Best Business Practices for Photographers

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A successful photographer must pay close attention to all of each business obligation and must find a balance that keeps his or her business thriving. It takes more than just talent to get ahead in the marketplace. Strong business skills are just as important. Best Business Practices for Photographers covers the essential business topics that professional photographers need to know in order to succeed. It does not focus on taking pictures, starting a photography business, or selling photography, but rather explains how photographers can meet important business objectives. Instead, it covers the focal points of best practices–best practices in interacting with clients, best practices in negotiating contracts and licenses, best practices in business operations. This book provides a roadmap for successfully navigating these, and many other issues, facing photographers today.Used Book in Good Condition

Make $$$s Selling Dirty Old Mugs and Teacups on eBay


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Make $$$s Selling Dirty Old Mugs and Teacups on eBay


Thank you for choosing my eBook which I hope will help you earn a good living selling one of the most collectable of all items, namely mugs and teacups.
I have been selling on eBay for more than ten years and for most of that time
I’ve passed on my knowledge about eBay as editor of London-based print newsletter, ‘eBay Confidential’.

I’ve covered making money buying and selling mugs and teacups in great depth on my websites and in newsletters and I know that information has helped readers worldwide make money on eBay.

That’s because I only ever write about business models that work incredibly well and because the same techniques can be used no matter where in the world you live and work – as long as you have access to eBay, that is!


Message From The Author



Reasons for Selling Coffee Mugs on eBay

Selling Problems are Few and Simple to Resolve

Go Where the Big Money Is

More Buying and Selling Tips



Go get a mug of tea or coffee because I want you to take your time reading this report which is packed with really incredible prices paid for quite common objects, and today’s idea genuinely can make a useful part-time income or a fabulous full-time income for almost anyone.

But before you start reading, actually before you put tea or coffee into its receptacle, take a look at the mug you’ve chosen. Or the teacup? Look round the sides, take a glance inside, have a gleg at what’s printed on the bottom.

What do you see?

An advertisement, perhaps, or a painting of a dog? Is there a name on the mug or cup telling who the artist or maker is or identifying a painted or transfer printed topographical view?

Do you think your mug is old or quite new?

Might anyone else want your mug – as a decorative piece, for instance – or because it features a popular collecting theme or celebrity?
Or, more importantly, because it’s a rare collectible or just an attractive item that several other people might like to own and will pay high prices for on eBay!

And would you be surprised to learn that some mugs and cups, looking very ordinary at boot sales and flea markets and usually priced low, might actually be worth hundreds of dollars (or pounds or other country currency) on eBay or other online marketplace?

At this point I should point out that mugs and teacups are popular and high priced sellers on most eBay country sites, and that is why you’ll find some examples in this report listed as having sold in dollars and others in pounds or other country currency. I could, of course, have changed prices to reflect their overseas currency equivalent, but decided against that due to the fact that currency equivalents rarely stay the same for more than a few hours at a time.

You’re going to be amazed at the sheer profit potential on offer today.

Read on to learn more.



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The New York Times and USA Today bestseller read by more than a million people. The #1 bestselling Kindle book for an entire year in two major categories: technothrillers and science fiction.

Kira Miller is a brilliant genetic engineer who discovers how to temporarily achieve a transcendent level of intelligence. But this enhancement comes at a high cost. When Kira is found to be behind a bioterror plot that threatens millions, special forces operative David Desh is tasked with hunting her down. But when Desh learns that the bioterror plot is just the tip of the iceberg, he is thrust into a byzantine maze of deception and intrigue, and becomes a key player in a deadly game he can’t begin to understand. One that is certain to have a dramatic impact on the future course of human history. . .

WIRED is a smart thriller crammed with breakneck action, unexpected twists, mind-expanding science, and intriguing concepts readers will be contemplating long after they’ve read the last page.

“Richards is an extraordinary writer,” (Dean Koontz) and “a worthy successor to Michael Crichton,” (SF, who can “keep you turning the pages all night long.” (Douglas Preston)”

Near Future Science Fiction Thrillers by Douglas E. Richards
WIRED (Wired 1)
AMPED (Wired 2)
MIND’S EYE (Nick Hall 1)
BRAINWEB (Nick Hall 2)
MIND WAR (Nick Hall 3) — New in 2016
SPLIT SECOND (Split Second 1)
TIME FRAME (Split Second 2) — New in January, 2018
GAME CHANGER — New in 2016
INFINITY BORN — New in 2017

Kids Science Fiction Thrillers (9 and up, enjoyed by kids and adults alike)
TRAPPED (Prometheus Project 1)
CAPTURED (Prometheus Project 2)
STRANDED (Prometheus Project 3)

IT recruitment process that works: Proven strategies, industry benchmarks and expert intel to supercharge your tech hiring


