Peanuts/Hollywood Nutcrackers Kurt Adler Snoopy Hollywood Nutcracker, 12-Inch

$29.80 - $29.13

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Designed by renowned artist Holly Adler, Hollywood Nutcrackers is a whimsical collection of nutcrackers created exclusively for Kurt S. Adler, Inc. and features an assortment of characters including Christmas, fantasy and everyday nutcrackers. Their designs put a unique, vibrant, memorable twist on traditional nutcrackers. This 12-inch Snoopy nutcracker by Kurt Adler is a fun and beautiful addition to any holiday decor or nutcracker collection, especially if you are a fan of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. This nutcracker is dressed head-to-toe in a sparkly red, white and blue outfit. Ornately-wrapped gift boxes lay at his feet. For a Peanuts-inspired touch, Snoopy sits atop the top hat with a Christmas tree and gifts while wearing a Santa hat; springing out of the hand of the nutcracker is Woodstock wearing a warm winter hat. The base of the nutcracker bears a name plaque which reads Snoopy.Part of the Kurt Adler Hollywood Nutcrackers collection
Incorporated Snoopy and Woodstock into the design
Measures approximately 12 Inch tall
Made of solid wood, resin, paint/mica and other materials
Perfect for Peanuts fans and nutcracker collectors

The Celebrity Black Book 2014: Over 50,000 Celebrity Addresses


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Every address verified by the U.S Postal Service!

Includes a FREE 30-Day Test Drive to so you can get unlimited celebrity address updates ($47.00 value!)

Whatever your reason for contacting celebrities, you’re bound to find this book useful.

Inside its pages, you’ll discover the best USPS-verified mailing addresses for over 50,000 celebrities and public figures worldwide.

Everyone who is anyone is inside:

  • Movie & Television Stars
  • Musicians
  • Athletes
  • Reality Stars
  • Politicians
  • World Leaders
  • Authors & Writers
  • Directors & Producers
  • Artists & Photographers
  • Plus many more!

The Celebrity Black Book 2014 is a staple for fans who want to request autographs, nonprofits who want to hold an autograph auction to raise money for their cause, businesses who want to get their products and services into celebrities’ hands, authors who want to get celebrity endorsements for their books, and the media who want to get quotes and interviews.

There are so many uses, the possibilities are endless!

My Autograph Book: Blank Unlined Unruled Writing Notebook Cerebrity Autograph Book for Adult and Kids. Ideal for keepsake, Memory Book, Scrapbook. Autograph Guest Book (Volume 2)


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Autograph book for collecting the autographs of others such as graduation autograph book.
Ideas for exchaged among friends, colleagues, and classmates to fill personal messages, drawing, and other mementos.
It’s small size 8.25×6 Inch. Great to carry to sporting, concerts, travel, sign in, record, movie, anywhere else.
It’s 100 blank pages, unruled, unlined.
Design : Green Marble.

Not So Secret Admirer: Ice Skating Autograph Book, Blank Organized Signature Journal, 100 Signature/Photograph/Drawing/Picture Blank Pages, 100 Lined Writing Pages, 204 Pages, size 7×10 (Volume 9)


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It’s human nature to admire people.

We invest our leisure time into whatever captivates our hearts and people who do these things well, fascinate us. Most of the time we wish we could simply meet them and have some sort of physical proof that it happened.

Not so Secret Admirer is an Autograph book presented in a professional, organized and respectful way. With entries for 100 people! Over 200pages.

On the right you can display their name and a photo of both of you together or fan art you would like to show off. At the bottom is an easily accessible data entry frame for their autograph.

On the left there is a star to enter the date you met your admired person, a thank you message to them and blank lines for writing. This can be used as a way to document your day.

Dream a little. You never know what could happen in the future.

    Great for:

  • Christmas Presents
  • Birthday Presents
  • Wedding Gift bag Presents
  • Job Farewell Presents
  • Graduation Presents
  • Teacher Gifts
  • Friendship Gifts
  • Thank You Gifts

Not So Secret Admirer: Blank Autograph Books are available in these categories.

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ISBN-13: 978-1721502356 – Acting

