The Ketogenic Kitchen: Low carb. High fat. Extraordinary health.

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Cancer survivors Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly offer the first comprehensive ketogenic cookbook based on the most exciting new research on nutritional approaches to the prevention and management of cancer.

For decades, the ketogenic diet―which shifts the body’s metabolism from burning glucose to burning fat, lowering blood sugar and insulin and resulting in a metabolic state known as ketosis―has been used to successfully manage pediatric epilepsy. More recently, it has been used by the Paleo community as a weight loss strategy. Now emerging research suggests that a ketogenic diet, in conjunction with conventional treatments, also offers new hope for those coping with cancer and other serious disease.

With endorsements from leading researchers and oncologists such as Dr. Thomas Seyfried (Cancer as a Metabolic Disease), The Ketogenic Kitchen offers more than 250 recipes, as well as meal plans and comprehensive scientific information about the benefits of a ketogenic diet, with sensible advice to help readers through periods of illness, recovery, and treatment.

This North American paperback edition has been updated to include U.S. customary units of measure appearing side-by-side with metric measures.

Ships from Vermont

Sylvania SKCR2810BT Under Cabinet Clock Radio, Music System with Bluetooth Streaming and FM Radio


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Do you want to stream music to your kitchen in an easy and no hassle way? Sylvania’s latest under cabinet Clock Radio now features Bluetooth! Easily mount this under your kitchen counter cabinet and play all your favorite music wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled device. This under counter system also has FM Radio built in so you can play your favorite tunes on the hi-fi speakers. This player supports the latest Bluetooth V 3.0 and with 1 button you can connect this to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Televisions, and any Bluetooth device and start streaming your music to the amazing sounding speakers. It will make working in the kitchen feel like a party! The intuitive controls allow for easy operation and a large display is easy to read. The clear LED screen will display the time or station you are listening to. It makes switching stations a breeze. Change the volume via the digital display making it easy to find the perfect volume! You can power the unit via AC adapter, and there is a battery back up in case of power failure. An easy to follow mounting kit is included in the box. This is an ideal gift for any mom or dad that spends time in the kitchen. Or buy one for yourself to change your cooking experience!Under-Cabinet Clock with FM Radio and Bluetooth
The Latest Bluetooth V 3.0 Allows you to Easily Stream Music to the Speakers from iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, BlackBerry or any Bluetooth Enabled Devices
Built In Hi-Fi Speakers; LED Digital Display for Easy Read-Out of the Time and to Set Radio Statin and Volume Levels
Powered by AC Adapter with Battery Back Up In Case of Black-Out.FM Frequency Range: 87.5 to 108.0 MHz
Easy to Follow Mounting Kit Included

The Bodybuilder’s Kitchen: 100 Muscle-Building, Fat Burning Recipes, with Meal Plans to Chisel Your Physiqu

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100 delicious recipes and proven meal plans from two-time Miss Figure Olympia, Erin Stern, to help you burn fat, build muscle, and chisel your physique.

How do professional bodybuilders get that chiseled look? It’s as much about what happens in the kitchen as it is about what happens in the gym. Professionals fuel their bodies with precise nutrients delivered at specific times to achieve their sculpted physiques, and now you can, too. The Bodybuilder’s Kitchen provides expert guidance on what to eat, when to
eat it, and helps you understand how our bodies use what we eat to burn fat and build lean, strong muscle. Through phased weekly meal plans, expert insight on how and when to take full advantage of your body’s muscle-building capabilities, and 100 delicious recipes, you’ll find yourself achieving that sculpted look you’ve always longed to have.

A Kitchen Fairytale: Healing with Food – Delicious Recipes for Everyone


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Written by ‘expert patient’ Iida, who has used the principles of plant-based wholefoods with no added sweeteners, fats or oils to regain her own health, this is a beautifully illustrated, full-colour cookbook that explicitly follows the approach of the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis and also provides help with other autoimmune conditions. It shows how anyone eating according to those principles can do so simply, sustainably and enjoyably–and inclusively so that family and friends can eat the same way whether they have health issues or not.

  • Foreword by Clint Paddison, founder of the Paddison Program
  • Recipes graded for their level of healing, with the gentlest labeled ‘Humble & Healing’
  • The principles of cooking without added oil (‘steam frying’ etc)

200 superb colour photographs

The Primal Kitchen Cookbook: Eat Like Your Life Depends On It!

