Hiker’s Journal: Hiking Journal, Keep Track of Hikes, Trail Log Book Logbook Tracker, Write Your Journeys, Hiking Gifts for Hikers, Trekkers, … Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, 110 Pages.


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Capture your memorable hiking moments with our all-in-one Hiking Journal. Write in your all your hiking experiences and rate them at end of your hikes.

Product Details:

  • Personalize your journal on the first page.
  • Print sized 6” x 9” (15.24cm x 22.86cm).
  • Glossy paperback cover
  • 110 pages to write in all explorations, experiences during trip and many more.
  • Thick white acid free paper to reduce ink bleed-through
  • This Journal includes these sections to record your experience on each camp event;

  • Date(s), Location, Purpose, Hike/Trail Name, Difficulty, Distance, Elevation, Start Time, End Time, Total Time, Weather Conditions, Number of People, Fellow Hikers, Best Memory, Obstacles/Challenges, Will You Visit Again, Rating and Notes.
  • Perfect for road trips, couples’ trip, group trips, family holiday trips and much more.

    Great hiking gift journal for neighbours, friend, family and many more.

    Additional pages for personal notes and quick access reminder.

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    $18.99 - $10.29

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    A bright, science-minded boy goes to the beach equipped to collect and examine flotsam–anything floating that has been washed ashore. Bottles, lost toys, small objects of every description are among his usual finds. But there’s no way he could have prepared for one particular discovery: a barnacle-encrusted underwater camera, with its own secrets to share . . . and to keep. In each of his amazing picture books, David Wiesner has revealed the magical possibilities of some ordinary thing or happening–a frog on a lily pad, a trip to the Empire State Building, a well-known nursery tale. This time, a day at the beach is the springboard into a wildly imaginative exploration of the mysteries of the deep, and of the qualities that enable us to witness these wonders and delight in them.Clarion Books

    Hurricanes: A Memoir

    $27.99 - $13.99

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    “A gripping journey.”—People

    The highly anticipated memoir from hip-hop icon Rick Ross chronicles his coming of age amid Miami’s crack epidemic, his star-studded controversies and his unstoppable rise to fame.

    Rick Ross is an indomitable presence in the music industry, but few people know his full story. Now, for the first time, Ross offers a vivid, dramatic and unexpectedly candid account of his early childhood, his tumultuous adolescence and his dramatic ascendancy in the world of hip-hop.

    Born William Leonard Roberts II, Ross grew up “across the bridge,” in a Miami at odds with the glitzy beaches, nightclubs and yachts of South Beach. In the aftermath of the 1980 race riots and the Mariel boatlift, Ross came of age at the height of the city’s crack epidemic, when home invasions and execution-style killings were commonplace. Still, in the midst of the chaos and danger that surrounded him, Ross flourished, first as a standout high school football player and then as a dope boy in Carol City’s notorious Matchbox housing projects. All the while he honed his musical talent, overcoming setback after setback until a song called “Hustlin’” changed his life forever.

    From the making of “Hustlin’” to his first major label deal with Def Jam, to the controversy surrounding his past as a correctional officer and the numerous health scares, arrests and feuds he had to transcend along the way, Hurricanes is a revealing portrait of one of the biggest stars in the rap game, and an intimate look at the birth of an artist.

    Magic Tree House Merlin Missions Collection – 14 Book Set (Books 29-42) (Magic Tree House)


    (as of Jan 19,2020 01:11:13 UTC – Details)

    Magic Tree House Books 29 – 42;

    29 Christmas in Camelot ; 30 Haunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve ; 31 Summer of the Sea Serpent ; 32 Winter of the Ice Wizard ; 33 Carnival at Candlelight ; 34 Season of the Sandstorms ; 35 Night of the New Magicians ; 36 Blizzard of the Blue Moon ; 37 Dragon of the Red Dawn ; 38 Monday with a Mad Genius ; 39 Dark Day in the Deep Sea ; 40 – Eve of the Emperor Penguin. ; 41 Moonlight on the Magic Flute ; 42 A Good Night for Ghosts

    Narwhal on a Sunny Night (Magic Tree House (R))

    $13.99 - $10.29

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    The #1 bestselling Magic Tree House series is ready to whisk you away through time with Jack and Annie! This time, meet famous explorer Leif Erikson and help save a narwhal!

    When the magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie to Greenland, they’re not sure what time they’ve landed in, but they immediately know what their mission is: save a narwhal! Then they meet a young hunter named Leif Erikson and they ask for his help. But Leif has other ideas…

    Track the facts with Jack and Annie in the nonfiction companion to this book: Narwhals and Other Whales.

    Did you know that there’s a Magic Tree House book for every kid?
    Magic Tree House: Perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books
    Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader
    Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures

    If you’re looking for Merlin Mission #33: Carnival at Candlelight, it was renumbered as part of the rebrand in 2017 as Merlin Mission #5.

    Coloring Book & Poster Collection: Videogames The Knuck Gaming


    (as of Jan 17,2020 14:36:17 UTC – Details)

    COLORING BOOK COMBINE WITH POSTER COLLECTION (FULL COLOR PHOTO BOOK): 20 pages for coloring + 20 removable posters
    Content included:
    1/ Videogames The Knuck Gaming
    2/ Videogames The Perfect Clone Gaming
    3/ Videogames The Shadow Gaming
    4/ Videogames The Sheik Gaming
    5/ Videogames The Squirrel Gaming
    6/ Videogames The Last Guardian Gaming
    7/ Videogames Neon Helmet Gaming
    8/ Videogames Videogames Collection Gaming
    9/ Videogames Llama Lava Gaming
    10/ Videogames D&d Design Gaming
    11/ Videogames Inspired Gaming
    12/ Videogames Neon Link Gaming
    13/ Videogames Neon Emblem Gaming
    14/ Videogames Neon Simon Gaming
    15/ Videogames Colorful Automata Gaming
    16/ Videogames Dark Souls Gaming
    17/ Videogames Videogames Collection Gaming
    18/ Videogames Neon Sam Gaming
    19/ Videogames Neon Red Trainer Gaming
    20/ Videogames Neon Meta Gaming
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