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IT Recruitment Process That Works. Proven strategies, industry benchmarks and expert intel to supercharge your tech hiring is a comprehensive guide to technical hiring. Written by the founders of Devskiller, the book covers the fundamentals of hiring software developers and is packed full with up-to-date information about developer landscape, findings of industry reports and intel on the IT recruitment process along with its stages. It also presents tried and true tricks, actionable tips, and effective tools designed to boost HR metrics.
Readers will gain the information they need to find, attract and retain top tech talent, as well as look at the hiring process from the perspective of both recruiters and developers. The book caters to the needs of recruitment professionals representing businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to corporate organizations. It aims to help technical recruiters tackle the manifold challenges of their role.
Topics covered include: – Designing a fully functional recruitment process in IT, – Optimizing the hiring process for Time to Hire, Cost per Hire, and Quality of Hire, – Building diverse tech teams, – The biggest mistakes made when hiring developers, – Inbound and social sourcing, – The best tools to streamline the recruitment process, – A glossary of technical terms for non-coders.
The methodology presented is easy to follow and replicate, with each chapter being followed by a “Self-assessment” module designed to help turn knowledge into action.

NOW Classrooms, Leader’s Guide: Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology (A School Improvement Plan for the 21st Century)


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Part of the NOW Classrooms series.

With a clear vision for action, school and district leaders can establish a creative, collaborative school climate that equips students with the 21st century skills necessary to thrive in the connected world. Part of the NOW Classrooms series, this guidebook outlines a flexible framework that school leaders can use to drive instructional innovation and create an engaging, student-centered learning environment using technology.

The guide will help school leadership and management create 21st century schools:

  • Understand that real transformational change results from teaching and learning, not ever-changing digital devices.
  • Learn how to bring communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to the center of classrooms in grades K-12 and increase digital citizenship.
  • Review education tech tools, digital platforms, and other online options for managing building- and district-level changes now and in the future.
  • Explore how to address varied leaders’ and staff members’ willingness to shift the school culture.
  • Follow a school improvement plan designed to lead real, systemic change in a school.

Chapter 1: The Why: Creating and Communicating a Vision for Change
Chapter 2: The What: Planning the Launch
Chapter 3: The How: Defining and Deploying Essential Resources
Chapter 4: The Then What: Providing Professional Development and Sharing Your Story
Chapter 5: A Shifting Vision
Appendix A: Grade-Band Books at a Glance
Appendix B: Technology Tools, Apps, Terms, and Resources
References and Resources

Books in the NOW Classrooms series:

  • NOW Classrooms, Grades K-2
  • NOW Classrooms, Grades 3-5
  • NOW Classrooms, Grades 6-8
  • NOW Classrooms, Grades 9-12
  • NOW Classrooms, Leader’s Guide

Innovate with iPad: Lessons to Transform Learning in the Classroom

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Innovate with iPad: Lessons to Transform Learning in the Classroom by Karen Lirenman and Kristen Wideen

In “Innovate with iPad: Lessons to Transform Learning in the Classroom” primary teachers Karen Lirenman and Kristen Wideen provide a complete selection of clearly laid out engaging open-ended lessons to change the way you use iPad in the classroom. By simply downloading a few basic, open-ended creation apps, your students will engage in the learning process and demonstrate their newfound knowledge in the way that works best for them. In addition, throughout the book Karen and Kristen provide beginner and advanced lessons and quick tips and practical suggestions to make the integration of iPad go as seamlessly as possible.

This beautifully laid out book also features downloadable task cards, student generated examples and extension ideas to use with your students.

Whether you have access to one iPad for your entire class or one for each student, these lessons will help you transform learning in your classroom.

Sales Force Management: Leadership, Innovation, Technology

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In this latest edition of Sales Force Management, Mark Johnston and Greg Marshall continue to build on the tradition of excellence established by Churchill, Ford, and Walker, increasing the book’s reputation globally as the leading textbook in the field. The authors have strengthened the focus on managing the modern tools of selling, such as customer relationship management (CRM), social media and technology-enabled selling, and sales analytics. It’s a contemporary classic, fully updated for modern sales management practice.

Pedagogical features include:

  • Engaging breakout questions designed to spark lively discussion
  • Leadership challenge assignments and mini-cases to help students understand and apply the principles they have learned in the classroom
  • Leadership, Innovation, and Technology boxes that simulate real-world challenges faced by salespeople and their managers
  • New Ethical Moment boxes in each chapter put students on the firing line of making ethical choices in sales
  • Role Plays that enable students to learn by doing
  • A selection of comprehensive sales management cases on the companion website

A companion website features an instructor’s manual, PowerPoints, and other tools to provide additional support for students and instructors.