Hidden Passions: Secrets from the Diaries of Tabitha Lenox

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Welcome to Harmony…

On the surface, this seaside town is a New England dream of cobblestone streets and charming colonial homes. In its sleepy little harbor, fishing trawlers bob next to pleasure yachts on sun-drenched waves. But beneath the picture-perfect waters and walkways lie tumultuous secrets that threaten to tear Harmony’s families apart. Hidden Passions turns back the clock in the quant town more than twenty years to reveal the intimate details of those secrets..

Sam Bennett is the hardworking son of the town’s police chief. Handsome and well built, he catches the eye of every woman in town. Unfortunately, his heart belongs to one who will break it..

Eve Johnson is an upstanding premed student who on a lark decides to pursue a private fantasy — one that could ravage her life…

Julian Crane is a wealthy law student who is desperate to marry the beautiful Ivy Winthrop, but the reason why could shatter Ivy’s happiness forever..

T.C. Russell lives to become a tennis pro, but his heartfelt dream is about to be smashed in a way no one would ever suspect..

Grace Standish is a home-schooled farm girl who wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life in the country until her mother reveals a shocking secret…

Only one woman knows the intimate details of all their stories. While everyone in Harmony believes this woman is nothing more than a harmless eccentric, the truth is that she is an irrepressible sorceress of darkness who’s been causing trouble in Harmony even before Prudence Standish accused her of being a witch in 1693 — a grudge this society shameness still holds today! She has always known the hidden passions of every man, woman, and child in this quiet harbor town. But only now is she ready to reveal that tantalizing details to you.

So turn off the Coast Road and enter Harmony…but be very careful if you should encounter a mysterious woman carrying a doll. As she’s done with Harmoney townfolk for hundreds of years, she may very well look into your heart to see what it is you truly desire and grant it — for a terribly high price