American Survival Guide September/ October 2015 (Volume 4 Issue 10)


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American Survival Guide September/October 2015 (Volume 4 Issue 10) Features Inferno: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Wildfire.

Contents Include:

Top Canine Breeds for Protection
Get In Survival Shape Today
Best Gun For Self-Defense The M1911
15 Fatal Flora and Fauna
How to Process Game: 9 Easy Steps
Edible Nutritional Insects
14 Million Affected: How to Avoid Rabies


Perfect Package: SOLKOA Hunter/Mountain Kit
Gerber’s Potent Myth Trio
K9 RX: Three First Aid Kits

Kristi & The Captain


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After breaking-up with her first love, beautiful Kristi finds happiness with Jason, but her love-life with her new man is short-lived. She finds happiness again with an old flame, but the earth quake in Sendai cut that short. Finally Kristi finds joy in the hands of Joshua, a captain on the USS Ronald Reagan sent to rescue quake victims.

Quake: Hawke’s Bay 1931


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On 3 February 1931, Hawke’s Bay was shattered by the largest earthquake ever recorded in New Zealand. It was a disaster of national proportions, damaging buildings from Gisborne to Wanganui, a catastrophe that officially killed 256 and seriously injured more than 400. Fresh pictures, diaries and eyewitness accounts have continued to emerge, painting a picture of immediacy that spans the decades. Scientific analysis has revised most of the previously accepted details of the seismic event, including the strength of the quake – recalculated in 1981 to have had a magnitude of 7.8. Drawing on eyewitness accounts, Matthew Wright brings the tragic events of February 1931 to life in this account of New Zealand’s most destructive natural disaster. This reprinted edition includes a range of previously unpublished photographs.

Recoil Concealment Issue 1


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Concealment Magazine 2015 Issue 1 from Recoil (CCW Guns, Gear & Technology) features Ken Hackathorn on the Glock 20. A Defense Attorney takes us through what happens after you pull the trigger. Boberb XR9-S. A Bullpup Workhorse. Q & A with Matt Graham. Choose your handgun wisely. Building skills for a deadly encounter. How to draw while grappling. Learn what the experts carry and pick up a bargain defensive handgun, and much more.

West Coast Radiation Warning: Coastal beaches are humming with radioactive dangers


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West Coast Radiation Warning, by Dave Masko. Since the March 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami, “Almost every single day 300 tons of radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant enters the Pacific Ocean; while then arriving along North America’s West Coast beaches,” state experts at America’s Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center. Today, West Coast radiation has “frequencies” plucking the nerves of beach goers in a very real and frightening way. This collection of “new journalism” essays reveals today’s inconvenient truth about Japan’s nuke fallout reaching West Coast beaches. This e-book also traces the radiation origins back to March 11, 2011, when a massive 9.01 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan sent tsunami waves across the Pacific Ocean unleashing a savage amount of subsequent radiation contained in radioactive water from the leaking Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant which suffered a level 7 nuclear meltdown after the tsunami. Christmas 2016 still finds tsunami debris washing up on West Coast beaches. “There seems to be this mysterious something up and down the beach,” explained a central Oregon coast resident after walking this spit of seaside now with something the resident deciphers as “hovering pinkish haze that burns your eyes.” The resident is a “loud” when it comes to this clear and present environmental disaster that has spread up and down West Coast North American beaches; while this “radiation is just now being felt at the end of 2016,” adds the resident with a deep sense of chagrin about the environment going to hell in a handbasket and nobody seems to care? Thankfully, the radiation “mush” that is washing up on West Coast beaches “dissolves quickly,” while then leaving the tell-tale odor and fear that is dismantling any real pleasure in walking local beaches. This queasy, querulous search for answers about this “radiation nightmare is immediately apparent when taking a deep breath of what was fresh smelling seaside air,” explains local fisherman Joseph “Joey” Ciolle. “We should have been given some guidance from government officials other than the “radiation levels are safe… I say safe for the fish, safe for other marine life, safe for people?” And yet Ciolle and others who depend on the Pacific Ocean for its “living water” are left wanting and wondering “if we got the whole environmental-thing terribly wrong from the get-go?”

