Lameila Cotton Swabs 300Pcs cotton buds Double Tipped 100% Cotton White and Black Natural Paper Sticks Multipurpose Cleaning Sterile Sticks


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Cotton swabs designed with pure healthy cotton and durable cotton head thar does not easily unravel, is gentle to your skin and items surface.
Compacted cotton stick with less lint than regular cotton swabs, can work well for both cleaning and smearing.Suitable for sensitive skin use



1:Baby and Pet Care
Soft and small,Cotton Swabs are well suited for use on babies and pets. Using these swabs, you can access those tiny spaces between your baby’s toes for a complete clean or gently apply salves to hard-to-reach affected areas. Bring comfort and cleanliness to your cat or dog by using Cotton Swabs to address delicate areas.

2:Numerous Uses Around the Home
From maintaining electronics to cleaning jewelry, Cotton Swabs have many uses around the home. The flexible paper sticks make cleaning the crevices in your computer keyboard and device ports possible, and the compact size of the swabs is great for unclogging bottle tops and wiping dust from small vents. The soft tips of Cotton Swabs enable you to clean jewelry or collectibles without fear of damaging your valuables.

3:Great for Arts and Crafts
Use these swabs to apply glue while constructing models, or dip the tips in acrylic paint to brush out a colorful work of art. The sturdy paper sticks of these cotton swabs can be glued together in different shapes to create 3-D masterpieces

4:Makeup remover
Cotton swabs always used to remove extra eyeliner ,eyebrow,eyeshadow and makeup as a makeup remover cleansing brush of eye

❥ Material: made of quality organic cotton swab, soft and absorbent; Good for personal care and cosmetics
❥ Wide applications: cotton buds can be applied in beauty, pet care, baby care, arts and crafts, household and collectibles cleaning and more
❥ cotton swabs have a wide variety of uses including beauty, applying/removing/touching-up cosmetics, household cleaning, arts & crafts, pet care, baby care, and more!
❥ cotton swabs are perfect for cleaning and dusting electronics, keyboards, and phone ports. They can also help keep you safe from battery corrosion on motherboards and hard drives.
❥ Spiral head tips: the pointed side works great when you want to do something precise