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Mark Sisson, bestselling author, award-winning blogger, and founder of PRIMAL KITCHEN, teams up with over 50 leading icons in the primal community to amass 130 mouth-watering recipes in this ultimate paleo recipe collection.

Learn how to whip up Primal Kitchen’s uncompromisingly delicious, high quality, nutrient dense sauces and dressings at home to pack healthy fats, phytonutrients, and superfoods into every meal.

With recipe contributions from Melissa Hartwig, Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, Sarah Fragoso, Pete Evans, Tony Horton, Laird Hamilton, Cassy Joy Garcia, George Bryant, and so many more, The PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Cookbook makes cooking with your favorite paleo personalities right in your own primal kitchen a reality!

The PRIMAL KITCHEN Cookbook includes:

  • The 5 signature PRIMAL KITCHEN recipes – Classic Mayo, Chipotle Lime Mayo, Greek Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard Vinaigrette, and Wild Ranch dressing
  • Nutrient-dense lunches and salads to prep ahead or whip up in minutes, like Spicy Tuna Poke Bowls and 10-Minute Pad Thai Zoodles
  • Inspired starters and small bites to please a crowd (or just yourself), including Chipotle Lime Cauliflower Hummus and Baked Bison Meatballs
  • Savory sides, from Creamy Chipotle Butternut Squash Soup to Dill Pickle and Bacon Potato Salad
  • Main dishes that will certainly become staples in your kitchen, like Hazelnut Crusted Halibut and Honey Mustard Vinaigrette Short Ribs
  • Guilt-free treats such as Coconut Cashew Bonbons and Avocado Oil Ice Cream

Cooking’s never been so primally perfect. Eat like your life depends on it and make every bite a taste sensation with The PRIMAL KITCHEN Cookbook.

(Mark Sisson)

AboveTEK Retail Kiosk iPad Stand, 360° Rotating Commercial Tablet Stand, 6-13.5″ iPad Mini Pro Business Tablet Holder, Swivel Design for Store POS Office Showcase Reception Kitchen Desktop (White)

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Do you want to make your business transaction smoother and faster at restaurants, shops, Café, or any commercial retail store?

Do you want to be more productive on work tasks with your colleagues and peers at office?

Do you want your professional presentation to be more engaging at showroom, events, conference?

This tablet mount stand can serve you all the needs of using a tablet at home and business environment. Nowadays, tech gadgets especially tablets have become essential in our daily life. We work, play, watch, read, shop, type and do business all on our tablets. These interactions with your tech gadgets will be much enhanced and facilitated with just a push of the “Add to Cart” button.


* User Instruction on the side of the package box for quick assembly;

* Please check the dimensions of your tablet to verify if it fits the stand properly. Important: The two holders expansion range is 6.6″-8.0″ and 7.7″-9.6″ respectively. Tablets with shorter side less than 6.0″ and longer side greater than 9.6″ are not supported.

HIGHLY FLEXIBLE – The 360° rotatable base and tablet bracket holder combined with a folding arm offer unparalleled adjustment for typing or showcasing without missing any viewing angles. Turn display in a second between cashier and shopper or switch landscape/portrait mode instantly.
BUSINESS ORIENTED – Two size rubber padded bracket holders collectively fit 6″-13.5″ tablets or any gadgets with width or height measurement in the RANGE of 6.6″-9.6″, an ideal docking station stand for perfect match of large or small tablet PCs typically used at restaurant shop point of sale, office home desk, etc.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Quick attach/detach of holder with simple push of the button creates no hassle for easy storage and carrying. A true universal iPad kiosk stand with easy pull handlebar and dedicated space for power cord charging.
BROAD APPLICATION – Not only does it make your iPads/Android/Windows Surface Tablets a desktop display computer, it allows you to type, press, view, swivel with great stability. Confidently interact with customers at restaurant, check out at register, collaborate in group meeting at office, present products or services at showroom, and many more.
STEADY SUPPORT – Light and smooth turning of bracket holder/arm provides high efficiency in busy settings. The weighted base plus hard folding arm offer sturdy structure to withstand weights of large tablets and heavy operation on the device, a professional grade tablet stand.

