Hurricane Force: In the Path of America’s Deadliest Storms (New York Times)

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August 29, 2005
Peering through the latticed brickwork of The New Orleans police headquarters parking garage, New York Times journalist Joseph B. Treaster is watching the devastating power of a hurricane up close. Packing winds of 118 miles per hour, Hurricane Katrina is attacking New Orleans, uprooting trees, tearing down power lines, and flattening homes. Inside headquarters, phones are ringing off the hook as more and more people, trapped by the rising floodwaters, call for help. But rescue workers cannot leave the safety of the building until the hurricane has passed. From this harrowing vantage point, Treaster is poised to report on what may prove to be the most infamous storm in American history.

But as with all hurricanes, the story of this storm began weeks before, off the
coast of North Africa. Treaster details the evolution of the storm as it unfolds in the sky above the Caribbean Sea and is anxiously tracked by the National Weather Bureau in Florida before it strikes. This is a complete behind-the-scenes account of one of nature’s most terrifying and fascinating disasters.

Island in the Storm: Sullivan’s Island and Hurricane Hugo (Disaster)


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On the night of September 21, 1989, Hurricane Hugo slammed into the South Carolina coast at Sullivan’s Island―north of Charleston―with winds exceeding 160 miles per hour. The colossal force of the hurricane was punctuated by storm surges ranging from five to ten feet above sea level. At approximately one minute after midnight, Hugo’s eye passed over the island, and the charming community oceanside community disappeared beneath the tumultuous sea for nearly an hour.

After Hugo left Sullivan’s Island in its furious wake, the first news broadcasts from the Charleston area reported that the island and neighboring Isle of Palms were completely destroyed. The Ben Sawyer Bridge―the only connection to the island at the time―was knocked off its pedestal and rendered useless, and so the hundreds of families who had evacuated the area could not return to their homes to see what, if anything, remained. The recovery process started slowly, and for many it would be a long, arduous journey.

Island in the Storm, by local historians Jamie and Dorothy Moore, documents in vivid detail the devastation, loss and eventual rebuilding of this beloved island community. More than fifteen years later, Sullivan’s Island’s homes and businesses have been restored, but the memory of Hugo’s fury will not soon be forgotten.



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Heartbreaking and true, The Great Sea Island Storm of 1893 details human courage and perseverance in the face of the second most fatal hurricane in US history. On a Sunday evening in August 1893, a massive hurricane slammed into South Carolina and Georgia at high tide. The howling winds and pounding waters struck hardest at the Gullah communities along the coastal islands.Stunned by the sudden fury of the storm, the island dwellers took extraordinary measures to protect themselves. Clearly, they were no match for what many referred to as the “cyclone.” By the time the waters ebbed and the winds subsided, 2,000 or more had drowned and tens of thousands were left homeless, hungry, and destitute. Neither the US Congress nor South Carolina’s state legislature appropriated funds to assist the stricken people.Fortunately, Clara Barton, founder and president of the American Red Cross, took charge. In the first hurricane relief and recovery effort of the Red Cross, individuals and private charities sustained the survivors with grits and pork for almost a year. Rebuilding homes, food supplies, and spirits was a long arduous process. For the next sixty years, residents of one community held vigils every August, praying to be spared from such a catastrophe ever again.

Hurricane Audrey: The Deadly Storm of 1957


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This narrative re-creates Hurricane Audrey through the eyes of the survivors in a combination of suspense, family drama, and the struggle for life over death. In the midnight hours of June 27, 1957, the hurricane exploded in intensity and speed, slamming into the sleeping coast at dawn�12 hours ahead of its predicted landfall. Many unsuspecting residents woke that morning to find water already inside their homes. Their ordeal transports the reader back to 1957 with a new appreciation and understanding of how Cameron Parish residents clung to life during the category-four storm.

Hurricane Hunters!: Riders on the Storm


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Acclaimed author and artist Chris L. Demarest takes you inside the heart of a hurricane with real-life adventurers who risk their lives to keep our shorelines safe.

It’s a sunny, beautiful day on America’s southeastern coast. But out in the Atlantic Ocean, chaos is brewing. Waves are crashing. Winds are blowing. And the National Hurricane Center is calling the Hurricane Hunters!

While those on land prepare for the worst, these brave men and women fly into the heart of a two-hundred-mile-wide hurricane and collect information. The crucial data that they gather provides better predictions of where storms are headed, allowing people to evacuate and saving hundreds, maybe thousands, of lives.Used Book in Good Condition

Hurricane of Independence: The Untold Story of the Deadly Storm at the Deciding Moment of the American Revolution

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The sleeper history hit of 2008, released in paperback to coincide with the heart of hurricane season

On September 2, 1775, the eighth deadliest Atlantic hurricane of all time landed on American shores. Over the next days, it would race up the East Coast, striking all of the important colonial capitols and killing more than four thousand people. In an era when hurricanes were viewed as omens from God, what this storm signified to the colonists about the justness of their cause would yield unexpected results.

