Florida Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 1871-2001, Expanded Edition


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From reviews of the first edition:

“A comprehensive, factual, concise book on Florida hurricanes. . . . Land and space photographs and storm trajectory maps are especially informative. Williams and Duedall are experts on Florida meteorology, and they have written a superb book.”–Choice

“Besides acting as a comprehensive historical and meteorological reference guide, this book is a necessity for every Floridian to have on hand during hurricane season. It not only contains lists of additional hurricane references and Internet addresses, as well as hurricane preparedness and evacuation instructions, it is a wake-up call for those wanting to remain at home and ‘ride out the storm’.”–Florida Living

The most comprehensive chronological guide to hurricanes, tropical storms, and near-misses to impact Florida, this newly expanded volume contains the widest possible range of statistics and information on the tropical cyclones that hit Florida from 1871 through 2001.

Accessible and easy to understand, Florida Hurricanes and Tropical Storms explains the terminology used by meteorologists, demonstrates the use of the Saffir/Simpson Scale, and explores the historical and geographical contexts of each hurricane and tropical storm. A glossary defines all technical terms.

Additional features include statistics for each hurricane and tropical storm, first-person eyewitness accounts, one-of-a-kind photos, 10-year tracking charts, and a hurricane preparedness checklist. Readers will also gain a better understanding of evacuation procedures and of what to expect in terms of property damage. References and a list of Internet web sites point readers to additional sources of information.

With 40 percent of its residents living in coastal zones, Florida is a state uniquely threatened by hurricanes. A book as fascinating as it is useful, Florida Hurricanes and Tropical Storms is the definitive reference for the general public, amateur storm trackers, coastal homeowners, and anyone interested in Florida meteorology, written in a style accessible even to young students of Florida weather.

John M. Williams is a research affiliate for the Florida Institute of Technology and a former U.S. Army staff officer specializing in satellite and tropical meteorology.

Iver W. Duedall is professor of oceanography and environmental science at the Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne.

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