Virginia Diner Peanuts, Old Bay Seasoned, 18-Ounce


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These delicious Virginia peanut combine the rich flavor of everyone’s favorite seafood seasoning with the crunchy good flavor of our premium peanuts. A tasty gift available only from Virginia Diner in 18 oz. tin.Perfectly roasted peanuts covered in OLD BAY seasoning, come packed in a 18-ounce vacuum-sealed tin
Virginia Peanuts seasoned in Old Bay seasoning
This is a perfect gourmet gift for any occasion!
18 oz. vacuum-packed tin for maximum freshness
Made In the USA

Gerbs Allergy Friendly Foods – Dried Fruits – Packaged on dedicated equipment in Rhode Island


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Dried Fruits by GERBS – Gluten – Peanut – Tree Nut – Soy – Egg – Dairy – Sesame – Mustard – Fish – Crustacean FREE. 100% All Natural, Non-GMO, So2 & Potassium Sorbate Free. Made in America.Gerbs Freshly Dried Fruits Packaged on dedicated Allergen Free equipment in Rhode Island by our Specialy trained staff.
GERBS All-Natural Pledge = Non GMO, No Trans-fats, chemicals, preservatives, Nothing artificial added! The way mother nature intended our foods to be, made from scratch, to taste great, keep you healthy, & provide natural energy!
Gerbs Certified Allergen Statement – Our entire product line is: Gluten, Wheat, Peanut, Tree-Nut, Soy, Egg, Milk/Dairy, Sesame, Mustard, Shellfish & Fish FREE!
High in Fiber, Antioxidants, Omega Fats, and loaded with Protein. Low Carb’s. Naturally Heart Healthy & Cholesterol Free. Essential piece to any healthy life style! Featured Ingredient on Dr. Oz.
Shop our other trusted Gerbs Categories: Seeds, Salad Mixes, Seed Butters, Snack Mixes, Fruit Medley’s, Seed Meals, Dried Fruits, Grains, Flours, Granola’s, Oats, & Chocolates.

Low Carb Pizza Crust (3 Shells) – Fresh Baked – LC Foods – All Natural – No Sugar – High Protein – Diabetic Friendly – Low Carb Pizza


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Description: Are you ready for some PIZZA? LC-Foods Pizza Shells are par-baked for you and ready to go into your oven with your favorite toppings to enjoy in just 13 minutes! No mixing, rising or fuss! Our fresh baked pizza shells have never been frozen and come to you direct from the oven to your door. It ships to you the same day as baked and come sealed in our specially designed freshness bag. Our special bag is re-sealable, so you can freeze some of your shells with confidence, knowing that your shells have never been previously frozen and they will taste great! Use your imagination to create a delicious pizza with all your low carb favorites. How about a bacon lover’s pizza? Or a veggie delight, with lots of broccoli, spinach, onions and mushrooms? The possibilities are endless and the result is a delicious pizza that is low carb and easy to make, right in the comfort of your home and kitchen! Perfect for a family “Make Your Own Pizza” night, game night with friends or watching the big game! LC-Foods Pizza Shells measure 12″ in diameter and come in a package containing 3 shells, which means you get 24 delicious 5″ pizza slice wedges, making this a great value for your money! Our pizza shells are created using rich protein and fiber. They are void of most carbohydrate starches and sugars which researchers show lead to a number of illnesses including type 2 diabetes and other obesity related illnesses. These shells are not made with junky nutritionally void white flour that adds no significant nutritional value to the body.Fresh Baked in Raleigh, NC – Never Frozen!
Includes: 3 – 12″ Shells
Per Slice: 1.5 Net Carbs, 13.5g of Protein, 10.5g of Fiber
All Natural Ingredients
Manufactured in the USA

Mixed Nuts Roasted Unsalted – Oh! Nuts


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You’ll go nuts over our fabulous assortment of the finest, freshest and tastiest nuts all perfectly ripened and roasted to perfection. An impressive assortment of cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, Hazelnuts and walnuts creates the mix that is a perfect choice to satisfy any nut craving.Shelled Roasted Unsalted Mixed Nuts
Fresh And Tasty
High Protein
OK kosher certification
Product of the USA

BioBag Food Scrap Bags

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BioBag Tall Food Waste Bags are sized equivalent to regular plastic bags and fit most kitchen waste cans. This sturdy bag is perfect for collecting food waste, paper and other packaging items. Our tall food waste bags are also great for collecting outdoor waste from small gardening areas. BioBag Tall 13 gallon bags are made using GMO crops and meet the ASTM 6400 standard for products. Most communities have designated days for yard and waste pick-up. Check to see if there is a program in your area.Contains 4 packages of 12- 13 Gallon Bags, 48 bags total
Certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute to meet the ASTM D6400 standard
Sized to fit most kitchen waste cans, perfect for food, paper and other compostable waste
Made from plants, vegetable oils and Mater-Bi; contains no polyethylene
Certified Non GMO
These bags breathe without leaking, but may form condensation in a closed container

Walkers Shortbread Rich Fruit Pudding, 16 Ounces


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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without steaming rich fruit pudding. Walkers is proud to present our personal recipe for this holiday classic. Made with the finest ingredients you’d expect – raisins, sultanas, candied peel, mixed spice and syrup – this rich fruit pudding is a tasty addition to any celebration. Pour on a little whisky or brandy and set aflame for an extravant serving flourish that won’t be soon forgotten.RICH FRUIT PUDDING: This rich & flavorful classic is made with the finest ingredients: raisins, sultanas, candied peel, mixed spice & syrup, steamed for that rich moist Christmas pudding we all love.
HOLIDAY TREAT: This rich fruit pudding is a classic addition to any celebration. Pour on a little whisky or brandy & set aflame for an extravagant serving flourish that won’t be soon forgotten.
PUDDINGS FROM THE SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS: Walkers fruit puddings are made using only the finest ingredients, free from GMOs & suitable for vegetarians.
SCOTTISH BAKING AT ITS FINEST: Walkers makes a variety of shortbread, oat crackers & other baked snacks, from Tarts & Puddings, to Traditional Shortbread & Highland Crackers.
A TRADITION OF QUALITY: Since 1898, the Walker family has been committed to using quality methods & ingredients, delicious flavor, & traditional Scottish recipes to create our crackers, classic shortbread cookies & Scottish Christmas treats.

Tofu Shirataki Noodles Fettuccine Shape, 10 bags


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WHEAT AND GLUTEN FREE 8 oz package, 2 servings, 20 calories per serving, .05 fat, 1 gram of protein 3 total carbs 2 of those are fiber, 1 net carb per serving. Once you receive them, refrigerate. Before cooking, drain the noodles and run under water for a minute then put in boiling water for about 3 minutes then put favorite sauce and toppings on the noodles. Also great in soups. Remember, these noodles are the real deal, they may be a little more expensive than the competitors non-tofu shirataki noodles but your taste buds will thank you for it because they do not have the rubbery texture like every other kind of Shirataki noodles.

Product of USA KOSHER OU
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 4 oz
Servings per package 2
Calories 20
Calories from Fat 5
Amount/Serving %DV *
Total Fat 0.5g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbohydrate 3g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Sugars 0g
Sugar Alcohol 0g
Protein 1g 1%
0 %

0 %
0 %
1 %
9 %

*Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Filtered water, tofu (soybeans, calcium sulfate, glucono delta lactone), yam flour, calcium hydroxide.Low Carb, low calorie, low fat
Use these noodles for virtually any pasta dish, soups, stirfry
A pack of 10 bags