Reality Check


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Not everything is as it seems when a man tries to rekindle a romance with the girl of his dreams.

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The Osbournes – The Second Season

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America’s first family of dysfunction – Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack – is back for a second season of reality that’s even wilder than the first! As the always unpredictable Osbournes again open their doors to MTV’s cameras, the result is another 10 hilarious episodes of unscripted insanity! But now that every member of the household is an international star… and a family crisis interrupts the fun… there’s a whole new set of situations confronting the famous foursome. Featuring an incredibly hilarious assortment of laugh-packed episodes from the all-new second season, this must-own collection also comes loaded with DVD-only extras and never-before-seen footage that you don’t want to miss!

DISCLAIMER: The following DVD-ROM Special Feature is not available in this version of the DVD:

– “Crazy Training: Train To Become A Member Of The Osbourne Household By Playing Along With Each Episodeā€

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

Bigger Questions? The Nature of Reality

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How Do You Define Reality? How many other dimensions are there beyond the four-dimensions of time and space? What is consciousness? What is the soul? For thousands of years humans have asked these basic existential questions. With the advent of quantum mechanics and the emerging fields of string and membrane theories to explain reality, science finds itself at an exciting crossroads and a new level of understanding. The Nature of Reality – Features the top scientists in the field of theoretical physics, consciousness studies, parapsychology and psychology. These brilliant minds ponder important questions and present elegant answers to the most complex questions ever asked by humankind. The Nature of Reality takes you beyond ‘What the Bleep?’ and asks even Bigger Questions about the true nature of this wondrous multiverse we live in and provides further cutting-edge understanding of our undeniable connection to the cosmos.Top scientists take on one of life’s biggest questions

Loving Sex – Swinging: From Fantasy to Reality


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FROM FANTASY TO REALITY From the Alexander Institute’s Loving Sex series, ranked “Best” by Men’s Health Magazine. This timely and informative exploration into swinging will both enlighten and arouse you and your partner. Join Juli as she investigates all aspects of this alternative lifestyle with real life couples and professionals. Follow Ronnie & Charlene through highly erotic scenes as they encounter the steps that lead to swinging. This very explicit program is the perfect swinging guide for couples who are just curious as well as to those who have already experienced the lifestyle. Features optional Spanish, French and German audio and menus. -Voyeurism and being watched -Communicating with a hesitant partner -Outdoor sex and getting caught -Learning to set the limits as a couple -Swapping and same room sexSafe and Discreet Billing, Shipping, and Packaging!
Awesome and Sexy
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From Suffering to Freedom: Practicing Reality Acceptance

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Why do some people seem to be strengthened by pain, while others are literally destroyed by suffering? This program teaches how to alleviate suffering by accepting the world as it is. Revealed are the three skills that have enabled ordinary people to cope with extraordinary problems, disappointments, and seemingly unconquerable personal trauma. Examples drawn from years of clinical experience and research are used to demonstrate proven techniques for dealing with circumstances that ‘shouldn’t be,’ but are.

Reactive Dog Classes — On the Road to Reality

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This DVD shows you how to structure and run a reactive dog class. It gives suggestions for prerequisite lessons and skills, as well as exercises to use in class, including examples of advanced, custom-made exercises for particular dogs challenges. Whether you are teaching a reactive class, a student in one, or working on your own, this DVD will show how to use positive reinforcement, shaping, and classical conditioning to help your dog learn to tolerate the world around him. There are no magic solutions to reactivity, but through working consistently in the manner in which you see here, a whole world of possibilities opens up, often possibilities unforeseen. Take this opportunity to change the way you perceive your dog s reactivity.