Have a Little Faith: A True Story

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Now including a new chapter for the paperback edition.

“A masterpiece.”
–Publishers Weekly

“In the beginning there was a question. ‘Will you do my eulogy’ As is often the case with faith, I thought I was being asked a favor. In truth, I was being given one…”

“An absolute wonder–tender, transporting, and deeply moving.”
–Scott Turow, author of Presumed Innocent

“The nonfiction equivalent to Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.”
–Sydney Morning Herald

“A faith journey that could become a classic.”
–Jim Wallis, author of The Great Awakening

“Albom helps show the true definition of ‘Church.’ It is not the building, it is the people and their faith.”
–Bishop T.D. Jakes, Chief Pastor, The Potter’s House

“Everybody should read it.”
–Hoda Kotb in People, Best Book of 2009Have a Little Faith A True Story

Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded

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Simon Winchester’s brilliant chronicle of the destruction of the Indonesian island of Krakatoa in 1883 charts the birth of our modern world. He tells the story of the unrecognized genius who beat Darwin to the discovery of evolution; of Samuel Morse, his code and how rubber allowed the world to talk; of Alfred Wegener, the crack-pot German explorer and father of geology. In breathtaking detail he describes how one island and its inhabitants were blasted out of existence and how colonial society was turned upside-down in a cataclysm whose echoes are still felt to this day.New
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Secluded (A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel Book 8)


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Trapped in the depths of an arctic winter, there’s more to fear than just the cold …

Strange volcanic activity. Signs in the heavens. Natural disasters on a global scale. It’s enough to make Christians wonder if the end times are near.

But not enough to keep Kennedy from Alaska for her best friend’s big day.

After getting stranded off road, Kennedy’s only concern is to find shelter. But as the endless night progresses, she’ll face dangers far more insidious than the freezing weather

One of Alana Terry’s most thrilling novels to date, Secluded is the eighth book in the bestselling Christian suspense series you can’t put down. Grab your copy now … just be prepared to stay up late!

Dusty (Rescue Dogs #2)


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Action and adventure with high stakes and a happy ending — and dogs!

When Dusty, starving and sick, is picked up on the side of the highway after losing his pack, he’s lucky to be alive. The tiny Chihuahua is small enough to fit in two hands and needs special care to be nursed back to health before he can be adopted out to a forever family.

Dusty recovers at the Sterling Center, where they train Search and Rescue dogs. Though the Sterlings don’t think a dog as small as Dusty can do the tireless work of a SAR dog, an undeterred Dusty shows them that heart and determination matter most. Still, when a massive earthquake hits and lives are at risk, even Dusty has to wonder…does he have what it takes to get the job done?

The Survivor Chronicles: Book 1, The Upheaval


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The First tremors of the earth were felt at 7:22 EST. Every single person felt the rumbling and experienced the tremors that would forever alter the course of history. Most did not survive. These are the accounts of some of those who did.

***The fourth and final book in this series, The Risen, is now available. This book is not a survivalist story. Though they are not in this book, the following books in this series do contain zombie-like people. Due to language and graphic content this book is recommended for readers 17 and older.***

Recommended Reading Order for this Complete Series:
The Upheaval: Book 1
The Divide: Book 2
The Forsaken: Book 3
The Risen: Book 4

Edited by Kevin Mills
Edited by Leslie Mitchell at G2 Freelance Editing.

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Preparedness and Response for Catastrophic Disasters


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Based on a popular course for the FEMA Higher Education project, Preparedness and Response for Catastrophic Disasters provides important insight into plans to mitigate and respond to the devastation caused by large-scale catastrophic events. Hurricane Katrina provided clear evidence that these occurrences are both qualitatively and quantitatively different from other disasters. Recent tragedies, like the 2004 South Asia tsunami, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and resulting nuclear plant meltdown in Japan further illustrate that we are not prepared for such events.

Written by top disaster scholars and practitioners, the book defines what constitutes a catastrophic event, outlining both the factors that can lead to catastrophes and the unique logistical, planning, and response challenges posed by them. Distinct from general disasters, these events are termed “catastrophic” due to the regional impact, impacts to logistics and infrastructure, the devastating effects on large-scale populations, and the ripple effects on regional and global economies.

Preparedness and Response for Catastrophic Disasters examines why catastrophes must be approached differently. If governments, public administrators, and emergency management professionals are to succeed in protecting our populations, there must be consensus, decisiveness, and leadership in both the coordination and response. In addition, there must be a fundamental recognition that catastrophic events compromise the very infrastructure—public utilities, delivery of goods and service, schools, business functions, and government—that supports communities and upon which modern society is based. As such, the book explores how catastrophes can dramatically affect populations and addresses new, innovative, and fundamentally unique strategies communities can institute to better prepare populations for catastrophic events and their aftermath.

Summary, Analysis, and Review of Kathryn Miles’ Quakeland: On the Road to America’s Next Devastating Earthquake


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PLEASE NOTE: This is a key takeaways and analysis of the book and NOT the original book.

Start Publishing Notes’ Summary, Analysis, and Review of Kathryn Miles’ Quakeland: On the Road to America’s Next Devastating Earthquake includes a summary of the book, a review, analysis & key takeaways, and a detailed “About the Author” section.

PREVIEW: Kathryn Miles’ Quakeland: On the Road to America’s Next Devastating Earthquake is a popular science book about earthquake science. It focuses on earthquake dangers in the United States and how to prepare for and reduce harm from quakes.

As of 2017, the United States has not had a major earthquake since 1989, and between 1967 and 2017 earthquakes killed only 150 people. However, earthquakes are a serious potential danger, in part because so little is known about them. Because earthquakes are unpredictable, seismologists are rarely able to set up equipment to study them in real time. Earthquakes are difficult to prepare for, since no one is sure when and where they will strike. The science of earthquake prediction remains very weak. Scientists do know that quakes are likely near faults—cracks in the earth that allow movement. But mapping faults is difficult, and there are undoubtedly many faults in the United States of which geologists are unaware.

Habibi (Pantheon Graphic Library)

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From the internationally acclaimed author of Blankets (“A triumph for the genre.”Library Journal), a highly anticipated new graphic novel.
Sprawling across an epic landscape of deserts, harems, and modern industrial clutter, Habibi tells the tale of Dodola and Zam, refugee child slaves bound to each other by chance, by circumstance, and by the love that grows between them. We follow them as their lives unfold together and apart; as they struggle to make a place for themselves in a world (not unlike our own) fueled by fear, lust, and greed; and as they discover the extraordinary depth—and frailty—of their connection.
At once contemporary and timeless, Habibi gives us a love story of astounding resonance: a parable about our relationship to the natural world, the cultural divide between the first and third worlds, the common heritage of Christianity and Islam, and, most potently, the magic of storytelling.Pantheon Books