ISBN-13: 978-1721502363 – Artists

ISBN-13: 978-1721502387 – Baseball

ISBN-13: 978-1721502394 – Boxing

ISBN-13: 978-1721502400 – Celebrity

ISBN-13: 978-1721502417 – Dancers

ISBN-13: 978-1721502424 – Equestrian

ISBN-13: 978-1721502431 – Gamers

ISBN-13: 978-1721502448 – Ice Skating

ISBN-13: 978-1721502462 – K-POP

ISBN-13: 978-1721502479 – Martial Arts

ISBN-13: 978-1721784189 – Modelling

ISBN-13: 978-1721784219 – Motocross

ISBN-13: 978-1721502509 – Motor sports

ISBN-13: 978-1721502516 – Musician

ISBN-13: 978-1721502523 – Photographer

ISBN-13: 978-1721502530 – Rugby

ISBN-13: 978-1721502547 – Singers

ISBN-13: 978-1721502561 – Soccer

ISBN-13: 978-1721502554 – Surfers

ISBN-13: 978-1721502578 – Tennis

ISBN-13: 978-1721502585 – Voice Acting

ISBN-13: 978-1721502592 – Volleyball

Free Autographs By Mail: 4,000+ Verified Celebrity Addresses


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This book contains over 4,000 verified addresses for todays brightest stars! Free Autographs by Mail is a tested resource that is certain to be a welcome addition to any collection.Have you ever wanted an autograph from Dan Aykroyd, Sally Field, Bill Cosby, Bob Hope, Al Pacino, Lorrie Morgan, John Glenn, Bob & Elizabeth Dole, Sugar Ray Leonard, Arnold Palmer, Dale Earnhardt, Monica Seles or Wayne Gretzky? If the answer is yes, then this is the book for you!To test and verify addresses can be both an expensive, and time consuming process. Author, Cynthia Mattison, has taken the hassle out of collecting by putting together an extensive list of tested addresses.Why walk to an empty mailbox each day? Try your hand at autograph collecting, because you just never know who may want to send you Free Autographs By Mail!Used Book in Good Condition

White Mountain Puzzles Route 66 – 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

$17.99 - $17.93

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You’re sure to get your kicks out of this fantastic Route 66 puzzle by Kate Ward Thacker. Let the historic and nostalgic scenes of Route 66 transport you back in time as you put this puzzle together and go through Barstow, Kingman, San Bernardino and more. Thrill your family and friends by bringing home the Route 66 Jigsaw Puzzle; 1,000 pieces of fun and entertainment everyone will enjoy! About the artist: Kate Ward Thacker lifelong love of vintage illustration, advertising, and travel memorabilia has resulted in an unparalleled library of retro themes which she uses as inspiration for her designs. Her vibrantly hued paintings have been shown in galleries across the country. Art jigsaw puzzles are a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy beautiful works of art firsthand. Jigsaw puzzles are also used to boost cognitive skills; develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving, shape recognition, memory, and task completion. The White Mountain Puzzles – Route 66 includes 1,000 unique interlocking pieces made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper. Extra large sized pieces for easy handling. Puzzle dimensions (completed): 24 x 30 inches. Every White Mountain Puzzle is proudly manufactured in America with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.ROUTE 66: Let the historic and nostalgic scenes of Route 66 transport you back in time as you put this fantastic puzzle together and go through Barstow, Kingman, San Bernardino and more.
1000-PIECE PUZZLE: Thrill and challenge your family and friends piecing together this incredible 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Bring home hours of fun and entertainment everyone will enjoy.
ABOUT THE ARTIST: Kate Ward Thacker’s vibrantly hued paintings have been shown in galleries across the country. An unparalleled library of retro themes have served as inspiration for her designs.
MORE TO PUZZLE BUILDING: Art jigsaw puzzles are a fun, inexpensive way to enjoy works of art firsthand. Use to boost valuable motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving skills.
SPECIFICS: Includes 1,000 extra large puzzle pieces made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper. Puzzle dimensions (completed): 24 x 30 inches. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Made in USA.

The Celebrity Address Directory & Autograph Collector’s Guide with 30,000 Entries


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Celebrity Fans Rejoice! The latest edition of the celebrity directory for autograph fans, fundraisers, business contacts, writers, school research projects or anyone wishing to contact a celebrity has arrived! Say goodbye to “Return to Sender” letters and fan club addresses. “The Celebrity Address Directory & Autograph Collector’s Guide” is for the fan who wants clear results in contacting celebrities! The author has been an autograph collector, dealer and celebrity writer for over 25 years. He knows the contacts that produce results and contacts that don’t work. The staff at the publisher research celebrity addresses from powerful databases. These databases provide celebrity addresses that are up-to-date and proven accurate. These celebrity addresses are mailed and tested before they are published in the directory. With over 30,000 names of the most well known celebrities in entertainment, sports, business, science, art and politics your satisfaction of contacting the celebrities you admire is guaranteed. We also provide celebrity information that includes many aspects of the autograph hobby. We cover the sample letters that have gotten time tested results. Also the celebrity’s birthday info, hobbies, charity causes, awards and honors are presented. Places where celebrities hangout to dine, pro athletes hold training camps and other places celebrities are know to sign autographs are presented. Address updates are free to all readers by e-mail and regular mail and the author and publisher give advice and information about celebrity s contacts. “The Celebrity Address Directory” offers the best in celebrity contacts, celebrity trivia and information available. Be one of the thousands of satisfied readers who have had proven results with “The Celebrity Address Directory & Autograph Collector’s Guide.”

Factory Entertainment Jurassic World – Mr. DNA Keychain

$14.99 - $14.20

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A collectible Jurassic World souvenir that could have been purchased directly from the Isla Nublar gift shop. Show off the purity of your style and keep your keys organized with the Jurassic World Logo keychain. Factory Entertainment bring you a series of officially licensed keychains and license plate frames to showcase your love of some of the biggest blockbusters of all time. With our high quality standard and attention to detail these are sure to make a perfect gift for yourself or that die-hard fan you know.Officially licensed Jurassic World collector product
Solid metal construction
Amazing detail
Suitable for adult collectors
For organizing your keys or adding to your Jurassic World memorabilia collection