expanding the Louisiana tradition, which he inherited from his own Cajun background.

Chef Prudhomme’s incredibly good food has brought people from all over America and the world to his restaurant, K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen, in New Orleans. To set down his recipes for home cooks, however, he did not work in the restaurant. In a small test kitchen, equipped with a home-size stove and utensils normal for a home kitchen, he retested every recipe two and three times to get exactly the results he wanted. Logical though this is, it was an unprecedented way for a chef to write a cookbook. But Paul Prudhomme started cooking in his mother’s kitchen when he was a youngster. To him, the difference between home and restaurant procedures is obvious and had to be taken into account.

So here, in explicit detail, are recipes for the great traditional dishes–gumbos and jambalayas, Shrimp Creole, Turtle Soup, Cajun “Popcorn,” Crawfish Etouffee, Pecan Pie, and dozens more–each refined by the skill and genius of Chef Prudhomme so that they are at once authentic and modern in their methods.

Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen is also full of surprises, for he is unique in the way he has enlarged the repertoire of Cajun and Creole food, creating new dishes and variations within the old traditions. Seafood Stuffed Zucchini with Seafood Cream Sauce, Panted Chicken and Fettucini, Veal and Oyster Crepes, Artichoke Prudhomme–these and many others are newly conceived recipes, but they could have been created only by a Louisiana cook. The most famous of Paul Prudhomme’s original recipes is Blackened Redfish, a daringly simple dish of fiery Cajun flavor that is often singled out by food writers as an example of the best of new American regional cooking.

For Louisianians and for cooks everywhere in the country, this is the most exciting cookbook to be published in many years.

William Morrow Company

Recipe Book: Blue Blank Recipe Book |Journal, Notebook, Recipe Keeper, Cookbook, Organizer | To Write In & Store Your Family Recipes | 8.5”x 11” Large | 100 pages (Cooking Gifts) (Volume 8)


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Blank Recipe Cookbook For You To Fill In Your Recipes.
  • Introduction page for you to personalise
  • Table Of Contents
  • Ingredients, nutrition & method section
  • Space for notes and page numbers
  • Useful cooking conversions
Cover: Tough matte paperback.
Binding: Secure professional trade paperback binding, i.e. it’s built to last; pages won’t fall out after a few months of use.
Dimensions: 20.3 x 25.4 cm (8.5” x 11”). (The same width as A4– so no more squeezing recipe details into tiny boxes!)
This will make a perfect gift for family and friends or for students going off to college. Take it as a house warming gift or a celebration like a wedding or bridal shower. It is suitable for any occasion.
So Why Not Buy A Copy Today And Start Writing Down Those Favourite And Family Recipes.

A Cookbook Conspiracy (Bibliophile Mystery)

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It’s a recipe for disaster when bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright is asked to restore an antique cookbook in this novel in the New York Times bestselling Bibliophile Mystery series.
Brooklyn’s sister Savannah and her former culinary school classmates all became successful chefs, especially Savannah’s ex-boyfriend Baxter Cromwell, who went on to culinary superstardom. When he invites the old gang to the gala opening of his new restaurant in San Francisco, Savannah asks Brooklyn to restore a rare antique cookbook as a present for him.
The night they all gather, Baxter is found dead, the cookbook has disappeared, and Savannah becomes the suspect du jour. But Brooklyn knows her sister is innocent, and there are plenty of old grudges simmering among this backstabbing bunch. Now she’ll have to turn up the heat on the investigation before Chef Savannah finds herself slinging hash in a prison cafeteria.

A Cookbook for All Seasons: A Healthy Eating Plan for Life

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According to the latest trends, cooking is enjoying a resurgence of family-oriented, home-cooked meals using fresh, whole foods. In A COOKBOOK FOR ALL SEASONS, Dr. Elson Haas offers guidelines for maintaining healthy and Nutritious eating habits in today’s world of processed, instant food. Featuring sections on food combining and rotation, seasonal menu planning and recipes, and individual nutritional needs, this unique kitchen companion is structured around the seasons to take advantage of ingredients at the peak of both flavor and nutrients. Includes a nutritional analysis of each seasonal diet.Used Book in Good Condition

A Cookbook for Mommy & Me


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A Cookbook for Mommy & Me features recipes catered to children discovering cooking! Not only is cooking a great way to spend time with your child, you are also starting the process of teaching life-long needed skills at an early age. Fun and kid-friendly recipes, along with Mommy’s attention, are sure to delight your little one!Used Book in Good Condition

