Evolution – Lacrosse/Hockey Multi-Sport Stick Rack & Organizer (Deluxe Edition)

$39.99 - $49.99

(as of Mar 11,2019 09:37:38 UTC – Details)

The (DELUXE EDITION) Evolution Multi-Sport Stick Rack & Organizer for Sports Equipment is the perfect tool to hang & organize your Lacrosse, Hockey, Floorball and Field Hockey Sticks. The DELUXE model offers our new Hook Attachments for holding/hanging helmets and additional gear. For maximum equipment storage we recommend 2 racks side by side.Our Patented design holds up to 6 Sticks (Lacrosse, Hockey, Field Hockey & Floorball) as well as youth bats and light equipment.
Includes 2 “Hook Attachments” for added storage. Now you can hang helmets, jerseys, hats, light gear, backpacks and more! All hardware included.
Innovative concave pockets add strength while allowing you to store tape, wax, pucks, balls & more.
Install at any height for athletes of all ages. You may suspend hockey sticks off ground or when lowered lean against rack. Lacrosse sticks can hang using gravity head up or down. You can also secure the LAX shaft into the rack utilizing the tape or grip from the stick.
Innovative concave pockets for holding balls, pucks, wax & more! Made of the highest quality ABS plastic/Nylon for added strength & durability. Made in the USA