Subway, Somehow

By The New Adventures of Old Christine

Christine urges Ritchie’s school principal (recurring guest star NANCY LENEHAN – My Name Is Earl, Worst Week) to let the class take the subway on a field trip in order to learn real-world skills. But when the train leaves without her, Christine finds herself stranded at the station.

Furrball Follies

By Steven Spielberg Presents: Tiny Toon Adventures

Furrball pretends to be a dog when he meets a blind couple who hates cats in “K-9 Kitty.” In “Aroma Amore,” a paint stripe down Furrball’s back attracts Fifi. And in “Cross Country Kitty,” Furrball repeatedly crosses America to thwart Mary’s efforts to keep him from eating Sweetie.

Growing Pains / King Grumpy

By Care Bears Adventures in Care-a-Lot

Growing Pains: Cheer and Share are battling a brand new monster- the green-eyed monster called jealousy! The giant Grow-Glitter mess they make of their gardens is a BIG problem! King Grumpy: When Grumpy hurts his foot in a Bubble-phonium accident, he takes a little bit too much advantage of Wingnut’s friendly willingness to help out.

Aquarium Adventures & An Announcement

By Cake Boss

A local aquarium orders an underwater themed cake for their birthday this week and Buddy puts his signature on it by adding live fish! Lisa and Remy make a very special announcement to Buddy who can’t wait to tell the rest of the family.