Season 3, Episode 11: Goose Friends Auction Fog

By Life in Pieces

When Jen sings in Tyler’s band, she gets caught up in the excitement and creates an awkward situation for him. Also, John and Greg decide to brew beer together, Matt donates one of his paintings to a silent auction for Tim’s medical charity, and Heather becomes jealous of Joan’s friendship with a classmate.

Puffy the Auction Slayer

By Storage Wars: Texas

The upscale hamlet of Haslet, Texas hosts the auction, and some old hands show up to compete for abandoned treasures. Ricky’s mother Puffy, herself a veteran of storage battles, quickly finds herself in the sights of a territorial Lesa Lewis. Jenny takes on a refurbishing gamble, Mary makes a literal gamble, and Ricky’s discovery takes him to a place where men fear to tread. With all of the scrapping that goes down in Haslet, most buyers are lucky just to take home the scraps.