An Egg-Cellent Adventure

By MasterChef Junior

The remaining eight junior home cooks will have 10 minutes to fry as many perfect sunny side-up eggs as possible. Later, the kids dream big and imagine owning and running their own restaurant. With only one hour, they will prepare their signature dishes that will one day anchor their menus. Find out which six junior home cooks advance to the next round.

The Feud/The Great Egg Heist

By The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

Jimmy and Carl are caught in the middle of a lawn-related feud between their dads. Forbidden to hang out or even speak via holographic projection, the boys have to employ some very drastic measures to end the feud and restore peace to the neighborhood./The mysterious and beautiful Asian princess, Peggy Tsu needs Jimmy Neutron’s help retrieving the priceless Egg Drop Jade from the Retroville Museum before her evil brother steals it for his own nefarious purposes. Jimmy enlists the help of Sheen, Carl, Cindy and Libby to carry out the task.

The Adventures of Little Big Bird, Pt. 1 – Episode 4107

By Sesame Street

The Amazing Mumford waves his magic wand and accidentally shrinks Big Bird down to the size of a paper clip! Big Bird tries to make the most of his new perspective, but when Snuffy can’t find him and all of the adults are over at Hooper’s Store, he’s got to find a way to get help! Also: The Count watches his new favorite TV show, 24, and Diana Krall sings “Everybody’s Song” with Elmo. This episode is brought to you by the letter M and the number 20.

The Passion of the Christine

By The New Adventures of Old Christine

In the season premiere, it’s the first day of fourth grade for Ritchie. When Christine and the other moms meet the class’ disarmingly handsome new teacher, Daniel Harris (recurring guest star Blair Underwood), they decide to schedule a few parent-teacher conferences immediately. Meanwhile, no longer dating New Christine, Richard stays with Christine while he builds a new laundry room for her. But problems arise when Ritchie misinterprets the comfortable arrangement and believes his parents have gotten back together. Christine scrambles to find a way to explain that she could never reunite with Richard–or could she?

The House of Luthor

By Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Clark (DEAN CAIN), Perry (LANE SMITH), Jimmy (MICHAEL LANDES) and Jack (CHRIS DEMETRAL) try to prove Luthor (JOHN SHEA) guilty of the Daily Planet arson and prevent his marriage to Lois (TERI HATCHER). James Earl Jones guest stars.

The Buster Bunny Bunch

By Steven Spielberg Presents: Tiny Toon Adventures

A satire of “The Mickey Mouse Club” sees Buster suffering at the hands of a pumped-up Arnold at the gym in “Buffed Bunny,” Dizzy receiving justice at the hands of fate after squashing bugs in “Squish,” and Babs driving away all her friends with her dead-on imitations in “Born to Be Riled.”