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This 2018 Christmas Planner. The All Inclusive Christmas Planner is a 6 week road map to an organized Christmas. From choosing the gifts to creating delicious menus, calendars, and organizers that will help you focus your preparations by dividing holiday chores into weekly tasks. Leaving plenty of time, energy, and money to celebrate the season!

I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness

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From a powerful new voice on racial justice, an eye-opening account of growing up Black, Christian, and female in middle-class white America. 

Austin Channing Brown’s first encounter with a racialized America came at age 7, when she discovered her parents named her Austin to deceive future employers into thinking she was a white man. Growing up in majority-white schools, organizations, and churches, Austin writes, “I had to learn what it means to love blackness,” a journey that led to a lifetime spent navigating America’s racial divide as a writer, speaker and expert who helps organizations practice genuine inclusion.

In a time when nearly all institutions (schools, churches, universities, businesses) claim to value “diversity” in their mission statements, I’m Still Here is a powerful account of how and why our actions so often fall short of our words. Austin writes in breathtaking detail about her journey to self-worth and the pitfalls that kill our attempts at racial justice, in stories that bear witness to the complexity of America’s social fabric–from Black Cleveland neighborhoods to private schools in the middle-class suburbs, from prison walls to the boardrooms at majority-white organizations.

For readers who have engaged with America’s legacy on race through the writing of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Michael Eric Dyson, I’m Still Here is an illuminating look at how white, middle-class, Evangelicalism has participated in an era of rising racial hostility, inviting the reader to confront apathy, recognize God’s ongoing work in the world, and discover how blackness–if we let it–can save us all.

Nurse Executive Exam Flashcard Study System: Nurse Executive Test Practice Questions & Review for the Nurse Executive Board Certification Test (Cards) (Mometrix Test Preparation)

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***Ace the Nurse Executive Exam and Get the Results You Deserve***

The Nurse Executive exam is a challenging test and your results can make a huge difference when it comes to your future. If you do well on the exam, it can open doors and lead to wonderful opportunities. If you do poorly on the Nurse Executive test, you will find yourself with a lot fewer options. You may have to put your plans for the future on hold, or even give up on them altogether. Preparing for your exam with our Nurse Executive Exam Flashcard Study System can help you avoid this fate and give you a big advantage when you sit down to take the test.

The Structures and Processes section includes:

  • Federal and state laws
  • Basic financial and budgeting principles
  • Legal issues
  • Emergency planning and response

The Professional Practice section includes:

  • Healthcare delivery models and settings
  • Laws, regulations, and accrediting bodies
  • Professional practice models
  • Conflict management

The Leadership section includes:

  • Leadership concepts, principles, and styles
  • Strategic planning principles
  • Ethical principles
  • Advocating for the nursing profession

The Knowledge Management section includes:

  • Systems theory
  • Culture of safety
  • Evaluating and prioritizing outcomes of care delivery
  • Clinical practice innovation

…and much more!

We believe in delivering lots of value for your money, so the Nurse Executive Exam Flashcard Study System is packed with the critical information you’ll need to master in order to ace the test.

Study after study has shown that spaced repetition is the most effective form of learning, and nothing beats flashcards when it comes to making repetitive learning fun and fast. Nurse Executive Exam Flashcard Study System uses repetitive methods of study to teach you how to break apart and quickly solve difficult Nurse Executive test questions on the test.

If you think you’re ready for the Nurse Executive exam, test yourself using our Nurse Executive questions. Find out if you’re prepared or if you need to head back to the flashcards for another review. Use our Nurse Executive practice test questions to make sure that you’re not caught off guard on test day!

Spotlight on Young Children: Exploring Math (Spotlight on Young Children series)

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It is important for teachers to incorporate mathematics into the daily curriculum to ensure young children gain the foundational skills for later success in math. In this collection of articles from NAEYC’s journal Young Children, teachers of children from infancy through age 8 will learn how to help children develop, construct, use, and reflect on their mathematical understandings. Articles offer ways to provide in-depth, engaging learning experiences focusing on key math concept areas: number and operations, geometry, measurement, and data analysis. The book provides a comprehensive resource list and a professional development guide with questions and activities to help readers reflect on current practices and incorporate new ones.

This book is part of NAEYC’s best-selling Spotlight series―great resources for the college classroom and for professional development.Spotlight on Young Children: Exploring Math

Laboratory Manual for Inquiry into Life

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Basic biological concepts and processes with a human emphasis.

From the unique delivery of biology content, to the time tested art program, to the complete integration of the text with technology, Dr. Sylvia Mader has formed a teaching system that will both motivate and enable your students to understand and appreciate the wonders of all areas of biology. Inquiry into Life, 13/e emphasizes the application of all areas of biology to knowledge of human concerns, what the students are able to relate to. This distinctive text was developed to stand apart from all other non-majors texts with a unique approach, unparalleled art, and a straightforward, succinct writing style that has been acclaimed by both users and reviewers.Spiral bound for ease of use.

Computational Partial Differential Equations Using MATLAB (Chapman & Hall/CRC Applied Mathematics & Nonlinear Science)

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This textbook introduces several major numerical methods for solving various partial differential equations (PDEs) in science and engineering, including elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic equations. It covers traditional techniques that include the classic finite difference method and the finite element method as well as state-of-the-art numerical methods, such as the high-order compact difference method and the radial basis function meshless method.

