B.C. Butcher (Blu-ray)


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B.C. Butcher is the paleo-party horror movie of the stone-ages!

When a tribe of hot cave women impart cruel, violent justice onto one of their own and leave the dead cave girl’s body tied to a tree, their fate takes a turn for the worse! Stalked by a hideously deformed, giant, pre-historic monster called B.C. Butcher, the cave women are violently destroyed one by one despite warnings by the tribe’s blind prophetess. Who will save them?

B.C. Butcher is hailed as the first pre-historic slasher film! Shot on brilliant 16 mm film, the movie features O.J. Simpson trial star Kato Kaelin, a cameo from Rodney ‘The Mayor of Sunset Strip’ Bingenheimer (KROQ Radio), narration by Kadeem Hardison and a rock-n-roll performance by California band, The Ugly Kids. Club yourself with prehistoric horror and hilarity – Your eyes will pop! Your loincloth will drop!

Special Features:

  • Intro by Lloyd Kaufman (president of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger)
  • Cavegirl Commentary (with director Kansas Bowling and Lloyd Kaufman
  • Lloyd Kaufman’s tell-all interview with director Kansas Bowling
  • Pre-historic first scene
  • B.C. Butcher goes apesh*t in Hollywood
  • 2 music videos directed by Kansas Bowling
  • Theatrical trailer
  • – Troma Now! Xtreme Edition
  • Radiation March
  • Tromatic trailers

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Natalie Wood Collection (Splendor in the Grass / Sex and the Single Girl / Inside Daisy Clover / Gypsy / Bombers B-52 / Cash McCall)

$59.92 - $29.49

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Natalie Wood Collection (DVD)

SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty are young lovers ripped apart by the repressive small-town mentality of 1920’s Kansas. SEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL Helen Gurley Brown’s book shoved aside, title used to exploit fairly amusing tale of smut-magazine editor, Tony Curtis wooing notorious female psychologist, Natalie Wood. INSIDE DAISY CLOVER Daisy Clover is a 15 year old Tomboy who dreams of being a Hollywood star – and succeeds! After becoming the toast of Hollywood, Daisy must then come to terms with her new found fame and the 1930’s Hollywood star treatment. GYPSY (Deluxe Edition) Everything comes up roses when you let Rosalind Russell, Natalie Wood and Karl Malden entertain you in the lavish movie musical of the Broadway hit about Gypsy Rose Lee and her formidable mother. BOMBERS B-52 A love story between army pilot Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. and Natalie Wood, despite the objections of Ms. Wood’s sergeant father. Riveting aerial footage of jet plane maneuvers. CASH MCCALL James Garner is a capitalist in the grip of merger mania, and Natalie Wood is the woman he wants and the daughter of the man whose company he seeks to acquire.


Battles B.C.: Season 1


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Prepare for a riveting portrayal of some of the most exciting battles of ancient history as well as the tales of betrayal, lust, conquest and brutality that often accompanied them. Battles BC, the exciting series from HISTORYTM, uses computer graphics and live-action stunts to bring to life the battle strategies, tactics, and weapons of past military leaders, from Hannibal and the Romans to Moses, the Athenians, and David.

Using a graphic style similar to 300, the contemporary novel that became a Hollywood blockbuster, Battles BC shows how leaders from the ancient world fared in some of the greatest conflicts in history, exposing the truths and myths behind the legendary feats of the epic heroes and villains who didn t just wage war, but invented it

BATTLES BC features 8 historic battles on 2-DVDs including:

Moses: Death Chase
Joshua: Epic Slaughter
David: Giant Slayer
Hannibal: The Annihilator
Alexander: Lord of War
Judgment Day at Marathon
Ramses: Raging Chariots
Caesar: Super SiegeFactory sealed DVD


$19.98 - $19.99

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In this variant of 1956’s THE SEARCHERS, a tough frontier trapper tracks the young Cheyenne warrior who kidnapped his daughter.

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Factory sealed DVD

Curse of the Swamp Creature: Classic B-Movie Horror


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Step back in time to the land of classic b-movie horror.

Deep in the swamps of Texas the mad scientist Dr. Simon Trent is experimenting on the local population. His goal is to discover the truth of evolution. But one day a group of land surveyors discover his secret laboratory and he proceeds to experiment on one of them. The result is the terrible Swamp Creature.

A classic b-movie horror flick.

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Gone in 60 Seconds – Blu-ray


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Insurance investigator Maindrian Pace and his team lead double-lives as unstoppable car thieves. When a South American drug lord pays Pace to steal 48 cars for him, all but one, a 1973 Ford Mustang, are in the bag. As Pace prepares to rip-off the fastback, codenamed Eleanor, in Long Beach, he is unaware that his boss has tipped off the police after a business dispute. Detectives are waiting and pursue Pace through five cities as he desperately tries to get away.

Restored & Remastered for HD including 5.1 Dolby Surround Soundtrack

Bonus Features:
Original Trailer
Rare Footage: Ride inside Eleanor as she goes through her paces and The boys on a joyride

Interviews: Lee Iacocca, Parnelli Jones, J.C. Agajanian Jr. and Bobby Ore
The original GONE IN 60 SECONDS has sold over 500k copies on DVD

ADDED BONUS: Includes Digital Access to all 4 films from the original GONE IN 60 SECONDS franchise

The Clutching Hand


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The stability of the world’s economy is endangered when world famous scientist, Dr. Paul Giranda, develops a formula to create synthetic gold. Before Giranda can reveal the formula to his peers at the International Research Foundation, he and his formula book mysteriously disappear. Super-detective Craig Kennedy and quick-fisted partner Walter Jameson are on the case, and their prime suspect is the villainous mastermind The Clutching Hand, who controls a vast criminal network from the shadows of his secret lair. Kennedy and Jameson must use their wits to survive an endless series of ingenious and deadly traps laid out for them by The Clutching Hand, in their efforts to find Giranda and retrieve the secret formula before it’s too late.


$6.98 - $5.99

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Three high school students make an incredible discovery; leading to their developing uncanny powers beyond their understanding. As they learn to control their abilities and use them to their advantage; their lives start to spin out of control; and their darker sides begin to take over.Shrink-wrapped