Unicorn Fairy Putty Cloud Slime, Cotton Candy Slime Supplies Stress Relief Toy Scented Sludge Toy for Girls and Boys (120ml)


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Amazing Unicorn Cloud slime with fairy colors!

Product Name: decompressed cloud mud, snowflake mud
Each container gets one unicorn and some of confetti that looks wonderful!
Color :Puple&Blue
DIY Cloud Cotton Candy Slime is Super Fun Foam Slime supplies with instant snow. The charms for slime is incredibly satisfying to play with – squeeze it, twist it, smash it or create arts with it, super soft and stretchy, wonderful stress and anxiety reducer.
100% NON-TOXIC & VERY SAFE: Absolutely Safe Slime for Kids Girls and Adults. completely safe for children. Kids need to play under the adult supervision. Can’t be eaten, not fit under 3 years old kids.
HIGH QUALITY and NON STICKY: Unicorn Cloud Slime gives you wonderful colors and slime charms. Please wash your hands after you played and keep your hands clean! Pinch it or pull it over and over, absolutely won’t stick to your hands. Comes with a nice container which you can store your slime after playing with so it doesn’t dry up.
Perfect for Stress Relief sludge toy. As you squeeze, fold, roll, and pull the slime, hours of fun, satisfying noises and a great gift. This stretchy and slippery slime is a great tool for stress relief.
Super Easy to Play Floam Slime. Already finished slime, just take it out of the jar and find your favorite way to play with this fluffy slime. Also ideal for arts, crafts, and school projects.

Wild Watermelon Slime – Watermelon Scented Butter Slime with Foam Beads – 8 oz Handmade Gifts


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Wild Watermelon doesn’t just sound amazing, it’s also incredibly fun to play with!

The moment you open the lid, you are greeted with the irresistible scent of Watermelon unlike any other slime you’ve tried! Go ahead, get the slime out of its container and get ready for hours of fun because we’ve made Wild Watermelon super soft and stretchy thanks to all the right ingredients that you’d want in your dream slime!

All of this is of course possible because our Slime is handmade with love! In contrast, factory made slime is not very stretchy and loses its shape and color in a short amount of time.

If you have never played with slime, you may be wondering who is slime really made for? While Slime is lots of fun, we also believe that it has wonderful therapeutic qualities similar to a stress ball because you can squeeze it, and also stretch it, poke it, and smell the wonderful aroma!

Ready to try a genuine handmade Slime to invigorate your senses? Click Add to Cart Now!

Educational Insights Playfoam Combo 8-Pack: Never Dries Out!

$8.99 - $7.99

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Squishy, squashy, shaping fun! Preschoolers are free to express their creativity–with no mess to clean up afterwards! Just squish the PlayFoam up, shape it however you like, squash it back down, and start all over again. PlayFoam never dries out so the creativity never ends–and the secret no-stick formula means you can take it anywhere for creative fun on the go! Features Benefits: – Completely mess free–guaranteed! – Reusable–never dries out – Totally portable no-stick formula for creativity on the go – First creative experience for young kids – Total tactile satisfaction! – Non-toxicEXPRESS YOURSELF! Preschoolers are free to express their creativity, with squishy, squashy Playfoam that never dries out!
SCULPT ANYWHERE! No-stick Playfoam is perfect for sculpting squishy, squashy creations anywhere and anytime!
SHAPE AGAIN & AGAIN! Just squish up the Playfoam, shape it however you like, then squash it back down and start all over again!
NEVER DRIES OUT! Playfoam’s non-toxic, no-stick formula never dries out, so the creativity never ends!
BEST OF CLASSIC & SPARKLE PLAYFOAM! This best-selling Playfoam pack includes 8 pods of Playfoam in shades of blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, and orange.

60ML Beautiful Color Starfish Beach Cloud Fluffy Slime, Squishy Putty Scented Stress Crystal Clay Toy for Girls Boys Adults, Kids Slime Under 2 Dollars,Blue,Pink,White,Yellow (Pink)

$5.99 - $0.49

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60 ML Beautiful Color Starfish Beach Slime Squishy Putty Scented Stress Kids Clay Toy

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🌟 Great stress reliever for adults and children.☆Suitable for children Over the age of 8.
🌟 It’s ideal for arts, crafts, and school projects.
🌟 Color: Blue,Pink,White,Yellow ☆ Package Content: 1 PC 60ml Clay toy
Slime supplies slime kit slime containers cloud slime kit for girls fluffy slime charms butter slime clear slime scents slime activator cheap slime kits slime stuff charms for slime clay for slime slimes scents for slime beads crunchy slime unicorn slime pigment powder for slime add ins slime making kit containers for slime glue slime kit slimes foam beads for slime prime glue for slime fruit slime package slime supplies under 5 dollars nickelodeon slime kit slime supplies kit food coloring

Plastic Food Storage Containers with Lids 16 oz – 50 Pack Lunch Deli Slime Small Round Clear Soup, Food Saver Container [ BPA Free, Reusable or Disposable, Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer Safe]


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How To Enjoy Healthy Food Even On The Go?