Drawing on ordinary individuals and well-known founders like Washington and Franklin, Tony Williams paints a stunning picture of life at the dawn of the American Revolution, and of the weighty choice people faced at that deciding moment.

Hurricane of Independence brings to life an incredible time when the forces of nature and the forces of history joined together to produce courageous stories of sacrifice, strength, and survival.

Life Storms Hurricane Katrina… Surviving Life Storms Through Thriving Life Scripts

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On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina blew into the Gulf of Mexico wreaking havoc on the Gulf Coast and Louisiana. Our roof blew off and rainwater spilled in the house. Furthermore, the levees broke, and flood water filled our home. We evacuated on August 28th to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Houston, Texas for three weeks. We moved thirteen times before we called Encinitas, California home. We always wanted to move to California. However, we didn’t think the universe would answer through the means of a hurricane.

Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina is a love story to myself and others. Untold Stories. Impetuous Growth. Gripping Challenges. Lessons Learned. Recognized Miracles. I survived Hurricane Katrina, but I weathered many other storms in my life to claim my authentic soul. I’m here to share the untold beauty of it all. Captivating and riveting.

Life for me was a “fight or flight” — an emergency response — the red flag on the beach warning, “Don’t enter the water.” But I entered the raging waters.

A friend once told me, “Jennifer, if we go to war, I want you by my side. You are a survivor.” A sincere comment, but did I recognize my strength and courage? Many times, I was tossed to and fro, not knowing how to make sense of things.

But am I a survivor?

I had to discover that truth for myself as I went into an internal world. Hard to keep my feet on the ground, I was inundated with inspiration and intuition at light speed. The energy was invigorating. The energy was exhausting. I needed spiritual protection and spiritual empowerment to digest, to process, to understand. All my internal work was coming to light. No longer hidden in my shadow. No longer shackled with fear. No longer.


“My husband, Pierre, said “You act like you have it all together. Like you don’t need anyone’s help. But your strength is your sensitivity! It’s what you don’t allow others to see.”

“The space where I’m the most vulnerable is where I find solace buried in the depths of my sensitivity. Naked… my soul awakens.”

“When you tap into your soul, you feel the heartbeat of God and the interconnectedness of being. That’s the sweet spot where all the magic takes place and where the splendid synchronicities appear.”

“Go fix Jennifer was my mantra of the day. But I discovered that I found Jennifer instead.”

“I found my heart and soul. I have gotten over my fears, doubt, guilt, and shame to embrace and embody all of me. Beautifully flawed… perfect in every way.”

“The goal is to move from Life Storms to Life Scripts to Life Success!”

This book explores how you respond to the storms in our life.

Are you prepared for the storms in life? Emotionally? Mentally? Spiritually? Financially? Relationally?

It’s a sacred journey full of expansive experiences of love, peace, and joy!

Join me on my journey by reading Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina.

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Florida Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 1871-2001, Expanded Edition


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From reviews of the first edition:

“A comprehensive, factual, concise book on Florida hurricanes. . . . Land and space photographs and storm trajectory maps are especially informative. Williams and Duedall are experts on Florida meteorology, and they have written a superb book.”–Choice

“Besides acting as a comprehensive historical and meteorological reference guide, this book is a necessity for every Floridian to have on hand during hurricane season. It not only contains lists of additional hurricane references and Internet addresses, as well as hurricane preparedness and evacuation instructions, it is a wake-up call for those wanting to remain at home and ‘ride out the storm’.”–Florida Living

The most comprehensive chronological guide to hurricanes, tropical storms, and near-misses to impact Florida, this newly expanded volume contains the widest possible range of statistics and information on the tropical cyclones that hit Florida from 1871 through 2001.

Accessible and easy to understand, Florida Hurricanes and Tropical Storms explains the terminology used by meteorologists, demonstrates the use of the Saffir/Simpson Scale, and explores the historical and geographical contexts of each hurricane and tropical storm. A glossary defines all technical terms.

Additional features include statistics for each hurricane and tropical storm, first-person eyewitness accounts, one-of-a-kind photos, 10-year tracking charts, and a hurricane preparedness checklist. Readers will also gain a better understanding of evacuation procedures and of what to expect in terms of property damage. References and a list of Internet web sites point readers to additional sources of information.

With 40 percent of its residents living in coastal zones, Florida is a state uniquely threatened by hurricanes. A book as fascinating as it is useful, Florida Hurricanes and Tropical Storms is the definitive reference for the general public, amateur storm trackers, coastal homeowners, and anyone interested in Florida meteorology, written in a style accessible even to young students of Florida weather.

John M. Williams is a research affiliate for the Florida Institute of Technology and a former U.S. Army staff officer specializing in satellite and tropical meteorology.

Iver W. Duedall is professor of oceanography and environmental science at the Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne.

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