SNES Extension Cord, 10ft/3m (2 Pack) Super NES Classic Mini Edition Controller Extended Cable

$12.99 - $10.99

(as of Aug 10,2018 17:54:17 UTC – Details)


This extender cables are compatible with the Nintendo SNES & NES, 2 pack of 10ft cords provides the freedom you need to sit back and enjoy playing at any comfortable distance.

Advanced premium materials to guarantee stable transmission and without disconnecting during the game. It fit snuggly and the locking mechanisms make a positive click noise when connected and are not loose at all.

Compatibility Guide:

The extension cables are designed for connecting any compatible controller of the same socket type to the controller. There are words either “Classic Edition” or “Nintendo Classic Mini” on the box, then it will fit. Such as:

* Nintendo’s New 2016 Model Mini Console version of Nintendo Entertainment System
* Nintendo New 2017 Model Mini Console Version of Super Nintendo.
(These cables are NOT for the old Original 1985 NES Model, and are NOT for the old Original 1990-1993 SNES Models)
* Wii remote controller & Wii nunchuck controller for Nintendo Switch

Package Include:

2 pack of 10ft/3m extension cable for Nintendo NES & SNES (consoles and controllers showed in the pictures are not included)Extenders for Nintendo NES & SNES – Compatible with Nintendo SNES Classic Edition controllers, NES Classic Mini Edition (new 2016 model that has the HDMI socket and the built in games, NOT the original 1985 NES model) and Nintendo Wii remote controller, Wii nunchuck controller.
Simple to Use – Just plug & play. The Nintendo SNES Extension Cord can be used with 2 controllers plugged in to the console simultaneously, so both players are able to sit back and relax. You can even put two extensions together to make one super-long cable.
Long Enough Cord for Comfortable Gaming – 2 pack 10ft/3m cord extend the reach of the controllers so you can play comfortably without sitting face to face with the screen.
Advanced Marterial Quality – This super snes extension cable cord is designed from top quality, sturdy material that will last long. Plastic cord sheathing is soft and flexible, not overly hard like other cheap cords.
Warranty Policy – 12 months warranty time, just rest assure to buy.If there is any concern or question about this NES extension cords. Please just feel free to contact us.

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