Sports Scandal

By Hotel Secrets & Legends

Hotel Secrets & Legends checks out America’s greatest sports scandal, a double-crossed iconic outlaw, a slave couple’s daring escape, an American explorer’s unsolved murder, and the secret hunting trip that saved the U.S. economy.

Family Edition: Who Let the Dogs Out?

By Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

The families must make the ultimate sacrifice for their loved ones by undergoing a terrifying task. Amber confronts Brandi about her drinking and a feud erupts. Things explode between Chrissy and the other woman in Jim’s life: Mama Jones!

Ebola: Inside the Deadly Outbreak

By ABC News Specials

ABC News’ Chief Health and Medical Editor, Dr. Richard Besser, takes viewers into the hot zone – the epicenter of the deadly Ebola outbreak. It’s a place where thousands of Africans are dying, and doctors are risking their own lives to save them. Where does this dreaded  disease come from? Is there a cure?  And could it spread to our shores? Exclusive interviews with those on the front lines – and the amazing story of one American survivor –  weave together an incredible story of fear, resilience and a race against time.

I Whispered Her Name

By An American Murder Mystery: The Staircase

Investigators discover novelist Michael Peterson clutching his dead wife Kathleen, in a pool of blood at the bottom of their back staircase. Michael insists that her death is the result of a tragic fall, but investigators believe otherwise.

Ducky Horror Picture Show

By DuckTales (1987)

Scrooge is determined to make money off a rundown old dance hall by turning it into the Duckburg Convention Center! Unfortunately, his first group of conventioneers happen to be real monsters from Monsters Unanimous! Drakeula, Quackenstein, Bride of Quackenstein, The Blob, Quackymodo and even Ping Pong the giant ape all show up to party! To make matters worse, Scrooge rented his mansion out to them as a hotel! And to make matters much worse, the monsters are protesting the monster movie marathon at Scrooge’s theatre!

Natural History

By Chicago Med

Dr. Manning (Torrey DeVitto) and fourth-year medical student Jeff Clarke (guest star Jeff Hephner) are forced to figure out a mystery illness when an Indonesian man who doesn’t speak English arrives at the hospital in dire straights. Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) takes Dr. Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) to her family reunion where he meets her sibling Denise (guest star Alexandra Grey) and uncovers deep-rooted family secrets. Meanwhile, Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) takes on a complicated heart surgery without consulting Dr. Latham (guest star Ato Essandoh) and Dr. Reese (Rachel DiPillo) and Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) encounter a woman experiencing an unusual pregnancy.