With Shoplenty Plastic Food Containers Added To Your Kitchen Arsenal!

Say NO to…

… lurking bacteria and mold growth.

… poorly sealed lids and leaking containers.

… chemically packed plastic lunch boxes.

… eating junk food all the time.

… messy tin foils and wrapping paper.

Invest in a Shoplenty plastic food container pack today and find your peace of mind again.

Facilitate food prep, enjoy nutritious and homemade food from now on and teach your kids about the importance of healthy eating.

Lock Freshness Inside – Enjoy Your Favorite Food Like You Should!

Forget about food looking all soggy. Forget about cleaning drips and spills. Forget about eating more than you should.

With these food containers portion control is fun again. Save your precious time and hard earned money! Prepare food, store and enjoy later on.

The airtight lids facilitate the carrying process and ensure that your freezer or fridge stay odor less. Plus, these plastic food boxes are transparent so you can always know what’s inside. Also, you can label them to eliminate the chances of a mix up!

When you are done using you can simply toss them in the dishwasher and let it do the rest. Sweat free cleaning.

14 + 1 Things That Can Go Inside These Food Containers!

· Soups and snacks.

· Veggies and fruits.

· Meat delis!

· Desserts, cakes and bars.

· Salads and dressings.

· Sauces and yogurt.

· Baby food.

· Nuts and grains.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today, before we run out of stock again!

Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now!

DRIP & SPILL FREE FOOD STORAGE: Accompanied by airtight lids, these food containers will keep your food in place without ever creating a mess. They are drip free and spill proof. Great for both liquid and solid food. Enjoy your favorite food on the go!
RESILIENT PLASTIC CRAFTSMANSHIP: All of our plastic foodsaver containers are made of high quality BPA free plastic so as to ensure safe food storage performances. They are non toxic, durable, resilient and ready to withstand everyday wear and tear.
HOLD ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: From meat, delis, noodles, green salads, colorful pasta, steak sandwiches and veggie soups to cupcakes, chocolate desserts, bread, snacks and fruit, these meal prep containers are the way to go. Store food for later or prepare lunch ahead of time!
CONTROL YOUR PORTIONS: Now you are in charge of your portions. Shoplenty lunch containers will help you control your portions and facilitate weight loss. Perfect for 21 day fix, healthy eating, meal prep, weight watchers, men, women, athletes, fitness and more.
EACH PACKAGE INCLUDES: 50 plastic food containers 16 oz. They are generous in size but not bulky at all. Carry, stack or store your food in style. These lunch containers are microwavable, freezer and dishwasher safe. Hassle free cleaning is for real.

Steve Spangler Science Green Super Slime Classroom Kit – Set for 24


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Product Description

It’s gooey, slippery, sticky, really slimy and kids go crazy for any teacher who makes slime. Throw a slime day and you’ll be an instant hit. But don’t forget that there’s learning underneath all of the stirring and mixing. Making slime is a great way to learn about concepts like states of matter, cross-linking of polymers, material synthesis, chemical bonding and more. Try your hand at using slime as a writing prompt to get those creative ideas flowing.

This kit comes with everything you need to make 64 ounces of the best slime on the market today. You’ll also receive 24 mixing cups, stirring sticks and zip-lock bags for students to take home their perfect batch of slime.

Our slime recipe is based on the classic polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) formula with sodium tetraborate as the cross-linking agent. What makes our slime formulation unlike anything else on the market is the addition of our stabilizing agents that help to reduce the growth of bacteria while preserving the stretchy, stringy, gooey properties of slime that everyone loves. Don’t settle for imitations and risk disappointing your students. Spangler Science continues to supply Hollywood’s top special effects artists with these tried and tested ingredients that are as safe to touch as they are fun to squish.

Recommended for ages 6 and up with adult supervision.

What’s Included?

