Climate Change: Treaties and Policies in the Trump Era

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Alan Moran has been a prominent writer on regulatory matters for thirty years. He was the inaugural head of the Australian governments’ regulatory review office and researched the issues in “think tanks.”

Working outside and within the Victorian Government, he was a major participant in the disaggregation of that state’s monopoly electricity business into a dozen independent parts and in the creation of what later became the National Electricity Market.

Dr Moran has written many books and articles on the interface between climate change, energy and economic well-being. These include editing and contributing to the 2015 best seller, Climate Change: the facts.

Climate Change: treaties and policies in the Trump era, is an examination of:
– The setting of the climate change agenda
– Its position in the international arena where nations have agreed to treaties and agreements that have increasingly placed pressures on governments to take actions in conformance with their provisions
– The developments leading to the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change, which incorporated governments’ “Intended Nationally Determined Contributions” (INDCs) on abatement of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases
– The costs nations are actually and prospectively incurring in meeting their INDCs and in other measures designed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions
– President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement and other nations’ responses.

The book foreshadows the collapse of the Paris agreement and gradual, if not abrupt, dismantling of the costly measures it entails – primarily involving forcing consumers to subsidise wind and solar energy.

A Change of Climate: A Novel

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Ralph and Anna Eldred are an exemplary couple, devoting themselves to doing good. Thirty years ago as missionaries in Africa, the worst that could happen did. Shattered by their encounter with inexplicable evil, they returned to England, never to speak of it again. But when Ralph falls into an affair, Anna finds no forgiveness in her heart, and thirty years of repressed rage and grief explode, destroying not only a marriage but also their love, their faith, and everything they thought they were.

All About the Weather (Dover Nature Coloring Book)


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Fun-to-color pictures make this introduction to weather ideal for school-age youngsters curious about tornadoes, hurricanes, fog, blizzards, and other atmospheric conditions. Forty-four carefully researched illustrations and extensive text describe these phenomena as well as cloud types, thunderstorm formation, and global wind patterns and ocean currents. Also discussed are the causes and effects of lightning and rainbows, natural weather predictors, radar weather instruments, TV and newspaper weather maps, the aurora borealis, global warming, and other climatic- and weather-related phenomena. Enlightening, entertaining, and well-illustrated, this information-packed coloring book will fascinate anyone eager to learn about meteorological phenomena.

