The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart

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“Nothing in my life goes untouched by my husband’s calling.”

Christine Hoover’s words in the first chapter describe so well the life of a church planter’s wife, which is enormously difficult yet extraordinarily rewarding. To be married to a church planter is a calling of its own with a richness of its own.

In The Church Planting Wife, Hoover explores and encourages the hearts of her readers while teaching what it means to have heart prepared for this unique ministry. She knows the challenges: A church planter’s wife must develop a job description, be a wise helper to her husband, develop friendships within the church and community, deal with stress and discouragement, handle wounds, and more. Christine speaks candidly about these challenges while urging readers to grow a heart that wholly reflects Jesus.

Spread throughout these pages are stories and interviews from church planting wives. Christine Hoover empathetically and pointedly builds from these testimonies to uplift the reader and offer lessons of hope in the midst of a challenging ministry.

Vintage photo of Moody Blues: John Lodge


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Size Size of photo 4″ x 5″  

Moody Blues: John Lodge, member of the British pop group The Moody Blues.
This photograph originates from the International Magazine Services photo archive. IMS was a editorial photo archive in Scandinavia founded in 1948 but evolved from older archives that have images in the collection also. The archive is in great condition and been in storage for a long time and the images in the collection are now being sold off one by one. The images in this archive where distributed in only 10-15 copies around the world at the time and many copies have been lost or damaged during time, each copy from the collection is therefore very rare and unique. This kind of rare images are not only a great thing to own but also a great investment. Own a piece of history with this great photography memorabilia. By purchasing a photo from IMXPIX Images, copyright does not transfer. We are selling these photos as collectibles only and no copyright is implied. Detected: OCR:

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Hallmark Peanuts Gallery – LUCY MOOD BOOTH Figurine Limited Edition (QPC4031)


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?Hallmark 2001 Peanuts GalleryNumbered Edition FigurineMood Booth: LucyQPC40313E/5664           DescriptionLucy’s “Psychiatric Help” booth cleverly combines two of her great loves – making money and giving advice. While she enjoys the sound of “clinking nickels,” she also offers a great service to her friends. She even helped Charlie Brown, her best customer, identify his greatest fear – panaphobia – the fear of everything!There are 6 two-sided cards that can be hung from the hook on the front of the booth next to where it says “The Doctor is …. Each tag has a different word on each side, cards are in different colors: IN, MOODY, COOL, MELLOW, HOT, STRESSED, CRABBY, OUT, HAPPY, EXCITED, BUSY, AND BORED. The “IN” card is shown in the photo.ConditionThis figurine is in like new, mint condition. Original plastic packaging insert. Certificate of authenticity and information card included. Box is in very good condition some creasing.Hallmark Peanuts Gallery
MOOD BOOTH with Lucy Van Pelt and Charlie Brown
Limited Edition and Hand-Numbered

Star Ace Toys Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix: Mad-Eye Moody 1:6 Scale Action Figure

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From Star Ace Toys. Standing nearly 12″ tall, this recreation of the renowned Auror from the Harry Potter film saga features 30 points of articulation and a fully realized authentic likeness from the film, with a specially hand-painted head sculpt, accurate facial expression, detailed skin texture and a movable artificial eye. The figure comes with three sets of interchangeable hands, including an Open pair and one hand for holding a staff or wand (both of which are included). Moody’s detailed costume includes a brown shirt, black leather vest, dark blue trousers, a heavily worn battle coat and a black shoe, and his accessories include a polyjuice potion flask, a flash for magical effect and a mechanical prosthetic leg. A clear plastic stand with waist clip is also included.Officially licensed from the classic films
Figure stands nearly 12″ tall
Features 30 points of articulation
Includes three sets of hands
Detailed costume and numerous accessories

Project Mc2 Core Devon D’Marco Doll

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Project Mc2 is a team of super-smart and seriously cool girls who use their love of science and their spy skills as they go on missions for secret organization, NOV8 (that’s “innovate”!). They’re real girls with real skills ready to take on anything. Watch new episodes of the Project Mc2 original series, only on Netflix!Five-point articulated Devon D’Marco doll as seen in the Emmy nominated Netflix original series
Comes with signature black and blue hair with side part twist, dressed in a totally cool outfit that reflects her personality and individual style – dark and moody!
Her life is a canvas, and she paints with bold colors and individuality. She puts the art in smart!
Doll fashion accessories include: sparkly mohair-like top, lavender pleated satin skirt with faux belt, platform sandals with chain detail and comb to style your doll’s hair

Moody Blues Limited Edition Gold LP Record Display. Only 500 made. Limited quanities. FREE US SHIPPING


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This unique plaque salutes the Golden Age of Rock and Roll. The image brings us back to the great experiences of our youth. It normally retails for $249, but we are extending this commemorative 24kt. GOLD 45 Record to you for only $129.95. The image can be as large as an 13″x19″. The 24kt. GOLD clad LP is raised off the scratch resistant black plaque for a more dramatic presentation. This masterpiece of commemorative ROCK history is part of a limited edition of 500 per design. FREE US SHIPPING. It measures 16″ x 20″ x 1″. Weighs 6lbs. Ready to hang. rocknencoreClassic Rock Collectible
Concert Series
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