Why To Vote Democrat: A Complete Guide


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This BLANK book (except for headings: History, General Platform, Economic Policy, Foreign Policy, Education, Immigration, Employment, GDP and Growth, Defense, Resources) is a satirical statement for the politically-minded on your gift list. Makes a great gag-gift! Or a 100+ page empty journal or notebook for you to fill with your political thoughts and creative ideas. Or maybe just shopping lists! Back cover text: “All of the main points as to why you should support the Dems, here in one volume! Look no further than this thoughtful and concise guide to voting Democrat. Well researched and impassioned, it’s sure to be food for thought to even the most jaded political spectator.” — See also “Why To Vote Republican: A Complete Guide” by the same author: https://www.amazon.com/Why-Vote-Republican-Complete-Guide/dp/1544663773

Democrat Ridge


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Democrat Ridge provides an intimate view into small town life in Missouri in the 1940’s. The beautifully detailed true stories give testament to the integrity, resilience, self-sufficiency and humor of the residents of Democrat Ridge.”Loaded with stories gleaned from a boyhood of experiences in the rural Ozarks, Democrat Ridge not only entertains, but teaches. Dean Wilson’s stories describe events that have sufficient impact to become lifetime memories, and that have the substance to mold lifetime values. These stories cover life events from early childhood, through school days, and into the years of courtship. They paint a sharp contrast between a boy’s self-invented, carefree recreation in the 1940s to today’s closely supervised, more politically correct fun. One story even describes what can happen when a mischievous local girl stumbles onto a pond full of boys “skinny dippin'” and seining for catfish. Dean Wilson is truly an outstanding storyteller. His ability to combine a closeness with people to a closeness with nature is meaningfully illustrated in Democrat Ridge.”-Daniel E. Hatch, PhDUsed Book in Good Condition

Democrats’ War On Blacks: 2016 Election Guide for John Q


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Democrats’ War On Blacks is a unique guide for the American voters in the greatest country ever on this planet. With 125+ cartoons, this book in vivid colors is the simplest presentation possible to inform voters about the miserable living conditions of a large number of Blacks in the United States so that they can make intelligent choices in the voting booth on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. When the Bill Clinton campaign coined the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid,” in 1992, it reduced American politics to its most essential ingredient. It was the economy then. It is the economy today. It will always be the economy that motivates voters when they cast their ballots. If the economy is ticking along – and that’s rarely the case these days – voters may focus on social issues or international affairs. But it’s only a healthy economy that allows them to do so. In a weak economy, such as the one voters face in 2016, little else matters when they make their decisions. So why isn’t there more honest debate and discussion about economic issues in the current election cycle, especially those affecting Black Community., considering that America is in its weakest economic recovery in 60+ years? Because politicians and pundits believe Americans care more about how many houses a candidate owns, how many times he plays golf, who is funnier on Late Night Comedy Shows and who commits the most campaign trail gaffes. The authors believe Americans want the facts about the economy, and that those facts will influence the way they vote. Like most Americans, they are committed to the democratic process, which they believe depends mightily on an informed electorate. Whether or not you accept the partisan spin they put on their information, you should find the facts about the economy useful, particularly if you believe as they do, that it’s still the economy.

Everything Democrats Know About Good Government


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This is a satirical work of fiction. All interior pages are blank. The author and reviewers are fictitious.

From the back cover:

“This book will put Democrats on the endangered species list.” – Lush Rimbaugh, host of the television talk show The Right is Right

“DeSalva has proven that the truth doesn’t depend on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” – Senneth Karr, special prosecutor for the Court of Presidential Affairs

“More revolutionary than the Declaration of Independence, more expansive than the Louisiana Purchase, and more authoritative than the Constitution.” – William N. Prescote, professor of history at Epic University in Cambridge, Massachusetts

After a lifetime in the political trenches, Leonard W. DeSalva has written the definitive book on everything Democrats know about good government. He cuts through the fabricated facts, shallow rhetoric, manufactured crises, and empty promises to reveal the shocking truth, including everything Democrats know about issues like:

• creating wealth

• protecting families

• operating within a budget

• proving global warming

• obeying Constitutional limitations on governmental power

(Check out the back cover in all of its satirical glory by clicking on the “Look Inside” button)

Why I Am a Democrat

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The late President Kennedy’s principal policy adviser and speechwriter articulates the strengths and aims of the Democratic party, explaining the party’s basic platform and his own reasons for staying to true to the party line. National ad/promo.

Johnstown Memories: The Early Years


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The Tribune-Democrat is proud to partner with the Johnstown Area Heritage Association, Cambria County Library, Archives Service Center at the University of Pittsburgh (ASCUP), Cambria County Historical Society, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College and our readers on a new hardcover pictorial history book, Johnstown Memories: The Early Years. This heirloom-quality coffee-table book offers a glimpse of Johnstown from the early years to 1939 through stunning and historic photos. In addition, we are thrilled to include photographic memories of years gone by from our readers.

Democrat Zombies from Space


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When a small group of alien zombies land near Washington, D.C., liberal president Dudley Toobit is set to destroy them–until he discovers that the aliens only eat Republican brains. Enthralled by the idea of exterminating his political opposition, the president lets the zombies roam free. As they multiply, turning each victim into a brainless Democrat, the Republican party nears the brink of extinction.

But Flash Lambo, conservative radio superstar, has no intention of standing idly by. With his unique ability to reach the millions of Republicans that find themselves under attack, it’s up to him to stop the carnage that the uninvited aliens have unleashed.

Can Lambo save his Party, conservatism, and the country? Or will an ever-growing population of brainless Democrat zombies destroy the greatest republic man has ever known?

Why the Democrats are Blue: Secular Liberalism and the Decline of the People’s Party

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Why the Democrats are Blue argues that secular, educated elites, using a commission created at the 1968 convention in Chicago and later chaired by Senator George McGovern, took the Democratic Party away from working class and religious Democrats. This quiet revolution helps explain why six of the last nine Democratic presidential candidates have lost.

Used Book in Good Condition