The Long Honeymoon

By Modern Family

This summer has been exceptionally blissful in the Dunphy house, Alex is away on a humanitarian trip and the rest of the family is getting along swimmingly, but when Alex comes home, there is an immediate shift in mood. Elsewhere, Mitch and Cam have returned from their honeymoon and Mitch is acclimating to real life much quicker than the still lovey-dovey Cameron. And, Gloria has taken issue with how little effort Jay puts into his appearance and decides to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Spies Reminiscent of Us

By Family Guy

Stewie and Brian are suspicious when two guys move into Cleveland’s old house, and when they find out Dan (guest voice Aykroyd) and Chevy (guest voice Chase) are spies and they have dossiers of all the people in Quahog they follow them on a mission to Russia and end up in hot water.

A Fair to Remember

By Modern Family

The family attends the annual school fair and Phil has a big 20th wedding anniversary surprise planned for Claire at the fairgrounds, but unfortunately, she simultaneously has a surprise for him back at home. Gloria signs Jay up to be a fair cop for the day and it gets worse when he’s partnered up with his nemesis. Elsewhere, Mitch, Cam and Lily try to enjoy the fair but Cam is in a funk from the football team’s recent losing streak, and Haley has an awkward first encounter with Andy.

Family Goy

By Family Guy

When Lois finds a lump on her breast, she goes to the doctor to test for cancer. The tests come back benign, but the doctor looks at her family medical history and surprises her with the news that she’s Jewish. Peter takes to the family’s newfound faith a little too eagerly, but when he is visited by the ghost of his father who reminds him to be faithful to his religious identity, he turns on Lois. After a visit from Jesus sets him straight, Peter and Lois agree to go back to the way things were.

The Help

By Modern Family

When Gloria hires a too-good-to-be-true male nanny, Jay and Manny are pretty much dead set against it. Frank is in town and feeling a bit lonely recently, so Phil and Jay take him out to help get his groove back. And, Mitch and Cam commission Pepper to plan their dream wedding, but Pepper might be dreaming a little too big.

Birth of a Family

By Tasha Hubbard

When is a family reunion not a reunion? When your family has never met.Three sisters and a brother, adopted as infants into separate families across North America, meet together for the first time in this deeply moving documentary by Director Tasha Hubbard. Removed from their young Dene mother’s care as part of Canada’s infamous Sixties Scoop, Betty Ann, Esther, Rosalie and Ben were four of the 20,000 Indigenous children taken from their families between 1955 and 1985, to be either adopted into white families or to live in foster care. After a decades-long search, Betty Ann, the oldest, has tracked down her siblings, one by one. Now all in middle age, each has grown up in different circumstances, with different family cultures, different values and no shared memories. Birth of a Family follows them through pain, trepidation and laughter as they work together to build their family. With deep sensitivity and an almost invisible presence, Hubbard follows the siblings as they meet in Banff, Alberta, all four together for the first time. Everything is new to them: their ancestry, their culture, their language, and one another. Before their meeting, they are hopeful but apprehensive, wondering how they will relate to one another, knowing full well how hard it will be to reclaim what has been missing all their lives. Over their week together in Banff, they talk about their lives and the struggles they went through as foster kids and adoptees. Betty Ann, the only one who’s met their mother, Mary Jane, shares with her younger siblings what she knows about her as a person and the impact residential school may have had on her. Hearing anecdotes and seeing photos of their mother allows the sisters and their brother insight into her life. Each new story about her is both a gift and a poignant reminder of what they lost. As the four siblings piece together their shared history, their connection deepens and a fledgling family dynamic evolves.

The Late Show

By Modern Family

Jay pulled a lot of strings to get reservations at the hottest new restaurant for a family adult’s night out. Unfortunately, in each household everyone is running late – Gloria is taking forever to get ready per usual, Claire and Phil get in a tiff about letting Luke stay home alone, and Mitch and Cam end up putting on the same outfit.

Farm Strong

By Modern Family

Cameron’s older, single sister Pam is coming for a visit, and Cam is in a panic to hide the engagement until he can delicately break the news to her, but it turns out she has news of her own. Phil and Claire make a joint, guilt-ridden decision to miss one of Luke’s volleyball games – that is – until one of them goes behind the other’s back, and Gloria is in denial that she might need reading glasses.