Kiss of Death

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Soap writer and producer Morgan Tyler knows she’s in trouble when her life threatens to become even more dramatic than her story lines.

Morgan has hired a private investigator to help unravel the mystery of her childhood, which is rooted in a terrible secret she’s kept for years. But a more immediate crisis arises when Morgan’s best friend, Nancy, is arrested for the murder of her boyfriend’s evil ex. It isn’t long before Morgan’s efforts to exonerate Nancy get her into hot water and more with homicide detective Matt Phoenix.

Meanwhile, the drama du jour on Love of My Life centers on a character whose bizarre disappearance years ago has become a chat-room joke. But in bringing back the arrogant actor who originated the role, Morgan may be opening a killer can of worms.

Love You Madly

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As head writer of the soap opera Love of My Life, Morgan specializes in imperiling her characters. As co-executive producer on the show, she must protect the actors playing them. But when leading man Link Ramsey finds himself stalked by a woman who can’t separate fact from fiction, Morgan’s job is about to get more complicated.

Soon Link’s apartment is ransacked, and Morgan discovers someone is following her. Threats multiply as the cast and crew prepare for a promotional trip to Las Vegas. Now, while she’s coping with some new plot twists in her personal life as well, Morgan has to keep the danger strictly onscreen, where it belongs.

Vintage photo of Portrait of American actress Kate Mulgrew


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Size Size of photo 7″ x 5.1″  

Katherine Kiernan Mulgrew is an American actress. She is known for the roles of Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager and Galina “Red” Reznikov on Orange Is the New Black. She first came to attention in the role of Mary Ryan on the daytime soap opera Ryan’s Hope.
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That’s Why I’m the Soap Opera Writer

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Go behind the scenes of popular soap opera, “To Live and Love,” in this humorous short story in which the backstage drama is more intense than what happens in front of the camera.

Follow hopeful actor Robert Schwarzmann in his journey from a small town in Maine to the glitz and glamor lifestyle of daytime television in Hollywood, California. Discover why in an industry in which looks mean everything, nothing is as it seems.

Serious themes percolate beneath the comedic surface in this short story by Matthew W. Grant.

Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva

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New York Times best-selling author Victoria Rowell delivers romantic tales with a spicy twist. After 15 years on The Rich and the Ruthless, Calysta Jeffries has captivated millions with her three returns from the dead and two failed pregnancies-and with her alien abduction and retrograde amnesia. Yet the hottest black actress on daytime TV still hasn’t managed to snag the Sudsy, the biggest award in daytime drama. But now, it seems, her time has come.

Dying to Have Her

$19.95 - $11.99

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When tragedy strikes the set of America’s most popular soap opera, the show’s starlet begins to fear for her life.

Jane Dunne has a future in Hollywood. After years of striving, she’s finally landed a juicy part on Valentine Valley, the highest-rated soap on daytime TV. Fame will be hers, no matter whom she has to hurt to get it. But fate, it seems, has other plans.

As Jane readies for her first close-up, a stage light falls from above, breaking Jane’s neck on her first day of work. The tragedy shocks the set, and terrifies Valentine Valley star Serena McCormack, who fears the deadly blow was meant for her. When death threats flood Serena’s dressing room, the show’s producers hire her former lover, private investigator Liam Murphy, to protect her. He is a handsome, courageous bodyguard, and as they grow closer Serena thinks she might be on the verge of true love – unless death finds her first.

Almost a Crime

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Tom and Octavia Fleming have the perfect power marriage. Attractive, rich and successful, theirs appears to be a gilded life. But appearances can be deceptive.

When Octavia discovers Tom is having an affair, she is devastated. But the fallout from her husband’s infidelity is far greater than she could have imagined. It seems nothing in the Flemings’ charmed circle can escape the damage – to their children, their friends, even their precious careers.

As Octavia watches her life and the lives of those around her spin out of control, could it be that repairing her marriage will be enough? And even if she could, would she want to save something that now seems so tainted?

Love Her to Death

$20.97 - $11.95

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Following the success of Linda Palmer’s first book in the series, Love Is Murder, listeners are treated to the return of Morgan Tyler, feisty head writer for the TV soap opera Love of My Life. Her imagination is always at work, churning out the scenes that fill many a fan’s daytime with drama. But when fiction becomes stranger—and more deadly—than art, Morgan is forced to rely on her ingenuity to save herself from “early cancellation.” Now Morgan Tyler has a new title, co-executive producer, and a new responsibility: take care of everything. When an actress on the show is murdered, Morgan had better find out who is behind the bloodshed before someone else is written out of the picture.