Helps Students Better Understand Numerical Methods through Use of MATLAB®
The authors uniquely emphasize both theoretical numerical analysis and practical implementation of the algorithms in MATLAB, making the book useful for students in computational science and engineering. They provide students with simple, clear implementations instead of sophisticated usages of MATLAB functions.

All the Material Needed for a Numerical Analysis Course
Based on the authors’ own courses, the text only requires some knowledge of computer programming, advanced calculus, and difference equations. It includes practical examples, exercises, references, and problems, along with a solutions manual for qualifying instructors. Students can download MATLAB code from www.crcpress.com, enabling them to easily modify or improve the codes to solve their own problems.

Chapman Hall CRC

Bitcoin: GUIDE BOOK FOR BEGINNERS: Bitcoin Blueprint & Invest in Digital Gold, Wallets, Bitcoin ATM-s, Bitcoin mining, Investing &Trading (Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies)


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<<< Bitcoin Bundle Book is now on SALE >>>
Book 1 – Bitcoin Blueprint
Book 2 – Bitcoin: Invest in Digital Gold

BOOK 1 – Bitcoin Blueprint – Digital Gold Explained
This book is an excellent beginner’s guide to understanding Bitcoin.


  • This book will take you by the hand and show you, step-by-step, how Digital Gold was born. 
  • Beginning with a brief introduction of Bitcoin and why often called as Digital Gold. 
  • Furthermore, it takes a look at why people are skeptical when it comes to Bitcoin, by analyzing the current market. 
  • Examples of key individuals who had an opportunity of getting know Bitcoin at its early days. 
  • Following by explaining the differences between gambling and investing. 
  • Understanding some of the key features of the Bitcoin technology. 
  • Introducing ,,the man with the plan” and aka the inventor of Bitcoin. 
  • Following by comparing Bitcoin to Fiat Currencies, as well precious metals such as gold. 
  • Understanding the reason why Bitcoin is so powerful. 
  • Uniqueness of Bitcoin explained. 
  • How Bitcoin can save us from the Dept, that inflation has created with old fashioned currencies. 
  • How Bitcoin has recruiting the miners, as well what key responsibilities they have. 
  • How Bitcoin mining process has been established. 
  • Understanding the current market trend, and where Bitcoin already in use. 
  • What are the future plans of Bitcoin for further expansion. 
  • Bonus chapter is on how you can get paid in Bitcoin, using Blockchain technology, and how it is extremely beneficial for future of payroll. 
  • Understanding the future of recruitment process, and reputation system that Bitcoin – Blockchain technology can, and already providing us. 

BOOK 2 – Bitcoin investing – Invest in digital Gold

  • This book is an excellent beginner’s guide to understanding what Bitcoin has to offer, and how it changes the future of doing business. 
  • The contents avoid technical details to provide a better understanding to those, who are new to this technology. 
  • It will take you by the hand, and show you step-by-step, how digital currency was born by analyzing historical data. 
  • Understand why to consider Bitcoin at the first place, and why often called as Digital Gold. 
  • Full explanation why is much likely, that the value of Bitcoin will hit 1 million dollars. 
  • Wallet technology overview, explaining the key differences between hot wallets, cold wallets, and how to find out what suits you best. 
  • Recommendations of the best hot and cold wallets that exist on the market, as well where and how to purchase them. 
  • Bitcoin ATMs, their purpose, how to locate them, as well how to use them for both: buying and selling Bitcoin anytime, securely, and offline. 
  • Introducing the best online cryptocurrency trading platforms, and explain the key differences, as well their pros & cons. 
  • How to recognize online scammers, and teach you how not to be fooled by online thieves. 
  • Explaining why it’s profitable to trade with Bitcoin, and how to become a mixture of both investor and trader. 
  • The Bonus Chapter contains some basics of Bitcoin mining, and its history. 
  • How you can mine Bitcoin using your old laptop, or even your Android phone with a free online software. 

In this book you will learn about:

  • Benefits of peer-topeer economy – the future of business 
  • Understand why the value of Bitcoin can reach $1million 
  • 11 reasons to invest in Digital Gold 
  • Wallet technology overview 
  • Wallet recommendations

History of the World in Maps: The Rise and Fall of Empires, Countries and Cities

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From Babylonian tablets to Google Maps, the world has evolved rapidly, along with the ways in which we see it. In this time, cartography has not only kept pace with these changes, but has often driven them. Every map tells a story and this book tells the incredible history of our world through maps, and includes many famous examples of cartography, along with some that deserve to be better known. Key maps shown include Babylonian clay tablets, c.2300 BC and c.600 BC (some of the world’s oldest surviving maps); Waldseemüller World Map, 1507 (the first map to use the name ‘America’ for the New World), Waghenaer chart, 1584 (a forerunner to modern nautical charts), Abel Buell map of North America, 1782 (the first map of the newly independent United States that was produced in America by an American), the Scramble for Africa, 1852/1898 (maps of new colonies being created); Ypres, 1918 (map of the aftermath of World War I); and Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 (map used by President John F. Kennedy during the crisis).

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