Matty Matheson: A Cookbook

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Matty Matheson, star of Viceland’s It’s Suppertime and Dead Set On Life, reveals his favorite recipes and stories in a cookbook that his devoted fans have been waiting for.
Matty Matheson is known as much for his amazing food as his love for life, positive mental attitude, and epic Instagram account. This debut cookbook is about Matty’s memories of the foods that have defined who he is. With a drive to share his zest for life, he creates dishes within these pages that reinterpret the flavors of his youth in Canada, as well as the restaurant fare for which he has become so well-known. Interpretations of classics like Seafood Chowder, Scumbo: Dad’s Gumbo, and Rappie Pie appear alongside restaurant recipes like Bavette, Pigtail Tacos, and his infamous P&L Burger. This is a very personal cookbook, full of essays and headnotes that share Matty’s life—from growing up in Fort Erie, exploring the wonders of Prince Edward Island, struggling and learning as a young chef in Toronto, and, eventually, his rise to popularity as one of the world’s most recognizable food personalities. His no-nonsense approach to food makes these recipes practical enough for all, while his creativity will entice seasoned cooks. This book is like cooking alongside Matty, sharing stories that are equal parts heartwarming and inappropriate while helping you cook dishes that are full of love. Matty Matheson: A Cookbook is a new collection of recipes from one of today’s most beloved chefs.

A Cookbook For Katie: Upon the Occasion of Her Marriage Recipes and Reveries for the Bride


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Part memoir and love letter, too, A Cookbook for Katie offers simple recipes and practical advice to a young bride about to walk down the aisle and into her own future of homemaking. Cooking tips and recipes are framed by family-themed essays that capture the flavor, heart and humor of home life. Readers say it is: “Comforting and tender–a pleasure to read.” Faye “Wonderfully friendly.” KR “I spread it out and made the book last as long as I could, but it was a challenge. I wanted to race through to see what would happen next.” Cecelia While written specifically for the writer’s niece in response to the bride’s request for a collection of family recipes when she was about to marry, this unusual memoir-cookbook could help any new bride who may need to answer the question, “What’s for supper?” with good spirits, a hot meal and a pan of perfectly baked cornbread. Highly readable and wryly wise, A Cookbook for Katie, Recipes and Reveries for the Bride, is a celebration of love and food, with recipes not only for simple suppers and holiday meals but also for living lovingly after you say, “I do.” Buy a copy for yourself or a bride today.

Hashimoto’s Cookbook and Action Plan: 31 Days to Eliminate Toxins and Restore Thyroid Health Through Diet

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A cookbook and 28-day action plan for leading a Hashimoto’s healthy lifestyle.

Despite the fact that Hashimoto’s is the most common thyroid disease in the United States affecting nearly 14 million Americans, there are few references for reducing symptoms with dietary changes. No one understands this better than Karen Frazier, who has been living with Hashimoto’s for more than 20 years, and knows firsthand how hard it is to give up gluten, corn, soy, and dairy-inflammatory foods. Laying out a month-long action plan with over 125 recipes to help you start and stick to a Hashimoto’s approved diet, this cookbook is your go-to guide to living a Hashimoto’s friendly life.

In this Hashimoto’s cookbook and action plan, you will find:

  • A Month-Long Hashimoto’s Action Plan for eliminating problem foods, broken down into a 3-day cleanse and a 3-week meal plan
  • Over 125 Recipes serving Hashimoto’s friendly meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks
  • Helpful Aids helping your transition to a Hashimoto’s lifestyle with symptom trackers and shopping lists
  • An Essential Introduction covering need-to-know information about Hashimoto’s

Recipes include: Banana Muffins, Asian Meatball Soup, Stuffed Zucchini, Ginger Salmon with Sweet Potato Mash, Mustard and Herb Leg of Lamb, Vanilla-Chamomile Poached Plums, and much more!

Take action with this 28-day plan and feel for yourself the benefits of a thyroid-friendly diet.

Hashimoto s Cookbook and Action Plan 31 Days to Eliminate Toxins and Restore Thyroid Health Through Diet

Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes

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Dining In made Alison Roman’s SALTED BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHUNK SHORTBREAD Instagram-famous, but in fact all the recipes in this most-talked-about and of-the-moment cookbook are just as much of a source of inspiration. With 125 recipes for effortlessly chic dishes that are full of quick-trick techniques (think slathering roast chicken in anchovy butter, roasting citrus to ramp up the flavor, and keeping boiled potatoes in the fridge for instant crispy smashed potatoes), it’s no wonder Dining In has been dubbed a “treasure map” (Samin Nosrat, James Beard Award-winning author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat). Roman’s recipes—vegetable-forward with quality ingredients, punctuated by standout flavors like hot honey browned butter, preserved lemon, za’atar, and garlicky walnuts—have set today’s trends and are already establishing themselves as classics thanks to her devoted social media following. Her ingenuity seduces seasoned cooks, while her warm, edgy writing makes these recipes practical and approachable enough for the novice. Cooking through Dining In is the next best thing to having Alison right there with you in the kitchen: brash, funny, and full of opinions.CLARKSON POTTER