Tornado in a Junkyard: The Relentless Myth of Darwinism

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In an easy-to-read text, this book examines the growing scientific evidence that is challenging Darwin’s theory of evolution: lack of transitional forms in the fossil record; the impossibility of mutations (almost universally destructive) serving as evolutionary building blocks; the flawed logic of natural selection theory; the stunning lack of evidence for ape-men; the mathematic impossibility of life beginning by itself; and much more. Also explores the damaging effect societal impact of Darwinism, and examines how Inherit the Wind grossly misled Americans about the Scopes trial. Addresses the ever-vital question: Are we here by chance or are we created by God? Indexed, over 80 illustrations, hundreds of quotes from scientists. ENDORSEMENTS DR. DUANE T. GISH, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, INSTITUTE FOR CREATION RESEARCH: “Tornado in a Junkyard by James Perloff should be in the library of every one who is interested in the subject of origins. This book is a powerful argument for creation because it is thorough, fully documented, and scientifically accurate. It is easily readable by scientist and layman alike, and is written in a popular style that will make it interesting and entertaining for readers of all ages. I highly recommend this book.” PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY, 8-30-99: “James Perloff’s intriguing Tornado in a Junkyard aims to debunk evolutionary theory in favor of creationism. Perloff, a former contributing editor to the New American, draws upon the work of neo-Darwinists and geneticists to argue that ‘while microevolution does occur–meaning minor adaptations and variations within a species,’ there is no solid evidence for macroevolution, or conversion of one animal type into another.” DR. EMMETT L. WILLIAMS, PRESIDENT, CREATION RESEARCH SOCIETY: “Tornado in a Junkyard is a unique presentation of the scientific case against Darwinism, informally written for laymen. If you are looking for a user-friendly explanation of the facts supporting creation, this book is for you.” CONSERVATIVE BOOK CLUB, 12-99: “James Perloff brings all the data together in a volume readily accessible to nonscientific types. His conclusion, carefully drawn: science contradicts Darwinism. . . . Perloff’s style, unusually lively, makes Tornado in a Junkyard entertaining as well as educational.” ACTOR JACK LEMMON, WHO PLAYED CLARENCE DARROW IN THE 1999 FILM VERSION OF INHERIT THE WIND: “My congratulations to Mr. Perloff for an outstanding piece of work.” HOMESCHOOLING TODAY, JAN/FEB-2000: “Why another ‘anti-evolution’ book? Because Tornado in a Junkyard is different. Author James Perloff, a former fanatical atheist and anti-creationist, understands the other side’s point of view. He presents facts that logically disprove Darwinism and unveils the many frauds and lies perpetrated by Darwinists that the public accepts as unshakeable scientific fact.” ELLEN MYERS, CREATION RESOURCE LIBRARY, WICHITA, KANSAS: “I’ve been heavily involved in the creationist movement for many years and am familiar with most of the facts cited in Tornado. However, the racy style, the many excellent photos, and especially the less known details and extensive documentation will now make Tornado my resource of choice in my work.” THE NEW AMERICAN, 9-13-99: “Perloff demonstrates–in this reviewer’s opinion conclusively–that scientific evidence, when examined honestly, does not support modern Darwinism, but actually contradicts it. . . . This is a very important work, written in an informal and attractive style that is a joy to read.” VICKI BRADY, HOST, “HOMESCHOOLING USA”: “With so many books out on the evolution/creation debate it is getting hard to choose from good, better and best. James’ book falls in the best category. I recommend that every homeschool family and church have a copy for their libraries.” CHRISTIAN NEWS, 9-27-99: “Christian News highly recommends Tornado in a Junkyard.”

Thunderstorms (Wild Weather: Dash! Leveled Readers, Level 3)

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This title focuses on thunderstorms and gives information related to science, reach, cause, and danger of the wild weather. The title is complete with beautiful, full-color photographs, leveled text, and plenty of fun and informative facts. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards, Dash is an imprint of Abdo Zoom, a division of ABDO.

Climate Change: Examining the Facts (Contemporary Debates)


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Climate change is one of the most controversial and misunderstood issues of the 21st century. This book provides a clear understanding of the issue by presenting scientific facts to refute falsehoods and misinformation―and to confirm the validity of other assertions.

• Provides a broad overview of the subject of climate change that is specifically written to be accessible and interesting for senior high school or introductory college-level audiences

• Presents a comprehensive explanation of the science of climate change that directly addresses widely held misconceptions head-on―a strategy that has been demonstrated in education research to be more effective in dispelling myths and advancing student learning than straight fact-based teaching

• Focuses on providing quantifiable, evidence-based information on climate change―and acknowleding instances when conflicting data exists―from the most reputable and qualified sources

The Global Warming Express


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The Earth is in peril―through pollution, global warming, oil spills, and tragic neglect of the environment. Those who respond first are the animals. There is The Fluff, a penguin; Creamy, a harp seal; Tomás, a black bear; Flora, a polar bear; and Lady Athabasca, a whooping crane, among others. Each of them has suffered from global warming and the neglect of the environment, and wants to do something about it. They jump on a magical train powered by positive thoughts and take off to let others know about the problems Earth’s creatures are facing.

Soon afterward, they travel to Santa Fe and pick up two young girls, Marina and Joanna, who record their incredible trip. The group travels east (as well as north and south) and along the way finds other friends who have endured hardship from fire, drought, and hurricanes. Their final destination is the White House where they hope their call for help is heard.

With this book, young readers can join The Fluff and friends on the Global Warming Express to save our beautiful planet from pollution and global warming. It will be a trip worth taking!

