JK PAV BHAJI MASALA 3.53 Oz, 100g (Mashed Vegetable Curry Spice Mix, Bunny Chow Spice mix) Non-GMO, Gluten free and NO preservatives!


(as of May 15,2019 18:04:33 UTC – Details)

Pav bhaji, the most delicious of street food preparations from India! Born in the busy streets of Bombay, pav bhaji is iconic as a quick snack to fill a raging hunger after a day’s work. But it can also be a meal in itself. Traditionally consisting of buttery, fluffy locally-baked bread rolls (pav) served with a thick spiced vegetable curry with potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables, the secret to a good pav bhaji lies in its spice blend, or masala. That is where JK Masale comes in. Our pav bhali masala is made with: – Bay leaves – Black pepper powder – Black cardamom – Cassia (cinnamon bark) – Chillies – Cloves – Common salt – Coriander – Cumin – Dry ginger – Dry mango – Triphala – Turmeric – Fennel – Star Anise JK Pav Bhaji masala will create an authentic Bombay-style pav bhaji in the familiarity of your kitchen. The wide variety of vegetables used makes pav bhaji a super nutritious and healthy dish if made at home. Add ons like grated cheese and paneer are always welcome, but you can even omit the butter for a delicious vegan version. And here’s an added bonus – if you make your bhaji with minced meat, you can gorge on some mind-blowing Parsi-style keema pav at home! You can even make a traditional South African Bunny Chow by marinading your meat with this spice blend! Get JK Pav Bhaji Masala today and discover the no-frills deliciousness of this mouthwatering spice blend.JK Masale’s delicious pav bhaji masala will help you create a mouth-watering, authentic pav bhaji right on your stovetop!
All natural Indian Origin pav bhaji spice blend, cleaned and ground through a strict sortex process
Non-GMO, Gluten free and NO preservatives!
Ready to cook, make sure you have freshly baked pav bread on hand!
From a 60 year old traditional Indian family business that is US FDA Certified, Halal Certified, and ISO 22000 certified.