KastKing Rubicon Tapered Leaders Fly Fishing Line – Pre-tied Loop – Abrasion Resistent for Freshwater or Saltwater – Wide Assortment, 7.5′ / 9′, Size 0X to 6X Available – 5 Pack / 6 Pack


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Your leader is a critical component to your fly fishing success as this is the last and most important part of your connection with the fish that you have worked so hard to catch. Your leader must certainly be strong and maintain high knot strength but must also be supple and have the perfect diameter to deliver delicate presentations. KastKing Rubicon monofilament tapered leaders are manufactured using the newest technology to ensure that every leader is consistent, strong and the perfect diameter for its intended use. These high-quality leaders have exceptional knot and breaking strength. They are designed for the ultimate performance including line turnover, delicate presentations and powerful hook sets. Rubicon monofilament tapered leaders are available in both 7 ½’ and 9′ lengths and in 0X-6X tippet diameters. All leaders include a pre-tied connection loop on the butt section which makes them extremely fast and easy to connect to either KastKing Exergy or Propel fly fishing lines which come with tip end loop connections. These strong and abrasion resistant leaders are perfect for dry fly, nymph/indicator or streamer applications and you’ll never run out of leaders because each package contains 5, high quality tapered leaders. KastKing is your new home for high quality fly fishing equipment and you’ll save time and money with our great values and promise of exceptional quality. And of course, you’ll always be protected by KastKing’s incredible, total peace of mind warranty.BETTER PERFORMANCE – Rubicon monofilament tapered leaders use the latest technology to ensure consistency and performance in every leader. Consistently strong overall with exceptional knot and breaking strength combined with thin diameters, deliver delicate presentations and powerful hook sets.
PRE-TIED LOOP – All Rubicon tapered leaders are made with pre-tied loop connections to make attachment to the fly fishing line quick and easy.
ABRASION RESISTANT – These highly abrasion resistant leaders will handle demanding conditions and deliver amazing results over and over. Rubicon tapered leaders are perfect for dry fly, nymph/indicator or streamer applications
WIDE ASSORTMENT – Rubicon tapered leaders are available in both 7 ½’ & 9′ lengths in 0X-6X tippet diameters for any fishing condition or application.
EXCEPTIONAL VALUE – Rubicon leaders are packed (5 same size leaders) per retail package, while the super value package(6 leaders) consist of 2 pcs of 3X, 2pcs of 4X and 2pcs of 5X leaders. KastKing is a sponsor of Trout Unlimited and we proudly support the efforts of their 300,000 members nationwide to develop and restore natural trout habitat.