Our Weather & Water (God’s Design)

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Elementary and middle schoolers will love the exciting, easy-to-understand, and easily taught lessons in the God’s Design textbooks by Debbie and Richard Lawrence. All twelve books in the God’s Design series are very comprehensive, richly illustrated, and cover material that is often left out of other curricula. You’ll love the flexibility of this popular series, which is designed to be used with students ranging from first through eighth grade … all at the same time!

Best of all, God’s Design textbooks help you teach science from a biblical, creationist perspective, emphasizing God’s handiwork in the world around us. Using the God’s Design curriculum from AiG will help strengthen your student’s faith by showing how science consistently supports the Bible’s written record. Students will learn to think critically and logically examine arguments presented by all sides in the creation/evolution debate.

Discover what weather is, how it is caused, and how meteorologists study and predict it. You will also discover God’s hand in the design of our oceans and their effect on our weather.

Also by Richard Lawrence: “Fatal Transaction” – A fast paced high-tech Christian thriller (rated 4.6/5)
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Tornado Hits!: A Branches Book (Hilde Cracks the Case #5)


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Pick a book. Grow a Reader!

This series is part of Scholastic’s early chapter book line, Branches, aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!

Real-life crime reporter Hilde Lysiak is starring in her very own early chapter book series — inspired by real news stories she has written! In this fifth book, a tornado hits Selinsgrove! Hilde and her sister/photographer Izzy set out to uncover its path and report on the damage. No one is hurt, but the sisters find a strange clue: There are fish flopping all over Orange Street! Where did the fish come from? Hilde is about to discover something WILD!

Joanne Lew-Vriethoff’s personality-filled illustrations appear on every page, bringing Hilde’s adventures to life for young readers!

Two Wheeled Deliverance: Searching for God in Thunderstorms, Dive Bars, and Old Dirt Roads… Finding Him in Myself. A Memoir about Motorcycling and the Spiritual Experience.


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In the Fall of 2016, heartbroken, lost, and seeking the answers to some of life’s hardest questions, author Chelsea H. Seigneur set out in search of God and the true meaning of life on her 2009 Harley Davidson Sportster. For 6 days and over 1600 miles, over frozen mountain passes and through sleepy desert towns, she discovered what it means to truly live from a place of love instead of fear, discovered the places where God is truly found, and discovered the courage within herself to seek her own truth and her own purpose. But, little did she know that her journey to the truth was only just beginning. Brave, honest, and wildly insightful- Two Wheeled Deliverance follows her journey through loneliness, curiosity, loss, adventure, and, ultimately, salvation. And yet, Two Wheeled Deliverance is less about the fanatical, religious viewpoint on God and is more about the innate spiritual nature that lays slumbering within each and every one of us from the moment that we are born, the innate spiritual nature that we have all been tasked with rediscovering. We have been taught, from birth, by an industrial, materialistic society, that it is the here and now, the tangible, and the worldly that defines us. We have been taught to mask, to medicate, and to follow blindly. We have everything, and yet, we feel an inexplicable emptiness, a curiosity, and a longing to uncover our true selves, to discover “the meaning of it all,” to find our purpose. These THINGS, they no longer bring us happiness. This superficial life no longer bring us satisfaction. The truth is, we are not merely humans having a simple human experience, nor are we just humans having a more complex, spiritual experience for that matter, but instead, we are the embodiment of God- every one of us, sons and daughters of the universe- spiritual creatures having a very human experience, and trying to make our way back home. At our very core, we seek experiences before things, friendships and family over enemies, and love above hate. It is, in fact, our quest for the eternal, the intangible, and the other-worldly that defines our experience here on this Earth. It is our Faith, in a world so accustomed to disbelief, that shapes our character. Two Wheeled Deliverance is an invitation for you to break free from the worldly shackles that bind you, to welcome with open arms the catalyst that brings you closer to spiritual freedom (in the Author’s case, it was a Harley Sportster and an unshakable and constant desire for travel), and to discover within you your truest self and entire being, as it’s always been, there, awaiting the opportunity to truly live life to its fullest potential, just as God always intended you to.