Greatest Hits of THE EAGLES Backstage Karaoke CDG


(as of Jan 11,2019 13:00:25 UTC – Details)

This listing is for a brand new EAGLES GREATEST HITS Karaoke CD&G CD from the BACKSTAGE collection(BS-9017). This CD plays the music without the lead vocals and displays the lyrics on a Karaoke CD&G player. These songs are not preformed by the original artists but they are Professional Studio re-creations.

The songs included are as follows:

BS-9017- Eagles

1. Best Of My Love – Eagles

2. Get Over It – Eagles

3. Heartache Tonight – Eagles

4. Hotel California – Eagles

5. The Long Run – Eagles

6. Lyin’ Eyes – Eagles

7. New Kid In Town – Eagles

8. One Of These Nights – Eagles

9. Take It Easy – Eagles

10. Take It To The Limit – Eagles

11. Life In The Fast Lane – Eagles

12. Desparado – Eagles

13. Victim Of Love – Eagles

14. I Can’t Tell You Why – Eagles

15. Peaceful Easy Feeling – Eagles

16. Witchy Woman – Eagles

17. Seven Bridges Road – EaglesON-SCREEN LYRICS WITH A CD+G PLAYER
Karaoke Music is not performed by the original artists, artist names are referenced for “In The Style Of” Only!
No Lead Vocal Track
Packaged In Plain Paper Sleeve