Heatoe Adhesive Activity Eyes, Plastic Eye Accessories, DIY Self-Adhesive Eyes with Glue for Scrapbooking and Crafts Decoration (6 Different Sizes, 490 Pieces)


(as of Apr 19,2019 13:06:07 UTC – Details)

Package Contents:
10mm—-200 pieces
15mm—-200 pieces
20mm—-40 pieces
25mm—-30 pieces
30mm—-10 pieces
40mm—-10 pieces
Self-adhesive eyes are made of high-quality plastic, safe, reliable, more durable and ecologically friendly.
You can stick it on the surface of bags, pencil cases, walls, lunch boxes, computers, toys, photos and more. As long as you tear the protective film on the back, you can use it.
They can be used for the humanization of almost all inanimate objects, just like other craft products. These “self-adhesive eyes” are what you need in your life to increase your personality. Will be used for a variety of crafts.
Self-adhesive eyes are designed to provide random joy to passers-by, especially in an office environment. Around the light switch, buttons, knobs, etc., with an endless smile. So interesting, you can get some pretty pictures.
Be careful not to touch the back and let the back touch the water, otherwise the adhesive may not be good.-Materials: Self-adhesive eyes are made of high quality plastic and they are shipped in zip pockets.
-Wide range of applications: According to different sizes of self-adhesive eyes, they can be used in many places such as mobile phones, school bags, bottles, staplers.
-Rational design: The back of the self-adhesive eye is equipped with glue, which can be attached to the object by tearing off the protective film, and the eyeball can move freely.
-Safe and reliable: Self-adhesive eyes are ecologically friendly and harmless to the human body.
-Creative design: Compared to ordinary stickers, self-adhesive eyes will bring 3D effects, making your DIY works more attractive.