The First Easter Egg

By Perennial Pictures Cartoon TV Specials

A young bunny goes in search of an Easter gift for his mother. A friendly chicken gives him a beautiful egg, but on his way home the bunny encounters several characters that have their own plans for the gift. The egg gets stolen, found, accidentally cooked and painted. Eventually the bunny gets the precious gift home to his mother, and his mishaps become the birth of a whole new tradition!

Wilmington & Western Delaware

By Have Steam Engine Will Travel

John and Barney bring 126 to Delaware to help them celebrate their anniversary. Delaware have 2 engines, 2 steam and 1 diesel. They’re working on one steam engine and we get to watch their work in action. Their other engine was going to be part of the celebration, but it springs a leakā€¦ and the diesel engine stops working. It is now left up to 126 to save the weekend. John meets Steam Punk and doesn’t know what to think or say.

All’s Fair In Love and War

By Dance Moms

The Abby Lee Dance Company heads to New Jersey with a group number all about love. Before they leave for the competition, the moms take Abby speed dating in the hopes that if she found a man, she would be nicer to the girls. Jill’s competitive side rears its ugly head when she tries to get Kendall private lessons so she can outshine Nia in their duet.

Fairly Oddparents / Hobart and the Merman / Superhero Santa

By Fairly OddParents

Oh Yeah! Cartoons is an animated anthology series which features three brand new cartoon shorts in each half-hour episode. The show is created by animation veterans Fred Seibert and Larry Huber.

On a double feature night at the movies, Timmy’s parents entrust his young, innocent life to the hands of Vicki, the over-eager, teenage bully babysitter. when Timmy finds no help in a “nine ball”, his Fairy God Parents appear from the cracked ball and rescue him from the clutches of the evil teenager.

Business Women vs. Sports Women

By MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Business Women vs. Sports Women. It’s all chicks all the time as lady jocks take on chicks with stocks. Back at the homestead Vic and Kenny come to the realization they need more explosions to keep the fans happy. Games: Great Holes of Glory, Rotating Surfboard of Death, Irritable Bowl Syndrome, and the Giant G-String of Doom.


By NBC News Presents Future Earth

Water. Without it, we die. Now, more and more, our vital supply of clean water is vanishing – evaporating. And what is left is dry earth, drought, fallow fields, starvation, hunger, nations on the move, other nations threatened. This program highlights some of the important new technologies being developed on a worldwide basis to bring clean, fresh water back to the a world that so desperately needs it as well as curtail the growing demand in resourceful and ingenuous ways.