Garde Manger: The Art and Craft of the Cold Kitchen

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The leading guide to the professional kitchen’s cold foodstation, now fully revised and updated

Garde Manger: The Art and Craft of the Cold Kitchen hasbeen the market’s leading textbook for culinary students and a keyreference for professional chefs since its original publication in1999. This new edition improves on the last with the mostup-to-date recipes, plating techniques, and flavor profiles beingused in the field today. New information on topics like artisanalcheeses, contemporary styles of pickles and vinegars, andcontemporary cooking methods has been added to reflect the mostcurrent industry trends. And the fourth edition includes hundredsof all-new photographs by award-winning photographer Ben Fink, aswell as approximately 450 recipes, more than 100 of which areall-new to this edition. Knowledge of garde manger is an essentialpart of every culinary student’s training, and many of the world’smost celebrated chefs started in garde manger as apprentices orcooks. The art of garde manger includes a broad base of culinaryskills, from basic cold food preparations to roasting, poaching,simmering, and sautéing meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, andlegumes. This comprehensive guide includes detailed information oncold sauces and soups; salads; sandwiches; cured and smoked foods;sausages; terrines, pâtes, galantines, and roulades; cheese;appetizers and hors d’oeuvre; condiments, crackers, and pickles;and buffet development and presentation.

Garde Manger

Carrie Mae Weems: Kitchen Table Series

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Kitchen Table Series is the first publication dedicated solely to this early and important body of work by the American artist Carrie Mae Weems. The 20 photographs and 14 text panels that make up Kitchen Table Series tell a story of one woman’s life, as conducted in the intimate setting of her kitchen. The kitchen, one of the primary spaces of domesticity and the traditional domain of women, frames her story, revealing to us her relationships―with lovers, children, friends―and her own sense of self, in her varying projections of strength, vulnerability, aloofness, tenderness and solitude. As Weems describes it, this work of art depicts “the battle around the family … monogamy … and between the sexes.” Weems herself is the protagonist of the series, though the woman she depicts is an archetype. Kitchen Table Series seeks to reposition and reimagine the possibility of women and the possibility of people of color, and has to do with, in the artist’s words, “unrequited love.”
Carrie Mae Weems (born 1953) is considered one of the most influential contemporary American artists. In a career spanning over 30 years, she has investigated family relationships, cultural identity, sexism, class, political systems and the consequences of power. Weems’ complex body of art employs photographs, text, fabric, audio, digital images, installation and video. Weems has received numerous awards, grants and fellowships, including the prestigious MacArthur “Genius” grant and the Prix de Roma. She is represented in public and private collections around the world, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, The Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.Carrie Mae Weems Kitchen Table Series

Green Kitchen at Home: Quick and Healthy Vegetarian Food for Every Day

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In Green Kitchen at Home, bestselling authors and bloggers David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl are back, this time with simple yet delicious recipes that can be cooked during a busy week, and will allow you to sneak more vegetables into your diet. This book makes vegetarian food a little more accessible, and features wholesome food that everyone, including meat-eaters, will love. Recipes are smartly composed so they are easy to make. David and Luise will show how to add more vegetables into all kinds of dishes, from breakfast pancakes to bread and desserts. And for the first time, they will even feature shortcuts – how a recipe can be made even easier to using store-bought pesto or canned beans if you’re time-poor, or how various vegetables or other ingredients can be substituted. There will also be weekend dinner recipes that take a little more time and more ingredients, and a clever section on batch recipes that can double as a building block for more meals throughout the week will make your life so much easier. With stunning photography and food styling, as well as personal anecdotes and images shot by David, Green Kitchen at Home shares modern and inspiring vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes.HARDIE GRANT

The Kitchen Table Book 2


(as of Oct 27,2018 15:32:29 UTC – Details)

Readers captivated by the best-selling book, The Kitchen Table Book, can’t wait to get their hands on The Kitchen Table Book 2. Packed with NEW kitchen discoveries, NEW medical breakthroughs, NEW healthy know-hows, and NEW money-saving secrets, this book is just what you need to solve many health and household problems. You’ll be amazed at all the tips and tricks just waiting to be discovered, like the 9 foods proven to get rid of joint pain! You’ll see how to get many grocery items for pennies … or even FREE! And you will love the best way to flatten your belly while strengthening your back. (It’s much easier than sit-ups!) Improve your health and boost your bottom line with this ONE amazing book! The #1 food for reducing your cholesterol. Side effect: A slimmer waist! Page 31. Better sleep lead to longer life! Simple tips for getting a great night’s sleep-without drugs! Page 112. Amazing but TRUE! Just 2 servings a week fight depression, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, AND cancer! Page 122. Supermarket bonanza – 14ways to trim your grocery bills by $50 to $150 a month without cutting on food. Page 28. The 8 most useful items in your home … that nearly everyone tosses out! Page 94. 372 pages Hard Cover ISBN: 978-1935574644