Ripped Off: Madoff and the Scamming of America

By History Specials

In this hour, experts dissect the Bernie Madoff $50 billion Ponzi scheme — how it began, how it was carried out, and how the government missed it. What Madoff did is compared and contrasted with other Ponzi schemes throughout history and the economic climate and historical context in which they appear.

The President’s Book of Secrets

By History Specials

Moments after the President of the United States is sworn into office he gains access to “The Nuclear Football,” a briefcase that contains the most volatile top-secret information in the world–America’s nuclear launch codes.

Natural History

By Chicago Med

Dr. Manning (Torrey DeVitto) and fourth-year medical student Jeff Clarke (guest star Jeff Hephner) are forced to figure out a mystery illness when an Indonesian man who doesn’t speak English arrives at the hospital in dire straights. Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) takes Dr. Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) to her family reunion where he meets her sibling Denise (guest star Alexandra Grey) and uncovers deep-rooted family secrets. Meanwhile, Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) takes on a complicated heart surgery without consulting Dr. Latham (guest star Ato Essandoh) and Dr. Reese (Rachel DiPillo) and Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) encounter a woman experiencing an unusual pregnancy.

The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After

By History Specials

In 2009, 46 years after he was shot, JFK will be gone for as long as he was alive. While the moments and hours after his tragic assassination were some of the most formative and important for our country, that story has rarely, and only partially, been told. For the first time, using never-before-seen transcripts only recently made public, this film pieces together the 24-hour period after those fateful shots were fired. The timeline reveals startling new information about the death of the president and the dramatic transfer of power to his successor, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. From new details about when JFK really died, to the truth behind LBJ’s oath of office photo on Air Force One, The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After uncovers an unfamiliar story born out of one of the most crucial days in American history.

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

By History Specials

The story of Thanksgiving, with its costumed Pilgrims, turkeys and pumpkin pie, zigzags through American history with some surprising twists. At the iconic Thanksgiving feast of 1621–no pumpkin pie or cranberry sauce was served, and that event was wiped from the history books for 200 years! In the 19th Century, some southern states thought Thanksgiving was an abolitionist plot and refused to celebrate it. Thanksgiving didn’t become an annual national holiday until World War II. What started as a somber Puritan day of prayer is now about football and food. How did we get there?

The Little House Phenomenon, Pt. 1: A Place in Television History

By Little House On the Prairie

Winner of numerous Emmys, Golden Globes and other awards, “Little House on the Prairie” is one of the most beloved series in television history. Take a look back at this phenomenal series in part one of this never before seen retrospective.

Plotting to Kill Hitler

By History Specials

The course of history could have been so different if the first plot to kill Adolf Hitler, in 1939, had been successful. But Hitler proved a hard man to kill. We review the many attempts on his life, and analyze what went wrong.

Hunting Hitler

By History Specials

The target of a daring assassination plot by members of his military, Hitler nearly died at Wolf’s Lair, his main wartime headquarters. It was one of 15 known attempts on his life. This is the story of those diverse individuals who tried to alter history’s course, and of a top secret British plot to kill the most hated man on earth.