  • Two, 1-liter bottles of Green Super Slime
  • Two, 1/2-liter bottles of Slime Activator
  • 24, 2 ounce portion cups and popsicle sticks for mixing
  • 24 zipper-lock bags
  • Activity guide

Make 64 ounces of green slime using the highest quality materials
Originally formulated by Spangler for Hollywood special effects artists
Now you can play with the DIY slime that movie studios use

Poopsie Slime Surprise Pack Series 1

$9.99 - $18.19

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You can make magical unicorn poop! With a little unicorn magic and sparkle, you can customize unicorn poop and transform it multiple times! When you gotta go, store the poop for magical fun anytime!​Poopsie Slime Surprise Pack Series 1

Pinwheel Crafts Glitter Slime Kit | DIY Magic Slime | Includes 3 Colors Glitter Glue, Activator, Storage Containers & Recipes for Homemade Galaxy Slime | Science Experiments for Kids, Girls


(as of Sep 10,2018 16:44:09 UTC – Details)

Learn how to make magical glitter slime that you can play with again and again! Kit includes materials for 3 glitter slime projects: 3 colors of glitter glue, 3 storage containers, measuring spoon, slime activator, 3 stir sticks, and step-by-step instructions.MAKE MAGIC: Slime making kit includes 3 Colors Glitter Glue, containers, activator & stir sticks
SLIMY SCIENCE: Embrace your inner mad scientist while exploring basic chemistry & vital STEM skills
OUT OF THIS WORLD SLIME: Combine all 3 colors of glitter glue to create your own Galaxy Slime!
INVENTOR EXTRAVAGANZA: Perfect for the classroom, birthday parties or other children’s event
CUSTOMERS SAY: My son’s favorite present! With a creative mind the slime possibilities are endless!

Fluffy Unicorn Poop Slime kit – Unicorn gifts for girls – Soft extra Fluffy Floam putty package


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Enjoy hours of fun with My Playful Kiddos fluffy unicorn poop slime! Makes a great gift for boys and girls or anyone who loves unicorns! Include in a goodie bag for a great party favor, or enjoy fun after-school arts and crafts activities for kids. This Unicorn Rainbow Slime has a pleasant smell and is made with natural ingredients, so it will never stick or stain.


Rainbow Colors Let You Mix It Up – From pastel pink and blue to vivid purple and green, boys and girls will love the endless hours of fun things you can do with unicorn poop! Comes in a divided container so you can keep all the colors separate. If colors are mixed together, they form a light grey floam slime that can’t be separated.

Make Your Own Slime – Safe, non toxic jumbo rainbow slime is great for school arts and crafts, fun unicorn party supplies and fun activities for kids. It has never been easier to make your own floam silly putty slime!

Comes with FREE Colorful Foam Beads – Give your unicorn poop slime that authentic texture with colorful foam beads – comes free with every purchase of MY PLAYFUL KIDDOS 10 oz of unicorn slime.

A Great Unicorn Birthday Gift – Endless fun and creativity at your fingertips! Unicorn poop makes a great birthday gift, Christmas gift, or a fun summer break activity for girls and boys. Mash it, swirl it, pound it, poke it. Squishy rainbow slime is stretchy and easy to mold and shape.


Not intended for children under 8 years of age. Always use slime with adult supervision. Although unicorn poop slime is non-toxic and smells good, please do not eat it!

Start having fun squishing and squeezing your very own floam rainbow slime – Just Click Add to Cart!

🦄💓BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW UNICORN POOP SLIME KIT FOR GIRLS💓🦄 – Fun rainbow floam comes in four colors and lets you create your own unicorn slime masterpiece! Great for party bags, birthday party gifts for girls or just as a fun way to relax, unicorn floam putty comes in a 10 oz container with blue, pink, green and purple rainbow slime colors to mix and match and make your own extra fluffy slime!
🦄💓 SMASH IT, TWIST IT, SQUEEZE IT 💓🦄 – You can even scrunch it if you want! – Our Unicorn Poop Slime keeps its fluffy shape. Easy to pull apart and put together. Swirl different colors to make your own floam slime creation. The perfect DIY slime toys for anyone who loves unicorns. Great for stress relief as a fidget toy too! Visual eye popping mood enhancer thats more fun than squishies!
🦄💓 THE PERFECT UNICORN GIFTS FOR GIRLS 10 YEARS OLD 💓🦄 – Makes a great birthday party gift or stocking stuffer for girls and boys and a fun activity to go with unicorn party supplies! Our Soft, stretchy, fluffy foam slime lasts a long time and is easy to clean and store away neatly with the convenient slime case. Jumbo magical unicorn poop slime provides hours of squishy, stretchy slime fun that’s safe and fun for the whole family!
✔ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – You’ll love how squishy, stretchy and fun our quality unicorn floam slime is, or your money back. Purchase risk free and keep your little artists busy with the crazy fun unicorn poop slime!
🦄💓 SAFE, NATURAL ORGANIC AND NON-TOXIC 💓🦄 – This Jumbo pack of Rainbow Slime Putty is made with natural resin, water and inorganic powder. Smells great and contains no harsh chemicals. Unicorn fluffy slime won’t stick to hands, furniture, carpets or walls. Non-toxic and non-greasy allows for hours of fun! Our Rainbow slime comes with a Free Bonus bag of color rainbow foam beads for that real “unicorn poop” texture. Poke this fluff with no mess. Have fun stretching it, mold it and pound it