Landscape Architecture: Unified Facility Criteria UFC 3-201-02


(as of Nov 08,2018 03:33:29 UTC – Details)

This UFC is applicable to all DoD projects with site improvements regardless of the method of execution or the funding source. This includes sustainment, restoration and modernization as well as new construction. The term site improvements refers to all site modification that will result in permanent, on or above-ground, paving, features, or landforms. Representative types of site modification are indicated in the section on Pre-Design and Design Services. The term site improvements does not refer to either: enclosed buildings, in themselves; or, airfield pavements. For a more comprehensive presentation of potential site improvement issues and treatments see Appendix B Best Practices in Landscape Architecture. 1-3 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Design of all site improvement features shall be accomplished by an experienced registered professional. As a minimum, all construction projects with site improvement costs over $250,000 shall have a landscaping plan and supporting details signed by a registered professional in the state of the project location. For states without licensure requirements, the designer shall be licensed in an adjacent state or jurisdiction. This requirement is consistent with that of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the majority of state departments of professional regulation, which require signature by a licensed professional in their field of study and expertise. In most cases this will be a registered Landscape Architect. More stringent professional requirements and certifications may be required in the individual design and construction contracts.

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