SIMOLIO Dual Digital Wireless Headphones for TV with Spare Battery, Wireless TV Headset for 2 Hearing Imparied People, Remote TV Earbuds for Hard of Hearing, TV Hearing Aid Device for Seniors SM-824D2

$189.99 - $139.99

(as of Jan 14,2019 14:35:04 UTC – Details)

1.Before purchasing, pls make sure the AUDIO OUT format of your TV and TV related AV device are compatible with PCM or can be set to PCM format.

2.If you experience no sound, sound cuts in and out, only hear at one side, most are caused by operational issue. Please refer to the user manual and quick guide or email to Simolio support ( are confident to get one good solution for you.

3.The under-chin designed headset weighs 2.04 oz, some people may not get used to this design, to some too small or sensitive ear canals, we suggest to buy simolio wireless TV speaker SM-621D as alternative.

4.Place the transmitter 4 feet away from wifi tv box/TV sticks.

5.Digital Wireless headphone for Smart TV, very helpful for moderate hearing impaired people.

:(1) Adopts advanced 2.4GHz Auto FHSS Tech, much better than the IR Tech, there is no interruption when people passing by, operation is up to 100 feet in open range; Superior to Bluetooth, there is no any lip-sync delay, brings superb sound reproduction to you.

(2) Spare Battery & Convenient Charging Solution support sustained TV enjoyment.

(3) Adjust the sudden changed high volume to protect your hearing via Auto Signal Control (ASC).

(4) Customize a comfortable volume level via BALANCE & TONE adjustment.

(5) Benefit from Voice Clarifying & Noise Cancelling tech (VCT & NCT), it dynamically reduces TV background sound and make the TV dialog stand out which ensure a better understanding of the TV story.

(6) Mono/stereo optional, we suggest to select MONO to increase the recognition of dialog for the people hard of hearing.

(7) It overcomes the weakness of regular hearing aids which amplify the target audio sources and environmental noises at the same time.

(8) The built-in MIC make you amplify people’s voice nearby.

(9) Headset with AUTO POWER OFF when no signal is received.Dual Digital Wireless Headphones System with Optical In- compatible with all TVs/TV boxes with Optical / RCA / 3.5mm AUX AUDIO OUT. Support two people to watch TV together. Before purchasing, pls check the AUDIO OUT format of your TV and TV related AV device (e.g., cable box) and make sure they can be set to “PCM”. For streaming media (e.g., Netflix) watching from smart TV, this model is your best choice.If your TV’s optical out is occupied by a sound bar, you need an optical splitter to setup.
Wireless Earbuds with Spare Battery & Two Charging Solutions & Additional MIC Feature – Never be out of power,except for the two main charging slots,we also provide a spare battery which can be put on the battery charging compartment of the base for continuous power while streaming. Press MIC button can switch the wireless TV listening headphone to personal sound amplifier which enables hearing impaired people to temporarily amplify people’s voice nearby. Press MIC again to back to watching TV.
Durable & Adjustable Wireless TV Headsets – incorporates “memory stainless steel strips” at the headset beams, it’s flexible and durable, for adjusting to more comfortable. Noise isolating foam eartips and hanger loops make you more relaxing to wear. NOTE 1: The under-chin designed headset weighs 2.04 oz (58g), to some too small or sensitive ear canals, we suggest to buy simolio wireless TV speaker SM-621D as alternative. 2. Not available for pacemaker wearer.
Voice Clarify Wireless Headphones for TV with Tone, Balance and Mono/Stereo Option – make the TV dialog stand out from the background music. For most newer TVs,you can hear TV with this wireless headset,others in your family can hear TV with normal voice; For watching TV quietly alone,click MUTE menu by TV remote. But for some old TV models,the TV’s speaker will go silent and only the headset works.It depends on TVs’ circuit design.We suggest you to consult your TV manufacturer for more details.
Wireless TV Earphones with 2.4GHz automatic FHSS tech promises to avoid any interference from other RF/FM devices, and transmits the superior sound to you from a distance up to 100 feet. No need pairing, no lip-sync delay, no need sitting in front of the transmitter at a certain position, no interruption when people passing by. It’s stronger penetrability can go through ceilings or walls, you can sit at any position or walk around in your home to hear tv/listen music.