Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 9


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Framed for the brutal murders of his classmates by the mysterious Red Man, middle school student Ganta Igarashi finds himself sentenced to death and sent to the bizarre and fatal theme park/prison that has risen from the ruins of the Great Tokyo Earthquake—a hell on earth known as “Deadman Wonderland.”

The residents of G Ward have won their battle with the Ko Unit but have been badly injured by the intense fighting. Meanwhile, Ganta gathers what strength he has left and joins Makina. Together they head for the top level of Deadman Wonderland to attempt to deliver the Endae Faust—the Final Fist—that will put an end to the insane plans of promoter Tamaki. But what they find waiting for them may lead to even more despair…Viz Media

The Rough Guide to Belize (Rough Guides)

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Uncover the very best of Belize with this fully updated guidebook. Rough Guides’ expert authors travelled the length and breadth of Belize while researching this guide: seeking out the best guesthouses, exploring ancient Maya ruins and trekking through knotted mangroves. Written with our trademark blend of humour, insight and practical advice, The Rough Guide to Belize contains information on all the best places to eat, drink, and shop in Belize, with price options ranging from backpacker budget to luxury. This travel guide is packed with inspirational photography and colour-coded maps, and features a handy Things Not to Miss guide to make sure you don’t miss any of the big hitting sights. Whether you plan to dive the depths of the Blue Hole, sip a cocktail in San Pedro or trek through the jungle of the Toledo District, this is the ultimate companion to Belize.

A Southerner’s Guide for Family Preparations to Overcome ANY Terrorist Attack or Natural Disaster Vol.2


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This is the second volume of the first disaster preparation guides for storage in your ebook readers. This way you will have the emergency preparation information when you need it.
Terrorist attacks and natural disasters are two totally different incidents. When you prepare your family for these two separate incidents, your preparations are just alike, though. You don’t prepare to fight the terrorists and you don’t prepare to change the weather. You prepare your home and your family for “after the incident”. You prepare for the type of weather, the methods of cooking, bathing, defending your home from criminals, & ways to simply survive and go about life without modern technology.
The first volume of this two volume series, “A Southerner’s Guide for Family Preparations to Overcome ANY Terrorist Attack or Natural Disaster”, was a guideline for family preparations. Family preparedness is the first key element in a families’ survival in an emergency situation. Volume I gave you the knowledge of what to prepare with, what to prepare for, & how long to prepare for. The essentials that you stored away are the things that you would need to keep your family or yourself alive and able to function for a small amount of time without the help of the outside world. By small amount of time, I mean a timeframe of up to a month. If you had to completely relocate you would have enough to get by until you could get set up at your new location. If you stuck it out at your home, you would have enough supplies to do you until life could resume at your hometown. In today’s society with as many emergency rescue services and disaster relief services, a month to six weeks is about as long as things could stay completely out of control.
I have heard of places that instruct you to put enough provisions back to keep you alive & well for 1 YEAR. Who in the world has that much storage space for a year’s worth of supplies? NOT I… A person’s food, water, & essential living supplies should be kept in a basement, if you have one, or one of the innermost rooms of your home for several reasons. That will be covered later in this book.
In the first volume, preparations, escape strategies, & prevention techniques were the key points. Types of terrorist attacks and natural disasters were also covered for preparation reasons. Different strategies for building food supplies and all emergency essentials were covered, also.
Volume II covers things that will come in helpful after a natural disaster or terrorist attack. I have used illustrations, diagrams, & drawings to help you learn the things to help keep your family safe in a time of crisis. If the disaster is severe enough to shut every thing down as far as utilities and stores and normal way of life for more than 6 to 8 weeks and your supplies run out, no problem. Volume II covers that for you. Replenishing your supplies is critical for your family and you to stay alive and well. That is the focus of Volume II.

Just in Case: How to Be Self-Sufficient When the Unexpected Happens


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If disaster strikes and public services are limited, you want to know that your family will be taken care of. Learn how to inventory and rotate your food supply, pack an evacuation kit, maintain communication with loved ones, and much more. You’ll soon gain the ingenuity and resourcefulness to get your family through even the most unfortunate circumstances.

Evaluation Findings for Taylor Devices Fluid Viscous Damper (Technical Evaluation Report)

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Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a CERF Service Center.

This report summarizes the results of a detailed evaluation of a fluid viscous damper, manufactured by Taylor Devices. The report is part of a program to test the performance of 11 seismic isolators and dampers produced by several manufacturers. The devices were tested for stability, response during earthquake simulations, and fatigue and weathering effects.

Used Book in Good Condition

Understanding Seismic Anisotropy/Exploration and Exploitation DigitalDISC No. 2)

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This DigitalDISC, a recording of the fifth SEG/EAGE Distinguished Instructor Short Course, includes Leon Thomsen’s entire presentation combining audio, video, PowerPoint, and transcript. An Interactive exercise graphically illustrates the relations among the anisotropy parameters. This Digital DISC is a companion to the book of the same title (catalog #225A). All rock masses are seismically anisotropic, but we generally ignore this in seismic acquisition, processing, and interpretation. However, as long as we ignore it, the anisotropy limits the effectiveness of our seismic data. Thomsen’s course helps us to understand why this inconsistency between reality and practice has been so successful in the past and why it will be less successful in the future as we acquire better seismic data (especially including vector seismic data) with correspondingly high expectations. Thomsen helps us to understand how we can modify our practice to more fully realize the potential inherent in data through algorithms which recognize the fact of seismic anisotropy.

Also available:

The Boundary Element Method in Geophysics – ISBN 1560801506
Problems in Exploration Seismology and Their Solutions (Geophysical References) – ISBN 1560801158

The Science of Tsunamis: Understanding Weather Just for Kids!


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Tsunamis are one of the most destructive natural disasters known to man–but what makes them tick? In this book (just for kids), you will learn about how Tsunamis start, different types, and what the life cycle of a Tsunami is. This easy to understand book will help you understand Tsunamis in no time at all. KidCaps is an imprint of BookCaps; each month we are adding more history books (just for kids!) to our library. Stop by our website to learn more.

Hot Springs of Nevada

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The Nevada Hot Springs Guidebook by George Williams III has the best descriptions and directions to all of the most out-of-the-way Nevada Hot Springs. Most are recreational, undeveloped springs throughout the desert and mountain state of Nevada. Contains easy to follow directions, camping details, photos and his personal 2 cents, you can’t go wrong with this guidebook. Whether you are visiting Nevada for a week or trying to drive through it in a day, this book will be a loyal companion

Prepare For Disaster: The One Book You Need To Plan For Emergencies


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Since 1946 the Guide Book of United States Coins has served collectors as the preeminent annual reference for coin specifications, mintages, values, and photographs. With more than 22 million copies in print, the Guide Book is well established as the hobby’s most popular reference. The Professional Edition of the Guide Book of United States Coins builds on this foundation. This expanded and enlarged volume is intended for intermediate to advanced hobbyists, numismatic researchers, professional coin dealers and auctioneers, and investors. Its combination of more photographs, detailed higher-grade valuations, listings of additional varieties and rare early Proof coins, certified-coin population data, auction records, and other resources provides a wealth of information on every coin type ever made by the U.S. Mint. The Guide Book of United States Coins, Professional Edition, is your handy single-source guide to auction and certification trends, coin valuations,and other important aspects of the marketplace.