NYSE MONEY MACHINE: Advanced for trading shares, Forecast DJI index, Ranking companies portfolio risk


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Dear reader,

My start on the stock market was full of huge uncertainty because of stock market volatility. It was never quite clear when to buy or sell the shares. All decisions were connected with risk and possible losing. Such investment behavior is highly risky. Repeatedly you can lose more as you get. The amount of capital can be reduced day by day despite the fact that you are using technical analysis solutions to supporting decision making. I made break through NYSE “iceberg chaos” and I got reliable forecasts for the past data I had. From formal data downloads I was developing new theory about movements standardized categories like singlet, doublets and triplets. New theory show me all possible standardized DJI index daily movements in theoretical sense. It’s working also in forecast processes like you will see later in the bottom text.

Many specific mathematics methods it was necessary that I was understood NYSE’s DJI index decisions making without the risk of losses.
I spent hours in analyzing past data from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to found stock trends forecast. I found that none of the known technical analysis is not useful to work safely (to see the next day movement) on the stock exchange. This finding was general confirmed in the years 2008/2009 when a large number of investors and stock brokers with practice in technical analysis lost billions of dollars. I found the base of independent causality dynamics of the DJI index on NYSE. Causality is responsive to cause that made changes like the consequences in the stock market dynamics. Very complicated mathematics I simplified into understandable content for every average educated reader. In the book you will find the keys information you should know like professional or amateur investor to safely invest into shares. You will be able to turn the trend of losses into the earnings trend.

Basics of depth knowledge you will read in this book. I decided to enlighten the knowledge to investor in order to help avoid uncertainty and change its expectation to gain the profit. The book deals with the practice which one is useful for practitioners.

The first part of the book is intended for the brokers who daily trading shares (also for amateurs to see wider prospective). The book addresses all the fluctuations of DJI index and consequently the shares prices. The aim of the research agenda was movement of the shares prices to find indicators of the future value of daily prices limits through the min/max DJI index values. The book shows the basic types of movements that are possible in reality on NYSE. From the previous analysis, however, it indicates the probability and the type of movement which is most likely from day to day. It is important to identify what you should expected in advance; what next is following like moving up or a moving down in the start and latter.

The rule, which has to be taken into account

The right time rules are very understandable in the part two, where we are looking into the data graphs and learning from the book text. This is learning from practice. DJI index and prices has correlation coefficient 1 which means that we are looking into DJI index to see what is generally happened with shares prices on the stock market. If you will leading rules in this book, you will be able to see the future movements of DJI index. DJI index oscillating with different magnitude throw the time. The size of the expected DJI index magnitude you will evaluate from the learned rules and later personal experiences. This will reduce the trading risk to a minimum and therefore gain expected profit after sale.

I hold the rights to this book.