GPS/GNSS Antennas (GNSS Technology and Applications)


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This practical resource offers you the newest and most comprehensive treatment available of GPS/GNSS antennas, taking into account the requirements of modernized systems and recent and developing applications. The book considers a number of key applications and describes corresponding architectures and antenna details. You find important discussions on antenna characteristics, including theory of operation, gain, bandwidth, polarization, phase center, mutual coupling effects, and integration with active components.

Moreover, you get expert guidance on the design of adaptive arrays and signal processing techniques used to mitigate interference such as jamming. Addressing critical GNSS antenna high precision requirements, this in-depth book explains the relationships between antenna gain, satellite visibility, geometric dilution of precision, and the carrier-to-noise density ratio. The book delineates requirements for both dual-band and tri-band antennas.

You get detailed coverage of a wide range of antenna designs, including microstrip patch, quadrafilar helix, axial mode helix, spiral, inverted L, and planar inverted F antennas. Included is a discussion on new magnetic metamaterial substrates and other dielectric substrate materials. Further, this comprehensive book presents designs for very compact GNSS antennas for personal handheld devices and automobiles.

Contents: Introduction to GNSS Antenna Performance Parameters. Fixed Reception Pattern Antennas (FRPA) and Directional Antennas. Multiband, Handset and Active Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Antennas. Adaptive GPS Antennas. Ground Plane, Aircraft Fuselage, and other Platform Effects on GPS Antennas. Measurement of the Characteristics of GNSS Antennas. Antennas and Site Considerations for Precise Applications.

Evaluation: A Systematic Approach, 7th Edition

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Since Peter H. Rossi, Mark W. Lipsey, and Howard E. Freeman first published Evaluation: A Systematic Approach, more than 90,000 readers have considered it the premier text on how to design, implement, and appraise social programs through evaluation. In this, the completely revised Seventh Edition, authors Rossi and Lipsey include the latest techniques and approaches to evaluation as well as guidelines to tailor evaluations to fit programs and social contexts.

With decades of hands-on experience conducting evaluations, the authors provide scores of examples to help students understand how evaluators deal with various critical issues. They include a glossary of key terms and concepts, making this the most comprehensive and authoritative evaluation text available.

Thoroughly revised, the Seventh Edition now includes

* Substantially more attention to outcome measurement

* Lengthy discussions of program theory, including a section about detecting program effects and interpreting their practical significance

* An augmented and updated discussion of major evaluation designs

* A detailed exposition of meta-analysis as an approach to the synthesis of evaluation studies

* Alternative approaches to evaluation

* Examples of successful evaluations

* Discussions of the political and social contexts of evaluation


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Information Technology Project Management (with Microsoft Project 2010 60 Day Trial CD-ROM)

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Discover exciting “behind-the-scenes” opportunities and challenges in technology today with Schwalbe’s unique INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROJECT MANAGEMENT, 7E. This one-of-a-kind book demonstrates the principles distinctive to managing information technology (IT) projects that extend well beyond standard project management requirements. No book offers more up-to-the minute insights and software tools for IT project management success, including updates that reflect the latest PMBOK Guide, 5th edition, the global standard for managing projects and earning certification. The book weaves today’s theory with successful practices for an understandable, integrated presentation that focuses on the concepts, tools, and techniques that are most effective today. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROJECT MANAGEMENT is the only book to apply all ten project management knowledge areas to IT projects. You master skills in project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management as well as all five process groups–initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Intriguing examples from familiar companies featured in today’s news, a new Agile case, opportunities with MindView software, and a new chapter on project stakeholder management further ensure you are equipped to manage information technology projects with success.

The Mystery Of The Olmecs


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Lost Cities author Childress takes us deep into Mexico and Central America in search of the mysterious Olmecs, North America’s early, advanced civilization. The Olmecs, now sometimes called Proto-Mayans, were not acknowledged to have existed as a civilization until an international archeological meeting in Mexico City in 1942. Now, the Olmecs are slowly being recognized as the Mother Culture of Mesoamerica, having invented writing, the ball game and the “Mayan” Calendar. But who were the Olmecs? Where did they come from? What happened to them? How sophisticated was their culture? How far back in time did it go? Why are many Olmec statues and figurines seemingly of foreign peoples such as Africans, Europeans and Chinese? Is there a link with Atlantis? In this heavily illustrated book, join Childress in search of the lost cities of the Olmecs! Chapters include: The Mystery of the Origin of the Olmecs; The Mystery of the Olmec Destruction; The Mystery of Quizuo; The Mystery of Transoceanic Trade; The Mystery of Cranial Deformation; The Mystery of Olmec Writing; more. Heavily illustrated, includes a color photo section.Used Book in Good Condition

Alexa Skill?s Ultimate User Guide: Alexa Skill’s Ultimate User Guide, is a guide that will put you through all the skills of Alexa, and also how you can … all Alexa skill in your home, in your Sm


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  • You can install Alexa skill on your smart device to order for your items from Amazon store and receive your items at your door step in a few days
  • You can command your Smart Home gadget via Alexa to turn on/off your gadget
  • Do you know that from your Alexa app on your iPhone you can view your camera feed to know what is happening in your home from anywhere?
  • Do you know that you can use Alexa to control robot to pick an item over the store?
  • Do you know that you can order for your pizza from your Alexa app on your Smartphone or tablet?
  • Do you know that you can use Alexa app to connect with Amazon Echo Dot, Spot, Plus, Show, and Fire, and Stick?
  • Do you know that you can use Alexa app to view location, check for sport update and also view weather report?
  • Do you know that you can stream Amazon music via your Alexa app on your Smartphone?
  • Do you know that you can command your Philip Hue smart bulbs or spotify via your Alexa app?
  • Do you know that you can use Alexa to set your timer alarm to wake you, like saying Alexa “Wake me up by 8pm”
  • And do you also know you can connect your remote and your thermostat via your Alexa to control your smart home devices?

Media Now: Understanding Media, Culture, and Technology

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MEDIA NOW, Sixth Edition, empowers you to think critically about the media and its effects on culture by providing a thorough understanding of how media technologies develop, operate, converge, and affect society. MEDIA NOW prepares you for encounters in the expanding fields of the Internet, interactive media, and traditional media industries through engaging, up-to-date material that covers the essential history, theories, concepts, and technical knowledge you need to thrive. Extensively updated in a new sixth edition, MEDIA NOW provides a comprehensive introduction to today’s global media environment and ongoing developments in technology, culture, and critical theory that continue to transform this rapidly evolving industry and affect our daily lives.

Engineering Notebook: Blue Grid


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A professional notebook for Engineers. Whether for your desk at home, your work or in your bag on the go this professionally designed 6” x 9” notebook provides the perfect platform for you to record the necessary details in order to be successful on a day to day basis. The alternating pre-lined and graphing pages are waiting to be filled!


  • 150 Lined Sheets, Alternating Lines and Crosshatched Graphing Pages for Drawings
  • Crisp White Pages with a Thick Cardstock Cover
  • Simple, Clean, Professional Cover Design
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 9″