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New Balance Double Clean sport wash is safe for all washable fabrics, and yet powerful enough to remove odors and your toughest stains such as soil, blood, and grass. Double Clean rinses completely. Nothing is left on your clothing to clog the pores of your fabric. Insulation like down, Thinsulate, and Hollofil fluff up for maximum warmth. And even difficult to clean materials such as Gore-Tex have their waterproofing and breathability restored. Double Clean eliminates the rash, redness, and irritation you’ve suffered through with other detergents. Leaves no odors to alert game or attract insects. 18 wash loads. High Efficiency (he) compatiable. 18 fl oz bottle.Rinses away residues left behind by most detergents
Cleans clothes like new and protects fabric colors
No phosphates no fragrances no dyes no enzymes no softners no irritants no bleach or UV brighteners
Up to 18 washes per 18 oz. bottle and uses only 1/2 oz. for high effieciecy washers for 36 loads
Great for all types of fabrics but especially recommended active-wear garments