American Survival Guide Magazine December 2015


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American Survival Guide Magazine December 2015 Volume 4, Issue 12 Edition Features Trauma Techniques: Life Saving Skills for Near-Death Scenarios.

How to Cope with Survival Guilt
Group Survival: 5 Leadership Skills to Master
The Best Knife For Any Emergency
Specialized Spyderco Offerings
Bugging Out: 6 Steps to Your Own Biodiesel
Store Food Indefinitely
Pack Light: Key Items That Get The Job Done
And Much More.

Rising Angel: The Coming of Apollyon Abaddon


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On the 21 inch mercury television mounted on the wall, Yusuf and the other renegades watched in awe as the frightened anchor-man reeled off strange reports of sightings of gigantic beasts that looked like Locusts yet had stings at the end of their tails like scorpions.



Sightings were being reported in every city, town and villages of the world. It seemed nowhere was spared. The anchor-man’s partner, a visibly shaken woman, was saying that a global earthquake was the cause of this phenomenon. That the strange Locusts where actually normal Locusts that had mutated due to living deep inside the earth close to the hot core.

FAULT -or- The Man Who Made Earthquakes


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Travis grows tired of his humdrum life as the lowest ranking lawyer at a large firm. So he decides to save the world. There are just two problems with that. First, no one believes that his earthquake machine can really work. Second, it really can.

As Travis builds the machine that will change his life, he takes that same life apart, piece by piece.

Triangle of Fire The Fuel of the Ring of Fire and the New Science of Earthquake Prediction


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You heard of the Ring of Fire, well the Fuel of the Ring of Fire is the Triangle of Fire or Solstice Triangle that fuel Plate Tectonics around the world.

In what could easily become a NOBEL PRIZE WINNING THEORY in seismology, the esteemed academic Dr. Sol Adoni the Dean Emeritus of Universitius reveals how the physics of the Elliptical Orbit of Earth that manifests in our winter and summer solstices is the actual reason that plate tectonics occurs.

Dr. Adoni’s work has actually predicted exact locations where super quakes have then occurred, so we have entered the age of accurate earthquake prediction thanks to Dr. Sol Adoni.

In this ground breaking book, Dr. Adoni reveals the exact locations where future super earthquakes will occur. This breakthrough book on seismology could save millions of lives. Earthquake prediction could now become an exact science thanks to this work by Dr. Sol Adoni.

Academic Credentials of Dr. Adoni include

Dean Emeritus Universitius

Founder of HelixQ an AI Computer Language

Theorized the Prime Algorithm and 8 Adoni Prime Spirals that are 30 Mod, 60 Mod and 90 Mod prime theory.

Theorized PDF (Planetary Distance Formula)

Theorized Planeium which is the structure of dark matter and explains how it creates all atomic mass.

Author of over 100 books and academic papers including

Hologram Universe

Ennisa Formula

The Creator Formula


They say you cannot predict earthquakes, yet over the years Dr. Sol Adoni has been predicting large and great earthquakes with such accuracy that many government agencies are now following his earthquake warnings.

The fact is 95% of the largest quakes since 1900 have struck on the three lines that make up the Triangle of Fire in the Pacific Ocean or inside the triangle. 16 of 20 super quakes have hit one of the three lines and 3 more super quakes struck inside the lines of this Triangle of Fire. The only super quake to not hit this Triangle of Fire was the great Tibet quake of 1950.

Dr. Adoni explains his new earthquake theory in layman’s terms in this book and you will be able to understand easily how the elliptical orbit of earth creates the active core of earth that produces the plate tectonics that leads to the largest super quakes following Solstice Lines that are from the Elliptical Orbit of earth.

This breakthrough book literally explains the fuel of the Ring of Fire and all planetary plate tectonics.