Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Horror Adventures

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There are things that dwell in the dark places of the world, deep beneath the ground, in long-abandoned crypts, or in musty attics; terrible things that can destroy your body and shatter your mind. Few sane individuals would ever think to seek out such nightmares, but those that are drawn into the darkness often find it infecting them, corrupting them in ways both subtle and gross. Some think that those who die facing off against such horrors are the lucky ones, for the survivors are forever scarred by their experiences. Horror Adventures gives you everything you need to bring these nightmares to your game.

This terrifying 256-page hardcover book will take your game into the darkest reaches, where the dead hunger for the living, alien gods brood in dreams, and madness and death lurk around every corner. There are rules for players and GMs alike, giving heroes a fighting chance against the darkness that threatens to swallow them whole. Characters can take far more than a few hit points of damage, when their very sanity is called into question from witnessing horrors too terrible to comprehend. To face such nightmares, the heroes can take new feats, utilize powerful spells, and even acquire holy relics to aid them. They will need every edge they can get if they plan to survive the secrets of this book.

Horror Adventures includes:
• Corruptions that can turn your character into a monster, from a blood-drinking vampire to a savage werewolf. The only cost is your very soul!
• Character options to help heroes face the forces of darkness, including horror-themed archetypes, feats, spells, and more!
• Rules for sanity and madness, giving you all the tools you need to drive your characters to the brink and beyond.
• Tips and tools for running a scary game, along with expanded rules for curses, diseases, haunts, and fleshwarping to bring your nightmares to life.
• New templates to turn your monsters into truly terrifying foes, from creatures made from living wax to the stalker that cannot be stopped!
• …and much, much more!
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Kill Time Coloring Volume 2: Stress Relief Adult Coloring Book


(as of May 19,2019 00:42:19 UTC – Details)

This book is designed to give you peace of mind. Instead of cussing at the person that made you mad, color the anger way. Release the tension in your life by coloring some of the greatest horror icons of all time. Now grab your machete (I mean coloring utensils), relax, and color the stress away.

Italian Gothic Horror Films, 1970-1979


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Italian Gothic horror films of the 1970s were influenced by the violent giallo movies and adults-only comics of the era, resulting in a graphic approach to the genre. Stories often featured over-the-top violence and nudity and pushed the limits of what could be shown on the screen. The decade marked the return of specialist directors like Mario Bava, Riccardo Freda and Antonio Margheriti, and the emergence of new talents such as Pupi Avati (The House with the Laughing Windows) and Francesco Barilli (The Perfume of the Lady in Black).

The author examines the Italian Gothic horror of the period, providing previously unpublished details and production data taken from official papers, original scripts and interviews with filmmakers, scriptwriters and actors. Entries include complete cast and crew lists, plot summaries, production history and analysis. An appendix covers Italian made-for-TV films and mini-series.

Cannibal Kitchen: A Horror Lover’s Cookbook


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Prepare yourself for a cookbook so good, it’s SCARY!

Presenting Cannibal Kitchen, a full-sized and full-color cookbook with over 90 dreadfully delicious recipes across seven different culinary areas:

  • Frightening Fingerfoods
  • Sadistic Sides
  • Slasher Soups
  • Paranormal Pastas
  • Zombie-Plagued Pizzas
  • Maniacal Main Courses
  • B-Rated Desserts

From Chicago-based chef Shannon Rullo’s creative and culinary brilliance, each recipe is paired with a horror movie, and Rullo provides commentary on the films in addition to the detailed written and pictorialized instructions on how to create each accompanying gastronomic masterpiece.

Whether you want to whip (and beat) up a quick snack or serve a full-fledged meal that is simply to DIE for, there is something for every hungry horror lover to be found within. So, step on up and enter Cannibal Kitchen…if you dare!

“Cannibal Kitchen [is] the only way to truly feed your inner horror fiend.”
– Andrew Klass, “Middle Man Art”

“As charming as she is innovative, [Rullo’s] dark humor combined with an overindulgence of all things delectably fried adds a certain wicked allure to the food you put in your mouth.”
– Christopher Gutierrez,

Slappy’s Tales of Horror (Goosebumps Graphix)

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Four Goosebumps Graphix tales by master of horror R. L. Stine are adapted into full-color comics and feature a brand-new Slappy story by bestselling author, Dave Roman.

The talented Dave Roman creates the horrifying drawings for “The Night of the Living Dummy,” the origin story about that most evil of all ventriloquist dummies, Slappy!

In “A Shocker on Shock Street,” Jamie Tolagson captures the chilling tale of a brother and sister doing their dream job: testing rides in a movie studio theme park, where the special effects are REALLY special.

With his shadowy illustrations, Gabriel Hernandez creates the perfect atmosphere in “The Werewolf of Fever Swamp,” a spooky story about a boy and his dog who go sniffing around in a lonely swamp . . . and wish they hadn’t.

Ted Naifeh is at his creepy best in “Ghost Beach,” a scary ghost story about a brother and sister who investigate a local legend and discover a terrible secret about their family.

Half-Minute Horrors

$6.99 - $5.99

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How scared can you get in just thirty seconds?

Dive into the shortest, scariest stories ever created, with more than seventy instant thrills from the likes of Lemony Snicket, James Patterson, Neil Gaiman, R.L. Stine, Holly Black, Brett Helquist, and Margaret Atwood. You’ll never look at your closet door, your cat, your sock drawer, or even yourself in the mirror the same way again!

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